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  1. Yep, specially on JFK and Atlanta this can be the case (seen it happen on Las Vegas as well). If your framerate drops below 0, a plane is calculating a taxiroute like calculating the exact number of pi (unsolvable). The solution is to give him a new taxi instruction upon a more logical taxiroute. A shame but it happens to me a lot on Atlanta when using N5/M6 or S to cross RWY27R when giving detailed taxi instructions towards the gate. At the moment I just skipped using these and use P/L and T (westbound traffic) or D,J and M16 (eastbound traffic) instead.
  2. Can't complain about the progress you're making Feelthere team! It's gonna be awesome. I just can't stop bugging you so.... here is one more thing, now you are hard at work at the arrivals coding: If you noticed that KAP who was diverted to runway 14 when runway 22L/22R were opened... i just got that feeling he kept runway 22L/R 'busy'. If a plane is diverted to another runway, that plane should release the runway he was instructed to land on when spawned. The KAP is flying SO slow it will take him ages to land on runway 14. I think the original coding created those 'cross runway' errors because he was still bound to runway 22L/R. I could be mistaken on this one. If so, I'm sorry but I just got that feeling when I was playing at that time. Take your time Feelthere. I understand each change in the coding can affect other airports as well and should be tested accordingly which takes a good amount of time. Enjoy the coding, Carda
  3. Thank you Michael, Pretender and Avwriter. I'll get to the evening schedules soon now, Avwriter. The plan is to continue with schedules until we reach 22:00hours. Enjoy Towering, Carda
  4. A friend of mine installed Windows 10 twice because he couldn't get voice to work in game. (rtf1970). We couldn't solve the problem why voice recognition wasn't working in game but it did work in Windows itself. Thanks to your post we disabled Nahimic (he also has a MSI board).... and guess what??? It's working. I never heard someone so happy as Ron is at this moment. We could never find out how to fix this problem by ourselves. So much luck you posted this post just a couple of hours ago! (MSI 370 gaming PRO) Thank you from Ron Valk with lots!!
  5. This is amazing news FeelThere! Looking at that arrival strip I get tears in my eyes out of joy! Not a complaint but a request: While working on the coding for arrivals, is there any way to make them not spawn on a runway where they cannot land on (due to runways is too short). How awesome would that be :) Thank you for correcting the problem on arrivals FeelThere team!
  6. Happened a couple of time on KLAX for me as well. VIR23 (forgot airplane type) was assigned to RWY24R by arrival but when giving the 'cleared to land' she replied with the same problem. If i'm not mistaken a B739 was assigned to runway 22R by arrival on KBOS which was too short for him as well.
  7. I made another video and saved the log (to test if the 2.0 version has solved the problem). When I started to make this video, there was no official announcement about the update on this board yet... It's gonna be posted in this thread after it has been processed by youtube. Sorry to say but 15 minutes of arrivals NOT spawning and getting them delayed to a later time isn't really fun. Some airplanes get delayed I understand when the gates are full or when their spawning time is too close to another airplane using the same runway.... but this is a problem that needs to be fixed sir. Delays are realistic and part of the sim but please fix this problem which keeps continueing for too many minutes in one row on KBOS from the sim (as shown in the video below). Logfile: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1PG3_GlUhHDZk52UEV2Y21idmM/view?usp=sharing Youtube Video link: watch?v=5LbISPuvGlA Edited: I'm glad this problem doesn't occur on KLAX and KATL. Personally for me Boston in this state feels like a waste of my money (personal opinion)
  8. Started Steam today and it started to update something with Tower!3D Pro. After checking all the files, some Boston airport files have been changed. Hotfix? Service Pack? Moderators: You can delete this thread. A couple minutes later there was the official announcement
  9. That's what happened on Boston with me as well. Airlines just got crossing errors (didn't spawn) but GA traffic kept spawning like there was no problem. When my framerate drops to 1FPS, a plane is calculating a route and cannot find a solution. Next time it happens to you, look for an airplane who didn't solve a route towards his destination via the route you told him to. If you find him, try giving him another route. Once that new route has been calculated, the framerate should go back to normal. Enjoy Towering, Carda
  10. Have you selected full screen in the options window of the game? When VSync is on in your ATI/Nvidia panel and playing full screen the framerate the game renders is equal to the refresh rate of your screen which results in much less GPU blast. I think your FPS at the moment you took that picture is way higher than the refresh rate of your screen (GPU full blast/vsync off mode). Vsync will only be enabled when playing in full screen mode. Hope it helps, Carda1972
