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  1. Hi, I am having a big issue with my simulator, everytime I save a flight in P3D menu or Pro-ATC/X, it freezes around 30 seconds to 1 minute which is very unusual. I found in FSUIPC.log there are 2 lines that I think can do something with it: "**** No SimConnect events or states being received! Re-connecting now ... ****" " **** SimConnect Data Stalled! Re-connecting now ... ****" My Pro-ATC/X is set to autosave every 5 minutes and it has been working flawlessly without issue, now every 5 minutes I get hang up for 1 minute. I open ProcessMonitor and see P3D keeps
  2. Hi! Is there any offset in FSUIPC that can tell me if the simulator is connected to a multiplayer session or if it's flying "offline"? Thanks!
  3. I was having a hard time getting KTPA updated per the 1609 airac in FSC. For some reason, FSC showed the old runway headings. I eventually figured out that it was reading the addon scenery database in P3D and getting runway info from My Traffic Pro's facilities scenery. When I deactivated MT-Pro and ran the FSC database manager again, all the runways were in agreement with the new airac. Now, the FMC in the Quality Wings 757 has the same runways as FSC. So, my question is - Does anybody know how to update the scenery navdata in My Traffic Pro?
  4. Hi there, well after fresh install of p3d.3.4 and all addons, there is time for testing. 3 tests without problem (average 7h duration, on PMDG738), then tongiht, 4th trial and baam - CTD. Checked the error log and that's what was there: Faulting application name: Prepar3D.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x57d9b14e Faulting module name: SimConnectP3D3.dll_unloaded, version:, time stamp: 0x571e4e28 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x13d41eb0 Faulting process id: 0x21e4 Faulting application start time: 0x01d22fd9dc19f48f Fault
  5. Bonsoir, After having purchased and installed P3D, here is my new configuration that works perfectly: FSC is installed on a computer and connecting to FSX through my network via WideFS FSX installed on a SSD of a separate computer Now I have installed P3D on the computer where FSX is installed but on separate SSD. Therefore I can launch either FSX or P3D through a dual boot. My question is: How to use FSC with both simulators ? What happens when FSCDbManager has scanned FSX files and then is requested to scan P3D files ? Are the scanned data stored separate
  6. Hi, mein 1. Post, bin neu in diesem Forum. Ich habe ein Problem mit FSC und P3D. Offenbar wegen fehlender scenery.cfg Datei kann ich das Tool mit P3D nicht betreiben. Aergerlich, weil ich die neusten Versionen von beiden Herstellern gerade gekauft habe. Kennt jemand auch dieses Problem? Mit dem FSX läuft alles schnurgerade. Die Einstellungen im DB Manager im rechten Fenster, können nicht fertiggestellt werden, weil die besagte Datei fehlt. Danke für Lösungsansätze. Livio
  7. Hi. i´m trying to do this, 4 PCs working in the same network, all fine setup without conflicts, One PC with P3d + FSUIPC & Widefs server and a PC with Widefs client, in the same network workgroup called SIM1. And other PC with P3d + FSUIPC & Widefs server and a PC with Widefs client, in the same workgroup called SIM2. I am unable to work them in independient way. Must I change the ports? Many thanks. Emilio
  8. Hi I bought the Network edition of MAP! when using FSX- Now i use Prepar3D due to the better Stability. It seems that MAP! doesn't work with P3D. Can anybody confirm this? Or do you get this working in P3D v2.5? Best Regards Rico
  9. After getting a new PC I have converted from FSX to P3D and am in the process of setting up everything up however I am having problems with FSUIPC4. I purchased the registered version and all downloaded okay and I then try and register which also appears to work. The files appear in the P3D/Modules folder but when I start the sim it doesn't appear under 'Add Ons'. I have had a look at the log and at the bottom it says 'Registration of FSUIPC4 was cancelled or failed - Result code 10'. I have tried re-registering and is appears to go through ok but still nothing in the sim. Before registering t
  10. Hello, First, I must thank you for a very useful product. It worked for a while, and had nice visuals with it, and P3D Realtime Weather plus FSXPilot. As you probably know, both those depend on FSUIPC. Then it stopped working. I have tried everything that I could find suggested, including deleting wxstationlist.bin and the collected .wx files. Reinstall FSUIPC (install goes without any complaint). Deleting fsuipc4.ini. Deleting SimObjects to have it rebuild. Nope. If setting FSUIPC Disabled True in dll.xml, the scene loads and remains stable. I can take off and do everything. The mom
