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  1. Hi All. I've developed this script to perform a cold an dark startup and to issue key presses if the hat switch is moved. The keys then change cameras defined in EzCam Views. In the main section I enable a series of button events and key events. This is fine when I select an aircraft for the first time, but if I change aircraft after that, I get a crash to desktop. The only solutions to this CTD are either to use Lua Kill All at the end of every flight or to remove the lines between startColdAndDark(0, 0, 0) and setowndisplay("PRE-FLIGHT BRIEFING", 5, 10, 30, 25). It seems
  2. I am not sure if this is normal but every time I load my plane into the game the engines are off even though the configurator says they should be on and when I try to start them they won't start when I turn on the APU it starts for a bit and they fails!!! Please help!!!!
  3. Hello Anyone Has anybody managed to get any AI Traffic product working in FSX with Windows 10? In a reply to another thread I saw that Burkhard had got My Traffic 6 working with FSX and Windows 10 by installing the My Traffic 6 outside the FSX set up. My FSX is set up on D:\ Program Files (x86). If I put My Traffic 6 on, for example, D:\MyTraffic will it work? And how do I access it? It is very odd flying around without seeing anyone else! Cheers Chris
  4. I'm working on a Tower Simulator project that i have to generate a some of AI Traffic to FSX or P3D and manage them from my .Net Application, i did this task before, using Simconnect but after using the FSUIPC Client for .Net i found it very easy to use rather than Simconnect i reading many values from FSX or P3D like (Player Lon, Lat, Airspeed,...) but i could not find any example how to generate AI Traffic and place them into the simulator in order to monitor and manage them (Taxing, Takeoff, Landing, Parking,...). So please help me in this task. Thanks
  5. I made the mistake of installing a FSUPIC derivative mod (MaldAir VA) onto FSX, when I had FSX-SE also installed. Un-installed all, reinstalled, edited registry keys as per this Steam forum post, downloaded fresh MaldAir Installer, installed, tried to run any applications results in the following error: "Component 'MSINET.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid" Attempted to extract msinet.ocx from the downloaded files, to windows/system32 and no success. Unsure how to resolve.
  6. Hi Pete I am the support developer for LINDA and have found an interesting issue with the offsets for Autopilot Altitude (07D4) and Vertical Velocity (07F2) with A2A aircraft add ons in FSX and P3D. I wonder what your view is. The offsets are: 07D4 4 bytes Autopilot altitude value, as metres*65536 07F2 2 bytes Autopilot vertical speed value, as ft/min ​The altitude is quoted as being in metres and the vertical speed in ft/min. ​I have found through detailed tests that the conversion of Altitude from metres to feet is required only if the A2A A182 or C172 aircraft are used or w
  7. SuperTrafficBoard Client (STB) can be run on the same computer as your simulator, or on a different computer. The reason you may want to run it on a separate computer is related to simulator full screen mode. If simulator full screen is required (for Prepar3D this means "blackout desktop"), you must run STB on a separate computer. Otheriwse you might want to run STB on a separate computer if you are short of screen space on your simulator computer. In order to operate on a separate computer STB needs a supply of additional information beyond that obtained by normal means (i.e. from th
  8. Hi, Loaded up FSX on Windows 10 once again as I have done many times before. On the select aircraft page I chose the PMDG 737/8 NG after not flying it for a while (6 months+), I've been using the default 737 whilst flying for my Virtual Airline, the aircraft appeared on screen, then I received this message on the loading screen, in a separate box. Now, I assumed that it was referring to the PMDG model I was trying to load, so I entered the activation code for that. After entering that info I got dumped onto the desktop and now FSX will not allow me to fly using FSUIPC. I am able to