  11. Hello Tower Community, I have started a new series of schedules for KLAX, based on the recent real life schedule. Already I have been making a lot of schedules but I didn't know how to make a schedule for KLAX where the spawning of arrivals would not be a problem with a 1 minute seperation, and that is really needed if in need of approx. 60 arrivals in an hour like in real life. Thanks to crbascott who made some time to explain to me how I should build a correct schedule on KLAX, I started with a new series of schedules (plan is going for 12x a 1hr:15minutes schedule) of which 3 are already finished at this moment. I'm totally happy to share it with you guys if you wanne play new schedule(s) on KLAX. What do you need? Tower 3D the game (duh) Nyerges Real Traffic A backup of your Nyerges KLAX_schedule.txt AND KLAX_terminals.txt (we have to overwrite them with custom ones for these schedules to work) High spirits (be prepared for high dense traffic) The schedules: 1) KLAX 10.30.2017 - 06:55am to 08:10am (difficulty overall 6/10) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1PG3_GlUhHDOWY5Y196bnhYSW8/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=_UmPPFy1Vao 2) KLAX 10.27.2017 - 07:55am to 09:10am (difficulty 6/10 at start and ramps up to 12/10 at end, yes 12/10... you read that correctly) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1PG3_GlUhHDVXE0UjMzS1Z0ZEk/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=-9qtBmbOkAc 3) KLAX 10.27.2017 - 08:55am to 10:10am (difficulty 7/10) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1PG3_GlUhHDV3NBM2NYTTRuWjA/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=W2QAzfAClco 4) KLAX 10.27.2017 - 09:55am to 11:10am (difficulty 7/10 at start and ramps up to 9/10 at end) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1PG3_GlUhHDdXBBUXZCWGxBa1k/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=JVlGkihoXA4 5) KLAX 10.30.2017- 10:55am to 12:10pm (diffuculty 7.5/10 on average) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1PG3_GlUhHDdEdSZ1NRUWJfYTQ/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=uFa6HNNfMbo 6) KLAX 11.01.2017 - 11:55am to 1:10pm (difficulty 7.5/10 on start towards 8.0/10 at the end) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1PG3_GlUhHDcnBscmFHMF93aGM/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=cy_1V7tQKFA 7) KLAX 11.02.2017 - 12:55pm to 2:10pm (difficulty 7.5~8.0/10 on average) NOTE: For this schedule you need to remove the line IOS, 5Y, SCILLONIA, Isles of Scilly Skybus, United Kingdom from the klax_airlines.txt and replace it with GTI, 5Y, GIANT, Atlas Air, United States https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kWW00nhM-PqIeNixjuT9kH8WCWXNMuM3/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=CQdvoYPxbVY (duplicates have been removed from the schedule before posting to google drive) 8) KLAX 11.03.2017 - 1:55pm to 3:10pm (difficulty 6.5~7.0/10) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oNQttBGqV6QuIU1kYjo8spT1B_MUAymL/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=tRYyvaVCrWE 9) KLAX 11.06.2017 - 2:55PM to 4:10PM (difficulty 7/10 at start and ends with 20 minutes of 9/10) So far this schedule is the one I enjoyed most https://drive.google.com/file/d/11OlQs1YVopljFS9fqZXwL9DIRD3LSdLj/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=gEpC80gnzMI 10) KLAX 11.10.2017 - 3:55PM to 5:10PM (difficulty 7/10 at start towards 8/10 at the end) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E_owUZ40nPovSM4bpk4K-yoc4xuuNsJ_/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=UQcyTfz-kEs 11) KLAX 11.13.2017 - 5:55PM to 7:10PM (difficuly 7.5/10) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yCZcPJIno-q3PyvayFQ4pn18hBdwWL3-/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=Bd3aVpcouws Bonus Stage #1) KLAX 11.06.2017 - 08:55AM to 10:10AM (difficulty 8.5/10) https://drive.google.com/file/d/187MvHjRz8z47_fsw9kDPj3_uf0z2cG6e/view?usp=sharing Youtube gameplay video: watch?v=VeVgHJ1TSA8 You NEED the terminal.txt file included in the .zip files for the schedule(s) to work (based on the latest real life KLAX terminals setup by crbascott). Each schedule comes with its own terminal.txt so don't forget to make a backup of your original nyerges or custom terminal.txt and afterwards overwrite terminals.txt and the schedule.txt both for each seperate schedule! I will continue making schedules to complete approx. 12 hours of KLAX and will edit this post to add new finished/tested schedules. I will not post new schedules as reply to this topic to bump it up each time there is a new one so don't worry about that. Thank you for your time and I hope you will enjoy them, Carda1972 Edited on 11.16.2017 : Added the schedule from 6PM to 7PM
  12. Hello again, I ran into a little problem. I got the Tower!3D:Steam edition and it comes with the latest updates I hope. Planes created with the schedule creator which are departing, spawn at the exact time as specified in the created schedule. Arrival planes do not spawn at the exact time as in the created schedule (used to be exact in tower 2011). Planes have somekind of delay. For example, a plane which should be spawning at 08:06 (arrival), spawned at 08:34. This was no exeption. All arriving planes do have somekind of delay. Is there a way to remove the delay on arriving planes ingame or another solution to this 'problem'? Any help would be great, Carda EDITED: Problem is solved. I tried merging the created file with the original klax_schedule.txt cause it got stuck on 99% loading KLAX without the merge. I removed all the merged data and now it works like a charm. No delay to be found anywhere.
