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  1. I wish to create a customised WP at 4 nm from the CVO VORDME on the 006 radial. My best guess has produced an entry in the Flight Plan Panel: Course - 006/349; Distance 009 nm. I cannot edit this line to change the distance to 004 nm. Also, I cannot find a way to drag the Fix on the map to the correct position. Is it a matter of trial and error until I get this right? Entering accurate DME/radial fixes is vital so there must be an easier way of doing it. I have read the manual - Chapters 5 and 6 - thoroughly and cannot find an answer to this. Help and advice would be much apprecia
  2. I have been using FSUIPC for years in FS2004 but have decided that I must make an effort to fly FSX. I have the old square Monitor running at 1024x768. I am using a registered copy of FSUIPC 4.09. The Options and settings screen is severely reduced and whilst the left hand side is clear, I can only see half of the right hand panel e.g. Registration This FSUIPC is registe Whilst all the Tabs are visible, selecting them only shows half of the required options (the left side only!) Anybody got any ideas?? Thanks KJY
  3. Hi Pete and all the others who can help! I wanted to make a small Motion Platform for my Desk... and I wanted to know if its possible to get the movement data ,such like pitch, roll, acceleration and so, out of FSUIPC? Are they saved in special Offsets? Hope you're understanding what i'm asking for ;) Thanks Philipp
  4. The new CockpitStatus Edition 2014 (since 2010) Forum languages: english, german, italian http://forum.simflight.com/forum/173-intrasystems-support-forum/ CockpitStatus is a advanced Radar and Automatic Approach System for FSX using FSUipc. Network via WideFs. CockpitStatus is including the special ATIasHold Approach and Radar System. A professional multifunction System for any Pilot. The Radar-System has been developed paying attention to what a Radar really should be, essential in any detail. This Radar System is also showing the Destinatio
  5. Hello all, Ever since I installed FSX acceleration, then the E-Jets V2, when flying the 195, FSX always seems to think it is over gross weight (see attached screenshot) whenever the aircraft is loaded up with 100% fuel and default payload (didn't change any settings in EMB control panel application). I tried reinstalling the E-Jets V2 package, with no success. This didn't happen before I installed Acceleration. I was wondering if anyone might have a solution for this problem? My specs/software are: 2.6ghz MacBook Pro w/Retina Display with 16gb ram and 1tb SSD FSX + Acceleratio
  6. Hello Guys! This is my first post! And I'm new here My Airbus X Extended A320 NEO parked at the gate waiting for departure and I created my flight at Super Traffic Board v3.2.1.7 and my only problem is that I don't have my airline logo.
  7. I am customizing very often my weather in FSX/FS9 with onboard weather configuration feature . Question: How can I display in FS Commander my current weather, configured in FS via built in configuration, or REX or AS. I want to see the same information on the map with weather stations, wind direction, wind speed, as I get it by Internet download. I think via FSUIPC you can read out all this information. You must not show up all weather stations, but all stations close to my current flightplan waypoints. thanks und beste Grüße an Volker Alhard PS: I checked the forum, with
  8. hi Pete, my question is FSUIPC AND FSCommander (Volker Heine) related. if its not too much work for you, please read this link and my posts: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/76555-weather-transfer-from-fs9fsx-built-in-weather/ I know, you can help, as always! thanks and regards Alhard
  9. Hi and thanks for the effort, I have arrived here because I have just installed FSUIPC4 as a means of getting FSX to talk to AvPlan on my iPad. X Plane on the same computer already communicates with the iPad very well. I have FSX running in Win 8.1 I have both the PC and the iPad in the same network But they don't get on! I've followed all of the instructions on downloading and installing FSUIPC, the LUA script and I've made the required adjustments, but there is no output received by the iPad. I have not yet registered FSUIPC4. I've configured Plan G to receive
  10. hello, i just bought FSUIPC and everything just works fine with all of my controls it recognize every single control but with my ch products pro rudder pedals he recognize my rudder but when i press the pedals he dont recognize the brake axis. also in the ch control manager i dont have any brake in the calibration software. my rudder just works fine but i have NO BRAKES, please help Your Sincelery, Mels Visser
  11. Hello everyone, I'm new to Mr. Dowson's forum and already in need of some assistance. I have been running FSUIPC in FSX and with the VRS Super Hornet for sometime not but decided to purchase the registered version because I am running into all sorts of problems programming my Thrustmaster Warthog stick & throttle as well as my Saitek combat rudder pedals. I've installed FSUIPC ver. 4.928 and registered it but I have no idea where to find the part of the program where I can program my controls, could someone please point me in the right direction? I have been trying to program the s
  12. Pete Great work on FSUIPC, I have been using it for years. Presently, Im working on a project but I can't get FSUIPC to do something seemingly simple. All I need is to have (probably with GPSout) is to export every interval the FSX time, lat and lon, but not to a com port, but to a .txt file. All the FSX loggers, moving maps etc can't seem to do this. I tried reading the com port set in GPSout in a Scilabs routine, but I can't make it work. Any suggestions? Thanks Eric
  13. Hey, I do own a copy of My Traffic 5.4B (now C) for Prepar3d. It works great in Prepar3d, but at the moment I have my FSX installed only, am I able to use MyTraffic 3D inside FSX. I can seem to install it fine, but when I run MyTraffic's Communication, the options to add to file are set to prepar3d - how do I make it show FSX's file - like fsx.cfg instead of prepar3d's cfg. Thanks, Sonny
  14. - Because my English is not so special .... this text was translated by a translation program! - Hi, since yesterday afternoon, I am in possession of the payware FSUIPC4 - program for my FSX, which I bought at simmarket. Honestly, I do not know exactly what I should adjust exactly where now there, as there are unfortunately no German instructions. But in the FS MAGAZINE - Issue 05/2013 I found on page 6 of a report on a LUA packet with two files, which are intended to improve the roll characteristics in FSX: 1 = DynamicFriction 2 = Frictions But where exactly I can now download
  15. Hello Pete or other Forum members, I have rudder pedals with only one function toe brake axis the other gave out. Is it possible to map the single operating brake pedal to operate both the left and the right brake axis? Also since this might be ran solely through FSUIPC is there a way to make it not cause problems with PMDG aircraft since I know there braking systems go outside FSX's normal logic and I don't want to cause a problem with the ABS not working. Thanks for the help. Angelo Cosma
  16. In my application I need to know these three things I haven't quite figured out.... Precondition being that the NAV1 radio is tuned to a VOR station and the a/c is within the signal reach of the VOR. 1. How do I obtain the radial of that station the a/c is currently in? 2. How to I calculate the bearing TO the VOR station based on the current position? 3. How do I know the radial FROM the VOR station the a/c is currently in?
