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  1. I have several issues with setting weather via NWI. I use FSUIPC 4.937 and Prepar3d 2.4. Wind layers. All is good when count of layers <= 2. If count of layers is greater than 2, it applies incorrectly. Seems like data (except UpperAlt) in all layers, except for the first two, are shifted by 1. I wrote a workaround for layers with indexes greater 2. I can describe my solution if it neccessary. Visibility. a ) Why visibility is broken into two parts: a field Vis and an array UpperVis? Is this correct to count Vis as a first layer and layers from an array as a consequent layers? b ) When I
  2. I really need some help please....... My system specs are as follows: P3D V.2.2 FSUIPC 4.931 FS Commander 9.5.1 Database Manager 9.5 Build 04 - January - 2014 AIRAC Cycle 1312 Rev.1 NOV 14 - DEC 11/13 Downloaded Version from your website and registration paid and received from SimMarket Wed 14/05/2014 OS Win 7 - 64 Bit As you can see I have given you all the basic information you need. I am a NEW user. I have installed FSC to: D:\Program Files\FSC9 and NOT to Drive C: in any way. I did install as Adminstrator by right click and "Run As Administrator". I have r
  3. Hi everybody a stupid question : shall i have the possibility to restart ipcready.lua script (launched by fsuipc at P3D start) without restarting P3D ? why : i add the pokey56U.lua script in ipcready.lua (as described in Terry Hall doc) and i make change for testing in pokey script , i lost time because, to take effect of the change, i have to close & restart p3D after each change thanks for helping a stupid Linda Lua beginner Thierry
  4. Hi, Exactly one month ago, I purchased MyTrafficX 5.4B for FSX thinking that it could be installed also on P3D. But, after re-reading the product description on SimMarket, I realized there was an upgrade from FSX to P3D for only 10 Euro (ex VAT). So, today I purchased the upgrade license and, soon after completing the order, I found out something else: the upgrade is a patch for an existing installation rather than a full installer. I am slowly abandoning FSX in favor of P3D (I would have already abandoned FSX if Aivlasoft offered already a version of their add-on for P3D). My problem is t
  5. I don't know if this has happened to anyone before or if it's ever been addressed. But in using Prepar3D, this problem has popped up. When choosing "Select Aircraft" in the Aircraft Menu, after a minute, I get the "Prepar3D has stopped working" window and I have to close the program. I troubleshooted this by deleting the Prepar3D.cfg file, restarting P3D and letting the file rebuild. After doing that, P3D worked without any problems, so I started adding aircraft folders back to the "SimObjectsPaths" one at a time and tested them. All went well until I added MyTraffic/Aircraft back to "Sim
  6. Hi all, I have 2 machines in a Prepar3D multiplayer session sharing cockpit. In one of the machines I have FSUIPC with Lua scripts to change xml gauge LVars values (ipc.writeLvar). The LVars values modified via Lua scripts are not propagated to the other cockpit. If I change the values via mouse cliccks in the gauge the values are propagated correctly. Can anyone help me with this?? Thanks, Gerardo
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