  13. @crbascott I can understand the "no plans to update part". I don't mind having schedules created from a bit older data. Just bought the 3D release and going to try it out with a nice scenario created with schedule creator. I love how I can set it up for like 30 airplanes to train myself. The voice commands are killing me at the moment *smiles*. I'm so used to the Tower 2011 command structure which absolutely doesn't work in Tower3D. Just gotta get used to the <plane> <runway> <instruction> structure. Enough rambling for now. Thanks again Dick Parker for your great work and crbascott for the friendly reply.
  14. Awesome to see you are still active on this forum Dick Parker. Thank you so much for the traffic generator and it is a free download as well *thumbs up*. Have used it a lot in Tower! 2011 and I think I read correctly it also works in Tower! 3D? I don't wanne go buy Tower 3D if the traffic generator doesn't work there. You are giving the Tower game(s) so much more replayability.
  15. Thank you for answering my questions. I must say this is some awesome and powerful tool. I have just installed it and did everything your documentation told me to, which was very well explained. At first I was getting the same problem as bazvink (empty lines) but your answer to him about start the tool as administrator solved it right away. This will make me have endless fun on EDDF for sure. As I'm just starting out on this Airport, I'll take it easy and create 20 arrival flights (i'm just gonna open 1 runway for arrivals) and manually edit the created file to have a 3 minute seperation between the incoming flights. Job well done, sir.
  16. Thank you so much for this information. Reduced loading time from 6 minutes to 3 seconds and the game is able to handle the airport without slow performance now. EDDF would have been unplayable for me otherwise. +1rep
  17. Before I start buying EDDF I need some questions answered if anybody is able to answer them. Going from St.Thomas to MIA or LAX is a big step and I've been looking into EDDF for the next step instead. This is also a big jump from St.Thomas but looking at the airport map it seems doable if the game supports the following on EDDF: I was thinking on having 07C open for departures and 07R for arrivals. As there seems to be a nice taxiway east of 07C that doesn't cross it, can I give arriving planes the order "Taxi to terminal via M R L"? Does the game support the East Romeo taxiway? It'll be awesome to have arriving planes going east on Mike, north via Romeo so they don't have to cross 07C and then west on Lima to get to their terminal. Would also be great if someone could make a EDDF Tower2011 tutorial video on youtube. That will help me out greatly as well, Carda EDITED 03-15-2016: Just bought EDDF and it was the first thing I wanted to check out. For anyone interested, the answer is YES (thank goodness). It's possible to tell the plane to use Mike and Romeo to avoid runway 07C. "Taxi to terminal via M RE". (in voice: taxi to terminal via Mike Romeo Echo). You can add the Lima and or November route to take after RE in the same command line ofcourse if you like. Maybe for the pilot not the shortest route but for me the most convenient for sure.
