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  1. Hi All. I don't know if anyone can shed any light on this. I've set up the following conditional button events to set and re set elevator, aileron and rudder trim. lines 23 to 29 work perfectly well, but lines 20, 21 and 23 are giving trouble. These resets events work once and once only. After that they do nothing until I restart FSX. 17=;***************************************** 18=; Throttle quadrant 19=;***************************************** 20=CP(+3,2)2,1,C65706,0 -{ELEVATOR_TRIM_SET}- 21=CP(+3,2)2,3,C66731,0 -{AILERON_TRIM_SET}- 22=CP(+3,2)2,4,C66721,0 -{GPWS_SWITCH_TOGGLE}- 23=CP(+3,2)2,5,C66732,0 -{RUDDER_TRIM_SET}- 24=CR(-3,2)2,0,C65607,0 -{ELEV_TRIM_DN}- 25=CR(-3,2)2,1,C65615,0 -{ELEV_TRIM_UP}- 26=CR(-3,2)2,2,C66277,0 -{AILERON_TRIM_RIGHT}- 27=CR(-3,2)2,3,C66276,0 -{AILERON_TRIM_LEFT}- 28=CR(-3,2)2,4,C66279,0 -{RUDDER_TRIM_RIGHT}- 29=CR(-3,2)2,5,C66278,0 -{RUDDER_TRIM_LEFT}- I've tried replacing CP with CR, but that seems to make no difference. I've also considered trying to use an offset to do the same thing, but there are several offsets that refer to trim and I'm not certain which one to use. So I would be pleased to hear from anyone who could help. My apologies if this duplicates any previous posts. I've looked but I can't find any. Regards. Pontius.
  2. Ok I've managed to get this from the windows event viewer. Other than that, it looks like I will have to re factor some of this anyway, as it looks like I'll have to code cold and dark starts individually for some aircraft. But if I can get the button events set up once and for all at the beginning of the session, then all the better. I've just tried removing the custom EzCam views from two aircraft and then attempted to change between them mid flight. FSX still crashes, so I can't rule these out as the cause by experiment. Pontius. fsx.evtx
  3. How is the script being loaded? - The script is loaded via the following entries in FSUIPC.ini: [LuaFiles] 1=hat_fore_and_aft [Auto] 1=lua hat_fore_and_aft So, what is this crash? - FSX Freezes and then I get a crash to desktop. Occasionally I get generic message from Windows that FSX has stopped working but usually nothing.There is no record of a crash in the lua log file but there are two .mdump files left in the FSX main directory. Where are the details? - The only details are in two .mdump files that are too big to be uploaded. There is nothing in hat_fore_and_aft.log. And why do you think it is anything to do with whether the Lua is terminated or not? - If I kill any lua threads manually before changing aircraft I don't get a crash. I don't understand what else this could mean except that either a Lua plug in is still running or that the events are not being cancelled when the plug in is terminated by changing aircraft. Why do you think that it not terminating would cause any sort of crash? - I can only guess that it is failing when it tries to create the button events a second time because they're still there. But this is guess work as I can't look inside lua to see what's happening. But what I do know is that manually killing the plug in before changing aircraft prevents the crash. So what I need to know is how I access the destructor method of the lua hat_fore_and_aft and either kill the script or cancel the button and key events. Pontius.
  4. Hi All. I've developed this script to perform a cold an dark startup and to issue key presses if the hat switch is moved. The keys then change cameras defined in EzCam Views. In the main section I enable a series of button events and key events. This is fine when I select an aircraft for the first time, but if I change aircraft after that, I get a crash to desktop. The only solutions to this CTD are either to use Lua Kill All at the end of every flight or to remove the lines between startColdAndDark(0, 0, 0) and setowndisplay("PRE-FLIGHT BRIEFING", 5, 10, 30, 25). It seems that the Lua thread is not terminating on change of aircraft for some reason, (possibly a problem on Windows 10?). Is there any kind of destructor method I can use to kill lua automatically if I change aircraft? Thanks Pontius. hat_fore_and_aft.lua
  5. Hi All. I'm having some trouble with mouse wheel trim. I can load a flight and check that the mouse wheel trim is set via the FSUIPC interface. Then I take off and all is fine for a while but then, apparently at random, the mouse wheel trim will stop working and when I open the miscellaneous tab in the interface, mouse wheel trim is unchecked. I'm at a loss to see what the cause is. Has anyone else solved this problem? And if so, can you point me in the right direction? Thanks. Pontius.
  6. Thanks Pete. Sometimes it seems that you can do everything with FSUIPC. How do I get it to go into the kitchen and make me a cup of tea while I'm Flying ;) Pontius.
  7. Good Morning. I've tried various ways to trim aircraft, but the one I get on with best is to use the mouse wheel. The problem is that I now can't tune radios on some aircraft because they require the use on the mouse wheel. I've searched around and I've found this mentioned before. One reference implies that there is a way to revert the mouse to it's normal function via a hotkey. But I can't find the key to do it. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks. Pontius.
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