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  1. Vulcan, Thank you for your reply. However, what I did - before posting my message - was: (1) Check the fs2002/Modules folder manually (or perhaps more accurately "visually") for multiple copies of fsuipc. (2) Did a "search" for fsuipc.dll In both cases unfortunately only one fsuipc.dll was to be found anywhere on my PC. I'm even a little surprised - though, of course, very relieved - that uninstalling and then re-installing fs2002 seemed to solve the problem, since such a procedure in my experience normally leaves add-ons in situ. However, as the fellow said, "all's well that ends well." Thank you for taking the trouble to offer help. Much obliged Tito Livio
  2. Frank, Thank you for your reply and help. I decided that, as you suggest, the problem might be lurking in fs2002 and so I uninstalled fs2002 and then re-installed it. Since then the PUI (programme use interdiction) has ceased. Therefore perhaps the problem was connected more with fs (or even with my PC) than with fsuipc. Whatever it was, I certainly hope that it doesn't re-appear. Much obliged for your help. Regards Tito Livio
  3. To further clarify the problem above, the window which appears whenever I try to open fs2002 says: "There are duplicate copies of FSUIPC installed. Never simply rename modules. Move them out of the Modules folder" The problem, as I see it, is that I have only one fsuipc.dll file in the Modules folder and I assume that one fsuipc.dll file is necessary. So why the message? If there are duplicate copies, where are they? I would be happy to remove them, if I knew where they were. Anyway, as I said, if any kind reader has any solutions, I would be grateful to hear them. Thank you Vielen Dank Merci bien Muchas gracias Grazie mille Muito obrigado Sas efcharisto para poly Tessekur ederim Tito Livio
  4. I am attempting to use FS2002 on which I have FSUIPC, packaged with and duly registered by IVAO's IvAp software. Now whenever I try to open FS2002, I get a message telling me that I have multiple copies of FSUIPC and that I should jettison the allegedly extra copies. However, when I open the Modules folder of FS2002, I see only one fsuipc.dll (one is presumably necessary) accompanied by: (a) fsuipc Configuration Settings (1KB) (b) fsuipc text document (2KB) There is no other reference in the Modules folder to fsuipc at all. I am, it seems, to be prevented from opening fs2002 at all, until I either give up my IvAp software (which I have duly registered with fsuipc) or work out which of these three files to jettison. I would be grateful for any help on this. Thank you. Tito Livio
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