  9. I purchased ASNext recently and it brings a whole new stage of realism to simulator flight. Everything works well with the exception I am not able to connect FSX to ASNext's radar weather module, Xgauge. The folks over at HI-FI are working with me on the issue and the are now looking at possible conflicts between Xgauge and my registered version of FSUIPC4. I have now upgraded FSUIPC to the most recent version and the install log file does state: " Installed "ASN WX Radar facilities in FSUIPC4.pdf" okay". I reset the FSUIPC configuration to default to start it fresh. I am able to see the Xgaug
  10. Hi guys, I am a complete newb to FSUIPC and want to congratulate firstly on the DLL for .NET. Now, my questions maybe a bit vague but I will try my best. 1. Is it possible to click a button in Visual Basic and open FSX using FSUIPC? 2. Can I, for example, edit the fsx.cfg file in VB by connecting to FSUIPC? I may have more questions later but for now, any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Dan
  11. STB can be used with the following simulators, see each section below the latest version information and for the development and support status: Lockheed MartinPrepar3D V5; Lockheed MartinPrepar3D V4.2 and V4.3; Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V4.0 and V4.1; Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V3; Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V2; Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX); Dovetail Games FSX Steam Edition; There are various editions of STB available, depending on the Simulator or combinations of Simulators you have installed. Each STB edition can be installed and used on the s
  12. First of all, with MouseClicks you can solve many common problems. Just try with a Lua-Script to Start or Close Engines for the PMDG NGX 737 plane. or try to open the Terrain Map + Terrain Height on the ND Instrument in automatic. With MouseClicks you can do it. It is left to your necessity and fantasy. With one Joy-Button or KBD-Key you execute what a human would do. In fact you can select any position of any single or multi_switch. This example is switching: - from any actual view into the Cockpit - selecting the Overhead Panel + executing all single movements a Pilot would do.
  13. Hello, I bought my traffic 6 and ever since then i have been flying in hawaiia and been recieving the error message Microsoft Flight SImulator has stopped working. The game freezes up and i have to stut the game off. Now i have been using FSXSE on my new computer for anput 60 hours and never got this error until i bought this product. It seems to most;y happen when I am departing out of Kahului airport runway 2 going west towards HNL (LAT: N21°1.03° LON: W156° 34.11°), but also happens while I am in mid fight between the islands. Please help me so I can start enjoying FSX again! Thanks
  14. Hi, I recently downloaded the BlackBox widebody prologue, and while setting up the load manager for the it asked for FSUIPC to install, which it did. I then made the decision to go and buy the full license for it. I reinstall FSUIPC4 off of the website. After which, when I went to turn on FSX:SE it asked me to verify to run the FSUIPC4_loader.DLL and as soon as I press "run" FSX just closes on the intro screen and my EZDOK gives the message: "FSX Process not found. FSX_Handles: 0" Usually when I got this error, reinstalling FSUPIC (Free version) just did the trick, but reinstalling doesn't s
  15. I recently installed FSX:Steam on my Windows 7 PC and after installing MTX, there aren't any aircrafts in the airport. When I right click and go to Traffic there are a large amount of planes in surrounding areas but none in the airport that I'm in. Does anyone have any clue what's the cause to this? Thanks in advance for any help!
  16. Hi Srs, I'm building my own throttle quadrant to be used with the Ifly 737NG, and managed with C#. I'm programming levers and buttons with the SDK of FSX (simconnect), and most of them are responding properly, the big deal begins when I assign a command for each idle/cutoff lever (engine start lever1&2), because on the sim there are no way to make them move. (I am not using FSUIPC, as I want a throttle that can be connected to any sim, also without FSUIPC). I've found similar posts using FSUIPC, but this is not my case as I'm not writing directly to an offset (3590= Engine_1_
  17. Hello Guys , So I've updated the Aerosoft Airbus A320 to ver 1.30 , even though , I have bought Saitek Flight Sim Yoke . The issue is that I'am using C1 and C2 to move the rudder ( i've set it in FSUIPC ) , but there is no reaction from the aircraft ! is working on almost on all aircraft , any help regarding this ?