  18. Hello dear Feelthere fans, Intro: This 'mod' features 6 hours of real traffic for St.Thomas (TIST) for Tower! 2011 (Based on Saturday 03-12-2016). Six hours of realistic flights have been finished and tested. If you encounter any problem, please report what runway you were using, what UTC time and what plane. What has been finished so far: Six hours of realistic commercial flights on St.Thomas (schedule.txt) with added fictional General Aviation flights to have something extra to control (gaandlocaltraffic.txt). The six hours start at 12:00 AST (16:00 UTC) and ends at 18:00 AST (22:00 UTC). If you are used to high density airports like Miami or LA, controlling St.Thomas would be a very boring shift, but for new players like me who are still training how the game works, this could be a welcome change. Flights per hour: 12:00-13:00AST (16:00-17:00UTC) Commercial: Departures: 2, Arrivals: 8 General Aviation: Departures: 7, Arrivals: 2 13:00-14:00AST (17:00-18:00UTC) Commercial: Departures: 6, Arrivals: 7 General Aviation: Departures: 2, Arrivals: 2 14:00-15:00AST (18:00-19:00UTC) Commercial: Departures: 1, Arrivals: 6 General Aviation: Departures: 8, Arrivals: 3 15:00-16:00AST (19:00-20:00UTC) Commercial: Departures: 5, Arrivals: 7 General Aviation: Departures: 3, Arrivals: 5 16:00-17:00AST (20:00-21:00UTC) Commercial: Departures: 7, Arrivals: 4 General Aviation: Departures: 5, Arrivals: 5 17:00-18:00AST (21:00-22:00UTC) Commercial: Departures: 6, Arrivals: 5 General Aviation: Departures: 5, Arrivals: 5 You must have Nyerges' "Real Traffic" installed How to install the realistic commercial flights ADDED WITH the fictional GA flights: 1) Download the TISTv100.zip 2) Extract files to a standard location (not to the game folder before making a copy of your original files) 3) MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR ORIGINAL SCHEDULE.TXT AND GAANDLOCALTRAFFIC.TXT !!! (need to copy them back if you wanne have the FeelThere schedules back after playing this 'mod') 4) Overwrite schedule.txt and gaandlocaltraffic.txt in the databases folder of the game with the 2 files you extracted from the .zip file How to install the realistic commercial flights WITHOUT the fictional GA flights: 1) Download the TISTv100.zip 2) Extract files to a standard location (not to the game folder before making a copy of your original files) 3) MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR ORIGINAL SCHEDULE.TXT AND GAANDLOCALTRAFFIC.TXT !!! (need to copy them back if you wanne have the FeelThere schedules back after playing this 'mod') 4) Overwrite schedule.txt in the databases folder of the game with the schedule.txt you extracted from the .zip file. Then make sure your gaandlocaltraffic.txt file is empty to prevent the game from throwing in random GA flights instead. Change log: v0.10 - 2 hours of flights v0.20 - 4 hours of flights v0.25 - corrected error in gaandlocaltraffic.txt (arrival and departure planes were switched) v0.26 - corrected a seperation problem (an airbus was 1 minute seperated behind a small prop plane on arrival... guess how that ended :) v1.00 - Finished 6 hours of flights. The rest of the day is too slow on traffic to create more hours. Have fun gaming, Carda TISTv100.zip
  19. Hello Dick Parker, I have a few questions about the schedule creator before I am going to start 'experimenting' with it. I just bought this Tower! 2011 game and I like it very much. I am training on the St.Thomas airport before I will head out to the more complex airports. 1) Does TSC_17 also support St. Thomas? 2) Does TSC_17 create traffic on set parameters like the amount of arrivals/departures I wanne handle in one hour of gametime? 3) Does TSC_17 create randomly created traffic so I'll get a total different experience each hour of traffic it generates? Maybe I am mistaken what TSC_17 does or doesn't do so I am sorry for that. Thank you for the help, Carda1972
  20. Thank you as well for the help. I just bought the game and hope I'm gonna enjoy this. Cheers!
  21. That's really awesome! I'm started to get really interested now. It's like the old Tower added with the knowledge where the arriving planes want to go!! Glad to see 3 times YES on my questions and you were able to answer my questions so quickly. Last questions: 1) Can I setup the game with like how many arrival / departing flights I want to occur during for example 1 hour of playtime. If not, is there a mod or fanbased made thing that can make that possible? Something like a random traffic generator based on my input settings? 2) I'm not planning on playing multiplayer and I am running Windows 7. Is there any reason I need to buy the multiplayer edition? Thanks again, Carda
  22. Hello Tower community, Lemme start I have always liked air traffic controller games like Kennedy Approach, Bao-Tower. Yesterday I found out about Tower 2011 which is basically a kind of the 'old' Tower game remake and it looks very interesting. However I have a few questions I hope you guys can answer for me: 1) It's nice to see the airport from the sky, but for me the most important are the Arrival/Departure radar (called DBRITE in this game if I'm not mistaken) and the Airport Awareness Radar (ADIRS). In Bao's Tower I was able to stretch these two Windows to any size I like on my screen and zoom in/out to any level I liked. I checked some video's on youtube about tower 2011 and noticed the zoom in/out function but.... can I also stretch these two Windows to any size I want or is it a fixed size? 2) Can I also move the DBRITE and ADIRS windows to a 2nd screen connected to my PC like I am able with BAO's Tower? This would only be helpfull IF I can stretch those windows ofcourse... 3) One major problem I had/have with BAO's Tower is with arriving airplanes. There is no option to see where they wanne go after landing (which RAMP number). So it's always guessing a bit which way they want to taxi to the ramp. Does Tower 2011 offer an option to show to which Ramp Location they wanne taxi (for arrival planes)? More question I'll probably have but forgotten them at the moment. I guess these 3 are the most important. Thanks for making time answering, Carda_NL
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