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  1. Is there any way to know the Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) of the aircraft using FSUIPC? I seem to recall an XML gauge in FS 2004 (freeware addon) that gave you a red indication when your current weight (0x30C0) exceeded the MLW. I am unable to see any MLW in the FSUIPC offsets document I have (v4.70)
  2. Hi, For some reason, having created a profile for a particular aircraft, every time I fly I have to go back into FSUIPC and reselect "Profile Specific", then check every axis. While this in not a huge issue, it's annoying to say the least. Then I noticed when looking in my config file that the same aircraft was mentioned several times (this is a new install and I only have a few aircraft installed at the moment but it seems that each time I select profile specific in FSUPIC it add another line in the config file for that profile, even though the aircraft already exists there. Is this norma
  3. My PFC Cirrus II Yoke is not responding in FSX. With FSUIPC 4.853 installed, the device is recognized over COM1 within FSX. Throttles and switches respond correctly, but the yoke reports a solid '64' in the configuration screen. Throw the hidden switch under throttle panel and the numbers jump to '17' and flicker to '23'. Some details of the configuration: Precision Flight Controls Cirrus II Serial Flight Console (w/hidden switch under throttle panel) Windows 7 64-bit (fresh install) FSX with Acceleration Pack Lava PCIe Serial Card - 64 bit driver / tested with known working serial cable
  4. Good afternoon: Perhaps this is not the right place to include this subject. I do have the registered version of FSUIPC4. Recently acquired the amazing GSX Ground Services add-on. I am having some issues (Feelthere E190 Linage) to open the additional doors (right side) and the cargo doors (SHIFT+E+2). After several attempt when trying to enter the "2", the main doors (Left side) open an close constantly. The system never recognizes or awaits for the "2" hence the others doors never get to open and the left side keep on opening and closing. I recalled somewhere have read about the possibilit
  5. Hi Pete I would like to set my throttle axis using FSUIPC, I use a Saitek pro flight yoke and 1 throttle lever for all four engines of my PMDG 747 400, Before I attempt this, do I need to delete the throttle Z axis in the settings menu of FSX. If I get on allright with the throttle I will set the ailerons & elevators through FSUIPC as well, and again do I need to delete the axis in the FSX settings, Appoliges for for being cautious but last time I attempted this it all went wrong, ie unable to get throttles to idle, kind Regards Dave Edmunds
  6. Hi All, I recently upgraded to FS Commander 9.2. I use FSX and have run the database manager. I am using AIRAC cycle 1203. After creating a flight plan and saving it in FSC, I am unable to open any newly created plans in FSX from my flightplan folder. The plan name does show up but after I select it in FSX I am unable to press ok and have the plan loaded. Older plans crreated in previous versions of FSC open just fine. Perhaps the problem stems for another issue in FSC. I am having an issue with identifying a path for "FSX flight plan folder". The path defaults to a directory I have not c
  7. I want to upload Super Traffic board on my Website Someone has an idea goes like this thanks for help and a good Flight Thomas.B
  8. As reference I am citing the FSUIPC Offset Status document I have from the latest (4.756) release and I am using FSX. Here are my two questions: Altimeter Setting As we all know there is the local altimeter setting and the standard altimeter setting. In FS one can set the current altimeter setting by pressing the B key on the keyboard even though in FS all transition altitudes are 18,000 (which is wrong). My question is, how can my application know what is the current *local* altimeter setting so that I can compare it with what I find at offset 0x0330 ? Transponder Setting I see that ther
  9. I am using FSUIPC 4.60a with FSX and Paul Henty's C# FSUIPC SDK. I was wondering with all those offsets for engines, what would be the best way to check if a given engine is running regardless of whether it is a jet, propeller, turboprop, etc.?
  10. Let's consider this scenario: I have a SAITEK Throttle Quadrant and my application is connected to FSX. Now, the two leftmost leversl of the TQ are in their middle position (i.e. not idle). Then how would I go about controlling the engine's throttles without having the TQ override my input? In other words, if the Throttles on the TQ are at any position, I would expect that if my FSUIPC application writes any value to the throttle setting (say I write 0 for IDLE) then the Flight Simulator will immediately set it and subsequently read the current position of the levers of the TQ and directly ob
  11. I have been using FS Interrogate to read the light offsets for All Lights (0x0D0C), landing lights (0x028c), Other lights (0x0280 & 0x0281). While it seems to read the values off FS simulator (FSX) just fine, when I attempt to use that to write a value (Write Single Value with the appropriate data size) those changes do not seem to reflect in the simulator. Doing anything wrong here?
  12. Hi, I'm using FSUIPC and the jeehell software. I want to know which offset I have to choose (byte set, word set ...) and who to configure FSUIPC for such an offset : 73C5 (2 bytes long) Thanks a lot, Calmato
  13. Pete - may I request through your forum some personal assistance should anyone be willing & are based in the UK. I no longer have the time to resolve the issues related to the above topics & I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to resolve these issues & not actually doing any flying! Forums can be very helpful - my issues have been compounded by my apparent lack of knowledge of the computer & the interface with flight sim & the add ons - I am just not able to enjoy the hobby we all feel so passionate about. Many thanks -a grateful Shaun.
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