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  1. Nantucket Updates

    Bill I like your style you take the time to actually go to the real airport and really research your scenery designs that's what a true 3D Modeler Is! Your 3D Model airport sceneries are top notch quality! No one comes close? I still have your Herons nest scenery and fly there on a regular basis in FSX. Thanks for providing me the link to it .
  2. Nantucket Updates

    Bill that looks so realistic, amazing work! Looking forward to it's debute Thanks Bill for your contributions to the FSX flying community. Respectfully, Starbuck 107 U.S. Navy [Ret]
  3. Nantucket Updates

    Hello Bill, any updates to Nantucket scenery?
  4. Heron's Nest !

    Bill I'm looking foward to flying my A2A Piper Comanche 250 at your Nantucket scenery. Thanks for these awesome airports especially since I used to live in Brooklyn N.Y. Brings back memories. Thank you.
  5. Nantucket Updates

    Your 3D modeling is very detail indeed. Good job. I can't wait much longer for your Natucket scenery lol it's awesome! Your the only one that makes these small airports and airstrips. Thanks.
  6. Heron's Nest !

    Thanks to Bill for his rendition scenery of Heron's nest best freeware I've ever downloaded. Great 3D Modeling detail. I'll be looking forward to Nantucket. Thanks again.