  11. I'm working on a Tower Simulator project that i have to generate a some of AI Traffic to FSX or P3D and manage them from my .Net Application, i did this task before, using Simconnect but after using the FSUIPC Client for .Net i found it very easy to use rather than Simconnect i reading many values from FSX or P3D like (Player Lon, Lat, Airspeed,...) but i could not find any example how to generate AI Traffic and place them into the simulator in order to monitor and manage them (Taxing, Takeoff, Landing, Parking,...). So please help me in this task. Thanks
  12. Hello, I am currently running Prepar3D v3 (latest version), with FSUIPC4. I am trying to assign the keys on my Emuteq GNS530 to the simulator through the FSUIPC4.INI file. The issue is that after I write my changes in the file and save it, it gets re-written by Prepar3d when I load the program. I am currently using the configurations on this forum http://www.avsim.com/topic/450753-fsuipc-settings-for-mindstar-gns-530-in-p3d-23/ to get the GPS to work like I want it to. However, the INI file is not keeping my configuration, so the button assignments are not doing anything. I have tried
  13. Hallo Support, My friend ask me ablout this Install FSUPIC for P3D v3 ( He is deaf, as can´t write to english text. He give me "FSUPIC4 Install.log" and here it Please he let me know.. It is right or wrong install?? Thanks regard Sebastian FSUIPC4 Install.log
  14. Hi, Everytime I load FSUIPC with non-default scenery, especailly UK2000 and Aerosoft Heathrow extreme, I get a crash to desktop. Here is the FSUPIC log: ********* FSUIPC4, Version 4.95 by Pete Dowson ********* Prepar3D.exe version = Reading options from "D:\Prepared3D\Modules\FSUIPC4.ini" Running inside Prepar3D v3 on Windows 8.0 Module base=237E0000 User Name="" User Addr="" FSUIPC4 not user registered WIDEFS7 not user registered, or expired 203 System time = 09/05/2016 17:53:41 203 FLT path = "C:\Users\Dan\Documents\Prepar3D v3 Files\" 203 ------ Module
  15. Hi guys I Have just bought an overhead and I have made my own interface card which is fully working however this is the first project I have ever attempted and I am looking at getting the switch data from the card to the pmdg737NGX. I have a few questions for you all, First of all is it possible to do this Is it that difficult to assign the commands to the switches and do I need to use the Offset codes which I found online. If someone could possibly help me and give me a bit of a tutorial to achieving this if it is at all possible. Thanks Ryan
  16. Hi all, i have p3d v3.2 and saitek panels + yoke. the drivers of the saitek panels require fsuipc to work.so a month a go i installed fsuipc 4.949h in p3d v3.2 perfectly fine. the one day,i tried to manually install fsreocrder.it didnt work and together fsuipc stopped working.i removed the line of fsrecorder in the dll.xml and tried to fix fsuipc. so i did : 1.Reinstall fsuipc. 2.removed the fsuipc.dll and removed the line in the dll.xml file and reinstalled. 3.i renamed the dll.xml file and then installed fsuipc. 4.i reinstalled simconnected. 5. i created a new dll.xml with only fs
  17. Hey all, i have P3D V3.2 and as controls i have saitek yoke and panels. as drivers for saitek panels i use SPAD Which requires fsuipc to work. so till today FSUIPC was working fine. earlier on i tried to install FS-Recorder 1.331 Manually. and when i launched the sim. fsrecorder did not work although i edited the DLL.XML and also FSUIPC Was not working + GSX. so i left fsrecprder aside and tried to fix fsuipc/ so i tried remove the dll from the modules and reinsalling... not working so i then tried to0 manually edit the xml file......not working so i then desperately restarted my
  18. Hello. Sorry my poor English. I'm setting my joystick axis on FSUIPC Axis Assignment. (My joystick is Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog and Saitek Pro Rudder Pedals) Setting Axis is here: http://imgur.com/TCPhs0N http://imgur.com/Gq3G4VD http://imgur.com/a8UWn5Q http://imgur.com/ECbj6lD http://imgur.com/Sr9s0NK http://imgur.com/BH6nQB9 http://imgur.com/ZSDcRSx http://imgur.com/681P5nA After setting few minutes, Prepar3D v3 is crashed. Eventlog code is here: Faulting application name: Prepar3D.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x560b4abe Faulting module name: DINPUT8.dll, version: 6.1.7600.
