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  1. I have tried to set the flaps onto my joystick base saitek X52 pro button. Same button down for flaps increase and up for flaps decrease. FSUIPC has been assigned to do this and shows up in the configuration page. When inside the flight deck when selecting flaps 1 the flap 1 position works but then when i want flaps 2 / 3 / full it doesnt work it failing to increase the flaps beyond flap 1. The decrease flap don't move at all when selecting the switch up any ideas please Darren
  2. dwc3402

    Joystick button conflict

    ok thanks Pete, Ill try that
  3. Can anyone help. I have the registered version, all up to date. I have a saitex X52 pro and have set some button controls, within P3D V4 . The problem is when I move the switch to place the parking brake on , the gear lever moves also. I have deleted and reprogrammed but its the same thing. what am I doing wrong please. Thanks Darren I
  4. Having just purchased and downloaded and installed Traffic 6 correctly, all is well, or so I thought. I have AI planes at the airports I have visited thus far. However when I move my view on my plane, the My traffic Ai aircraft take along time to load the different planes liveries. Is anyone having this issue. The correct liveries are displayed , but it takes about 30secons in some cases. Do i need to change any setting within P3D V3.2. Also I noticed today that two(2) Ai planes were virtually on top of one another coming into lane at Rwy 26 EGKK. The ATC then told one to go around which it did. Any ideas guys. Darren Crosby

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