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  1. I don't know if or when Frankfurt is gonna come out but it would be a good idea to include the new Terminal 3 that is gonna open in 2023. What do you think ? Paulo
  2. This was in the wishlist for Tower 3D...but hey... who am i to complain about it ???
  3. Do you know if someone is still in charge at Sim Smith Design ? Nobody anwers at their Facebook page... Paul
  4. Well..the cargo terminals in Jfk (separated areas request) and LAX have been requested for weeks...
  5. And please add those "damn" cargo terminals in LAX...
  6. Why a real terminal cargo hasn't been created in LAX ? There are tons of cargo carriers operating out of LAX .
  7. I meant "real color" paintings of the a333
  8. Hey Nyerges !!! Swissair doesn't exist anymore...lol
  9. Yes...so far this is a success... well done Feelthere !!
  10. For me , a no multi-screen Pro version is not a option will be a huge letdown
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