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  1. The Only issue I run into with creating my own schedule is when you update the IATA codes for certain airlines, such as Piedmont, which in game is PI but now is EN, you lose the skins since they're bound to the old code.
  2. Hi Guys, I'm just wondering if there's a way to edit the separation between planes for landings? It seems, at least at PHL to be 10nm, which for me is too far of a separation and my landings are spaced too far apart. Is it possible to bring it down to 5nm like in Tower 2011 or Tower 3D, that would be perfect!
  3. Ah! Ok. I set it to Off, and now I'm not having any issues! Thank you!
  4. I just downloaded Tower 3D Pro and I'm having a great time! The only issue I'm currently running into is with voice recognition. What is the proper procedure to set up recognition for the game? I currently open it and then I have to manually turn on recognition to listen and then use the in-game shift button to give commands, but this comes with a drawback. While giving commands, the voice recognition system will also pick up on my commands since it is constantly listening and do random things with them, such as moving the mouse or initiating "mousegrid" since its also picking up on command pr
  5. TeamSpeak is another great way to communicate with people if you have a server, or know someone who has one. I think Skype is another way that I've seen people use for multiplayer games, but it may take up some bandwidth.
  6. I also have issues with the 764, haven't seen the 318 yet.
  7. Hi Guys. So I have seen an issue with a gate at LAX TBIT where the planes will just spin in place. I'm not sure if this was fixed in a SP, but I've been running into it pretty consistently after downloading the game a few days ago.
  8. I think it may be the lack of gate space. Its for the new LGA Map, and unfortunately, the game seems to load a plane for every gate even though the schedule is built so that an arrival will cover for the future departure. I'm now trying to overhaul my departures so the first 10-15 minutes open up enough gates at all of the terminals.
  9. I just have a quick question. I've been enjoying Tower 2011 immensely and I've been using real traffic as well as some add-on airplanes. I've recently taken to create schedules by hand, from 5am to 23 at night with data from flight aware. I've noticed a discrepancy with the game generating traffic. Departures are fine and they will pop up when they're suppose to according to the schedule, but sometimes arrivals will be skipped over entirely, not just one or two flights but a full 10 minute block of arrivals with maybe 5-6 flights. Eventually they will show up, but sometimes immensely late, and
  10. Hi! Just curious, does anyone know the syntax for a taxing aircraft to hold short of an active runway when taxing for takeoff? I normally just say "taxi to runway xx via x x x" and the aircraft has to cross an active runway, but they won't hold short of it automatically, I would then have to add the syntax of "hold short of runway xx." Is that possible in the game? Am I forgetting to add something in the initial taxi instructions? Thanks!
  11. Just a thought, since there is now simulated weather in the T!3D, will there be schedule delays due to weather whether it is for takeoff or landings? Is this a feature that is planned for the Pro version?
  12. I actually thought about the speed change and made all of my aircraft types 250 average, but it didn't change it from 219 from approach, so its still that 5nm spacing.
  13. A thought just occurred to me, but is there a way to change the arrival algorithm to possible change the spacing for arrival aircraft?
  14. Please do share your results! I've noticed that the game tends to space aircraft on approach by 5nm, or about 1min 30sec before the next arrival is generated. The passed over aircraft do eventually show up during breaks, but it would be nice to have that back to back landing feel.
  15. Hi, So I was looking around and creating my own schedule, and I noticed that some flights were being skipped over for arrival and plugged in at a later time. I'm just wondering if it is possible to increase the number of arrivals at an airport by either decreasing the distance between arriving aircraft or decreasing the time between aircraft arriving at an airport. An example is how airplanes will land every minute at PHL during peak, but in the game, it will limit arrivals to around two minutes between landings. Also, it seems like the game seems to like to skip over small airplan
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