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  1. I am aware that Mr. Dowson is on vacation. Perhaps someone else can help. I am familiar with the .ini RUN as well as xml's load to start an external program. I am looking for a method to load an external program when FSX loads an aircraft. I am using FSX Steam and there are a few problems or functions that didn't carry over from FSX Acceleration. You can't start FSX-SE from selecting a saved flight as you could in FSX-A. It doesn't load. It seems as if you can't (at least I can't find how) set FSX-SE to start on the Free Flight Menu. Also it doesn't seem as you can set FSX-SE to star
  2. Dear Mr. Dowson, I have been a Flight Simmer and MSFS user since 1990. I have purchased several versions of FSUIPC over the years for use with Joysticks and commercially produced hardware. Most recently, I purchased the latest FSUIPC and WIDEFS. Recently I started building a home cockpit of a Lear 45XR. I have a throttle quadrant built by Throttletek. Obviously I use FSUIPC for the axis connectivity. I use LINDA and Lua for other controls. I am, however, having difficulty with the spoilers and flaps. My hardware uses potentiometers for spoilers and flaps with detents on the hardware.
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