  19. Can anyone tell me "Peter" if the PFCFSX.dll will work with P3D? If the answer is yes, where is the .dll file placed as P3D doesn't have a modules folder. Also, is there a configuration file showing that it is working and being able to select the appropriate Com Port? Thank you Derek Clarke Flight Simulators UK
  20. I applied the latest P3D hotfix to upgrade from 2.5.12945 to 2.5.12946 (don't do it!) I have STB and I get the error: Unable to connect to P3D. "Please make sure a flight has completed loading before trying again to connect." I have uninstalled and reinstalled STB but get the same error message. Michael
  21. Hello, The most AI brakes to fast after landing" So also an 767 stops in 12 secounds to taxispeéd. Can you correct this in an next update? Thanks, Thomas.
  22. Hey! Im using this FSUIPC Client DLL for a while now and i have to say: BRILLIANT :) Yesterday i found your 3.0 BETA Version of the client... Cause I wanted to send a keypress to Prepar3D, I used the new function: FSUIPCConnection.SendKeyToFS(Keys.K, SendModifierKeys.Control, Me) ...im writing in vb... The code works perfectly in FSX, but in Prepar3D simply nothing happens. But there is no error though... Does anybody have an idea, why it doesnt work in Prepar3D? Thanks, Philipp
  23. Hi, I'm new here and I never used My Traffic before, so please have patience with me. Have installed My Traffic 6.0 and found the paths in My Traffic Communicator. Seems ok. Then I use the My Traffic Interactive and fill in by reading the manual. First the program says connected to FSX (P3D?), but does not see I'm parking at EDDF, what so is. After fill in the left parts as in the manual is written, EDDF etc it says: Object error, does it exist? What I do I do only get errors? Second there is a My Traffic Flightplan Editor??? No help file?? Who is able to help me. Rega
  24. Hi! This is my first post here so bare with me :) I have 7 years programming background so you can "TechTalk" to me as im familiar with data types and stuff. So at first i wanted to know why PS.FuelLevelUSGallons.ToString("f1") Returns integer value 52.00 even if there is 52.69 in tanks. Is there other function to have this value as more accurate ? Second, how i add fuel to tanks ? Thank you in advance !
  25. Hi, I loaded FSUIPC latest version 4.938d for testing the FSFlyingSchool 2015 Demo. My Sim was working very well with FTX Global, Vector, OpenLC Europe and FS Global Ultimate. When I load a flight at daytime all is fine. But: When I load a flight at nighttime P3D says: FATAL ERROR and crashes to desktop. Removing the modules folder or just removing the FSUIPC_Loader.dll helps to prevent CTD --> it's an issue of FSUIPC. Windows event log doesn't help as there is no helpful information listed... Anyone who can please help me? A lot of Add Ons will use FSUIPC and I need also to
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