  17. Hi, I have FSUIPC (FC), registered, with FSX and Saitek X52. Now I want do programm Button B on X52 with the command 'AP panel Altitude hold' = CTRL+Shift+Z. I use Tab 'Key Presses' to enter the Keycommands (on Keyboard). But it doesn't work. And the selection 'Buttons + Switches' for define which Joystick button for this command is active, means I could use this option. See attached File. I have spent a lot of time do solve this problem, no chance. Thanks for help (My native language is German, therefore sorry for errors :oops: ) Regards Ruedi
  18. Hi, Somehow I don't seem able to display surrounding traffic in Aivlasoft EFB, despite having followed the EFB settings suggested in their manual. I have goodled extensively. But, nothing comes up ... so, it must be only me? Any help will be much appreciated. Cheers Nic PS ... I am going to check also with Aivlasoft ....
  19. Hi Pete , I am writting this request on behalf of my neighbour. He has installed Flight Sim Commander 9. It includes FSX and FS2004. Also, there is a FSUIPC4 module available. He has three consoles, but in the Full-screen mode on Windows 7 he is not able to get one of the view (which I guess is the navigation map). For this reason he installed a shareware version of widefs on a laptop, from where he is using the wideclient. He wanted to try the setup before buying it. I am providing the log output of FSUIPC below. I infer from the log file that both FSUIPC4 and WideFS7 are not registered.
  20. I'm having problems with the autopilot on my 737NGX engaging properly. I've read that the controls need to be in the neutral position in order for it to engage, so I re-calibrated my CH Yoke and Peddles in FSUIPC. Here's an extract from the .ini file: Aileron=-16380,0,0,16380 Elevator=-16380,-144,-144,16380 Rudder=-16380,-512,512,16380 Aileron values look OK to me, but should the elevators and rudders have null values instead of the values shown for the center of the range. Also, why does the rubber have a minus and a plus value? Thanks in advance for the information, Jim Driskell
  21. Hey, So I got my previous problem with the distances in FSC corrected, but now I have another problem, that did not exist before I fixed my previous problem: Every time my aircraft crosses a waypoint FSC focuses back to itself, so for example, If the window opened is FSX, and a few minutes later i cross a waypoint on my flightplan FSC opens up. The problem with this is that on long flights where I am not at the computer for the whole flight, my commputer will go to sleep if FSX is not the window active. Then when I wake up my computer FSX says it cannot run in a remote desktop session and ex
  22. Hello Volker, I have FS9, FSX, and ASE (Active Sky Evolution), FSUIPC 3.99 (FS9) 4.853(FSX) both are fully registered, Win7 x64 - Installed as Admin UAC have always been off, and I run as Admin everything to do with FS9 or X. I downloaded FSC9.2.1 3 days ago and installed it in D:\Aerosoft\FSC9 , then put in your 9.2.2 revision because I was having KDFW issues. All that is OK now, but I noticed Active Sky Evolution cannot import a plan so I can load weather for my flights. This always worked perfectly with my previous FSC 8.6 version. For instance, When ASE is open, I go to "Brief" , then clic
  23. Hello guys. I have MyTraffic profesional 5.4b and i still have default traffic. In the main menu FSX / scenery / world / scenery is trafficAircraft.bgl deleted. Any ideas thanks
  24. I am using FSUIPCClient.dll (.NET) to connect to FSX. I wrote a simple program to experiment with the connect/disconnect behaviour so I started by simply monitoring GPS latitude, GPS longitude and GPS altitude and a few others. According to the documentation offset 0x030C (aircraft vertical speed) the value is updated while airborne. However, it does not specify whether these 4 bytes represent a Single or Integer value. With Single I was getting very bad results, apparently it works better with integer. However, I noticed that the offset's Value property returns something that doesn't match
  25. Hello everyone: After a week thinking which one between MyTraffic and UT2 would be better, I've purchased today My Traffic 5.4b Professional. I have installed it and no AI aircraft appeared, after following the "Checklist" I could solve the problem. After that I began flying and looking the traffic around in my home Airport (LEVC), and (SURPRISE!) half of the the PAPI lights were missing, I've searched for the fix, but I cannot find it. Could please help me? Thank you very much, Warfox.
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