  18. Hello, Yesterday I installed My Traffic 6. ( With success ) Install was really easy to follow. But now I got a problem. I was starting up my FSX , And started at EHAM ( Schiphol Airport ) ANd the first thing that got my eye was that there almost was no AI traffic at all.. I looked around and maybe a couple of planes were standing at the gates. and with couple i mean around 6 or something. SO I closed the game again doubled check the files and everything is at his place. And yes I added to the scenery library. I even tried different schedules. But no success. also put the traffic dens
  19. Hello all! A newcomer to the forum here, and a complete beginner to FSUIPC, SPAD, Lua and all that jazz. My dilemma is that I do not know how to control and input multiple control axes, a Saitek Pro Flight Yoke and X52 joystick at the same time. At my ATC (Air Cadets) squadron, we have a pretty comprehensive setup, with Saitek panels, pedals, three screens and a projector. I'm in charge of the renovation project and a particular problem was the complications of having the two control inputs working at the same time; we had to reset FSX every time we wanted to swap. This is a problem and as
  20. Having a problem getting it work. Worked fine in FSX Boxed Edition. In Steam Edition, I cannot get gauges to work. Only get black holes. Ran the Simconnects in Steam SDK Folder but no luck. In the Fleethere\Citationx folder there is a file called citationx text file and here is what it contains: Simconnect is broken 0 FlightLoaded hr = 80004005 FlightSaved hr = 80004005 Paused hr = 80004005 Sim hr = 80004005 Sound hr = 80004005 SimConnect_CallDispatch hr = 80004005 Thanks; apoincon
  21. Hi. I have been using FSUIPC for about a month now and have been very pleased with it. Although I have recently ran into a problem. I now have no control over my rudder and brake axis. I use saitek rudder pedals and therefore have a rudder and brake axis in the one controller. I tried to assign the rudder and brake axis through the Axis Assignment section of FSUIPC but every time I move either the rudder or brakes it is not picked up inside FSUIPC. I tried looking at saiteks own control panel for the pedals and everything seemed fine their, all axis working and moving in the calibration. I als
  22. Hi, recently I have bought FSUIPC and really enjoyed it with the massive variety of things to do! Up until recently where I have run into a problem with assigning the throttle. For some reason the throttle axis reset itself so I tried to go into FSUIPC and reassign it, but that didn't work. When I go into the Axis Assignment tab, then move the axis on my throttle that I want to use for the throttle, I have a problem. When my throttle lever is at 0% or idle it shows -16384 and when it as at 100% is shows 16384. But anything in between 0% and 100% doesn't seem to work. So from 0% all the way up
  23. Hello to all. I would like to know how to control rain in fsx with FSUIPC. I have developed a acars to my fsx and want to control the weather but also using offset 04D2 have no result. my code procedure TForm1.precipitacao; var dds:dword; prec:dword; begin prec := 2; if FSUIPC_Write($04D2,2,@press,dds) then if FSUIPC_Process(dds) then beep; end; thank you
  24. FREEWARE AiracSearch is a Limited Edition of the Simcon Approach & Radar System 2014 AiracSearch is a FSX Simconnect software. Forum Languages: english, german, italian Forum Languages: english, german, italian Download at: http://www.intrasystem.it/FSX/FSX.html#airacsearch Read the Manual: http://www.intrasystem.it/FSX/AiracSearch.pdf Intrasystem Raimund .
  25. I created a flight using NDBs from EFHK to EFOU. It showed correctly on the map and I 'Saved As' EFHKEFOU in the correct FSC folder. I run W7 x64. When I attempted to load this flight later the same day, some of the waypoints had changed to waypoints many thousands of nautical miles distant. I checked again this morning and found the route was correct until I clicked on 'OK' in the Flight Plan Panel. Then some of the NDBs changed to VORs in faraway places and the route became a nonsense. What is the purpose of the 'OK' button on the Flight Plan Panel? It should not change waypoints I
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