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  1. wow??? no one replies?? Even mods? Will be sure to let the community know and those subscribers on my youtube channel
  2. Ok, so I had to reinstall My Traffic 6, Upon doing so I received the error talked about here by many of the path problem having to be changed in the Scenery.cfg, but this where it gets strange. All was well in the scenery.cfg I still received the error, This prompted me to search for the problem, I found that although all was fine in the Scenery.cfg I checked this in the Traffic Configurator under Scenery and sure enough it was showing up there and I am unable to make the correction in this box. So I tried to delete it, ran the Configurator again , checked and it was back with the same path problem. This makes me draw the conclusion that the My Traffic Configurator is finding this from somewhere, I checked all the Scenery.cfg including backups and all is well in everyone of them. So, is there a way to delete or correct the scenery.cfg "Inside" the traffic configurator to fix this problem?
  3. Why can I not post yet, I started a thread several days ago and still no option to post a problem??
  4. Hello, I purchased this just yesterday and the install went flawlessly, I had traffic as expected , flights were moving , all was good.... Until.... I began my own flight with using my favorite ATC which is PROATCX, I started a flight and had a bunch of stutters then ProAtcx just stopped responding and then a freeze. I rebuilt the scenery that is required of ProAtcX when changes to any scenery is made and still no luck. I had to uninstall and ProAtcX behaved normally and a 2 hr flight went just fine.. So , Is there anyone out there who uses ProATCX with this program and if so is there anything that needs to be done to have compatibility. I also have Radar Contact but don't really use it as I like that ProAtc can use SIds and Stars. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks Much Randy
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