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  1. That make a lot of sense. Up to now I was just issuing the Continue Taxi command after the plane got pushed back. Worked but I like this better. Mike
  2. Great thanks. I wasn't doing the runway 26L first, works like a charm. Appreciate it. Mike
  3. Hopping someone can give me a few pointers. Been play KATL and using voice recognition and having quite a bit of fun. One issue I can't seem to figure out is how to tell a plane to push back and taxi to a certain runway using a specific taxi way. I can get it to push back and go to the correct runway but I can't seem to figure out the correct sequence of commands to tell it to use taxi way Echo for example. I have tired to say (plane)pushback approved, expect runway 26L taxi via Echo which is what comes up if you click on the command bar but it never recognizes anything after the runwa
  4. Don't have this issue but for the life of me I can't get it to recognize Delta. Keeps thinking I'm saying Quantus. I don't talk all that clear anyway but this causes all kinds of grief as I play LAX mostly and there are a lot of Delta flights.
  5. I have had this happen a couple of times, usually when the plane lands on the runways farthest away from the terminal they need to get to. I think they just have a problem figuring out the correct taxi ways to take. Sometimes I can get them to go by giving them specific taxi ways to take and they will get moving. Sometimes if you just wait long enough they figure it out by themselves and start moving. I do wind up having to delete a plane here or there because it get's stuck and never moves or gets in the way and I can't wait any longer for them to figure it out. Not sure there is much yo
  6. Yea I have not seen it for a while. Here is the error that got posted to the log when it did happen. Init airplane: DAL16 type: Wide_default code: MJT3 category: III class: WIDE_BODY_JET (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 37) NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Game.CreateAirplane (.Action_t action) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Game+<LoadMap>c__Iterator3.MoveNext () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at UnityEngine.Setup
  7. I have this happen every once in a while with Tower 3D, never have figured out what causes and I have looked around. I'm using a custom schedule at KLAX from v19 of this. When I have had it happen before I just keep changing the time forward until it loads. It seems there is something in the schedule that cause it at certain times but like I said I have never figured out what the trigger is.
  8. OK, stupid question. How do you use the close up cam. I have seen a few screen shots and I have never figure out how they do it. Thanks.
  9. Yea my mistake, not real sure what version of real traffic I was installing this weekend, I was thinking about the Real color update to KPHL that I think they put up yesterday. I'll have to keep messing with it and see if I can figure out which one of them is killing the lights. I think SP2 of real traffic fixed the install directory issue and SP3 was updated for JFK but not positive.
  10. Yea not real sure what's causing it. I have never installed the SP3 version and I still lost the landing lights at some point. I don't think the sp3 was up until yesterday and I was messing with it on Sunday so I didn't have access to the SP3 version.
  11. That explains why the quick turn around I guess but I figured there was an issue because the AIRDS doesn't update with the new flight, it keeps the same flight number as the landing plane.
  12. Yea it's weird. They were working fine until I started having some issues with my computer and had to uninstall everything. When I put it back on I didn't have them. I installed and uninstalled it several times in different orders. Sometimes they are there and sometimes there not. Not sure what's going on with them. I can usually always get them back if I install in the order I listed. I also stopped Installing JFK and all the other real colors because right now I'm just messing with LAX anyways.
  13. Also not sure what causes it but when I was messing around with this issue I tried to install real traffic over the top of the current install. Worked but the lights on the front of the plan don't show at all in the sim once I installed real traffic over the current install. The only way I could get them to show again was to uninstall everything and then install SP2a/Real Traffic/Real Color. I had them not work this weekend and spent a couple of hours trying to figure out what was causing them to not show up.
  14. Ok got a strange one here. I swear it didn't always do this but has started doing it more and more frequently. I have a plane land and as soon as it gets to the terminal it immediately comes up as a departing plane but the tag in the ADIRS doesn't change to the new flight number it keeps the same tag as the landing plane. Also Think it kind of weird that it turns around immediately. Here is a screen shot as well as my log. The plane landed as SWA37 and as soon as it hit the terminal it comes up and requests a taxi for SWA3134. I just did a clean install of SP2a and a new download of real
  15. Yea I'm looking forward to it. I won't be able to play until after work but I was missing the colors on the air planes, kind of bland when all of them are white.
  16. Ah, never got the stuff from there I always got it from atcsuite. Thanks now I see it.
  17. Must be blind. Where are you seeing this. I went to the tower 3d on ATCSuite and there is only JFK and Real traffic listed. I don't see anything about real color? Thanks.
  18. Yea, I played for a couple of hours and the runway alerts at LAX are working much better and the different voices to work well.
  19. I have the hot fix and use a custom schedule that I built. KPHL does work better, about the only alert I have gotten that I didn't deserve was a plane taxing across 17 when I released a plane to take off on 27R. This may be a valid alert because the runways do cross not sure, just didn't expect it. KLAX on the other hand. I run my own schedule there as well and every time I think I have it figured out I wind up getting an alert for something I had been doing for the last hour. What I try to avoid is having planes taxi across any runway when I release a plane for take off. I also don'
  20. Yea, I'm waiting for the SP. Went back to 2011 because of all of the BS runway alerts in Tower 3D. I read that they are working on them for the SP so hopefully they will get them straightened out. I really like'd playing Tower 3D a lot so will try it again when the SP drops. After playing Tower 3D I did switch from speech recognition in 2011 to using the key board and think I like that a lot better.
  21. Here's the thing from 2011 Q. All the AI pilots say is, "Bla bla bla bla."A. You have selected a voice that is not correctly configured. Choose a different voice option on your computer's Speech control panel.
  22. I heard that in 2011 had something to do with the language I think. Think there is something in the 2011 FAQ about it may be the same issue. Mike
  23. Had a Sky West plane doing one of those spinning in circles trying to get to the terminal. I re-issued the taxi to terminal command and the tug came out straightend out the plane and then it went into the terminal. Thoug it was pretty funny,
  24. I was messing with it last night. One thing I noticed was if I upped the resolution on my desktop and set it real high in the game it did slow down quite a bit. Ran pretty smooth when I had it set to 1920 x 1080 but once I upped it to the highest levels it did seem to slow down some. The game did look a lot better at the hight resolution however.
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