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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, and especially WidevieW (FSX) users, A neat additional feature of WidevieW X is the facility to pan the view laterally on the Clients, and also tilt the view downwards or upwards using a hat-switch on the Server. I find this very useful while sitting at the gate at an airport if I want to have a look at the activity around me, on the Climb when I want to have a look down at the terrain, and on Finals, because with the nose-high attitude of some heavy aircraft, one sometimes doesn't get an adequate view of the runway. So this is a great feature.........however, I found that in order to use it you have to ENABLE CONTROLLERS in FSX (i.e. FSX joystick assignments become active). Unfortunately, I have had to to disable that feature in FSX because (1) I make all my assignments through FSUIPC, and (2) although one can delete all the joystick assignments from FSX using the FSX menu or by editing the Standard.xml file, they usually reappear the next flight by some sort of black-magic, and start conflicting with one's FSUIPC assignments. And it is painful to have to delete these assignments from the menu, manually, at the beginning of every flight. .............................................................................................................................................................................................................. Problem: In order to use WidevieW network-panning with a Hat-Switch on the SERVER, one needs to ENABLE CONTROLLERS in FSX. However, FSX has the nasty habit of randomly rearranging joystick assignments, so many users have switched to using FSUIPC exclusively to manage controllers, and so they DISABLE CONTROLLERS in FSX permanently. This however means that WidevieW's network-panning facilities will not be available any more. Objective: With FSX CONTROLLERS DISABLED on the WidevieW SERVER, to be able to transmit view-panning commands to networked WidevieW CLIENTS. Requirements: Registered FSUIPC4 and WideFS Summary of Process: When a panning-command (via Hat-Switch button) is applied at the SERVER, FSUIPC-WideServer sends a KeySend number to all networked Clients. At each CLIENT, WideClient-FSUIPC receives the KeySend number and acts on it to pan the view locally. Certain options in the wideviewx.ini file at the CLIENTs and SERVER need to be set to ensure that it does not interfere. A new Camera Definition is also installed on the CLIENT(s) to keep this option separate. ______________________________________________________ (1) The WidevieW SERVER will require FSUIPC4 and WideFS-WideServer (both registered). On each WidevieW CLIENT we need to install FSUIPC4 and WideFS-WideClient as well (and because FSX is also running there we need to use a different Class Instance = 1). So the first few lines of the [Config] Section of each WideClient.ini looks like this: [Config] ServerName=SERVER Protocol=TCP ButtonScanInterval=20 ClassInstance=1 NetworkTiming=5,1 MailslotTiming=2000,1000 PollInterval=2000 Port=8002 Port2=9002 : Note that each WideClient is linked to the SERVER FSUIPC (2) On the SERVER, we set up the Hat-Switch to send KeySend numbers across the network (to activate panning at the the Clients). Here are the relevant entries in my FSUIPC.ini file on the SERVER, showing 5 buttons on my Sidewinder Joystick [left, right, up, down and trigger (for reset)] mapped to KeySends 2 through 6. [Buttons] 43=RL,32,C1006,5 -{KEYSEND 5 for WideFS}- 44=RL,34,C1006,2 -{KEYSEND 2 for WideFS}- 45=RL,36,C1006,6 -{KEYSEND 6 for WideFS}- 46=RL,38,C1006,3 -{KEYSEND 3 for WideFS}- 47=PL,0,C1006,4 -{KEYSEND 4 for WideFS}- (3) On each CLIENT, WideClient must receive these KeySend numbers, and transmit the mapped keystrokes to FSX-FSUIPC locally, so the WideClient.ini file at each Client has the following entries in its [User] section. [User] KeySend2=39,8,FS98MAIN KeySend3=37,8,FS98MAIN KeySend4=36,8,FS98MAIN KeySend5=38,8,FS98MAIN KeySend6=40,8,FS98MAIN I have mapped the KeySends to the arrow (l/r/u/d) and home keys. Using FS98MAIN ensures that the keystrokes are sent to the FSX window. (4) FSUIPC residing on the CLIENT must be primed to receive these keystrokes from WideClient, and send the appropriate FSX panning command (controls) to the local FSX via the [Keys] section: [Keys] 12=39,8,65672,0 -{Right: Press=PAN_RIGHT }- 13=37,8,65671,0 -{Left: Press=PAN_LEFT }- 14=36,8,65875,0 -{Home: Press=PAN_RESET }- 15=38,8,65735,0 -{Up: Press=PAN_DOWN }- 16=40,8,65734,0 -{Down: Press=PAN_UP }- Here each keystroke is mapped to a Standard FSX (panning) control: I got these from Pete's reference sheet. (5) Okay, but we also need to ensure that WidevieW will not try to do the same thing. Since I came from a setup where WidevieW was previously doing the network-panning, I needed to go back into the wideviewx.ini file (on each Client) and change a few entries, till each airplane's section looked like this: [WidevieW_Dummy Dash8-Q400] ApplyCurrent=1 ApplyGlobal=0 RaiseLG=1 RaiseLGBy=18 p_headingdelta=45 p_pitchdelta=30 p_setviewangle=0 p_processreorientation=0 p_pitch=0 p_pitchf=0 p_heading=0 p_headingf=0 p_deltax=0 p_deltaxf=0 p_deltay=0 p_deltayf=0 p_deltaz=0 p_deltazf=0 The crucial lines are: p_setviewangle=0 p_processreorientation=0 This ensures that WidevieW will not manipulate the view on the CLIENT, except for locating the aircraft correctly (which is its basic job). I did this for each airplane individually, rather than globally; above is my extract for the Majestic Dash 8 left-side-view Client. Additionally within wideviewx.ini on the Wideview SERVER I set: [Views] HatEnableServer=0 HatEnableClient=0 to ensure no panning commands are sent out by WidevieW (6) I also created a new Camera Definition and added it to the cameras.cfg on each CLIENT. This is because I wanted to keep this new technique separate from the old method: [CameraDefinition.999] Title = "WidevieW Virtual Cockpit" Guid = {01021987-E220-6507-1024-462840738999} Description = Specialised virtual cockpit view. Origin = Virtual Cockpit MomentumEffect = No SnapPbhAdjust = Swivel SnapPbhReturn = False PanPbhAdjust = Swivel PanPbhReturn = False InitialPbh = 0.0, 0.0, -26.0 Track = None ShowAxis = YES AllowZoom = TRUE InitialZoom = 0.7 SmoothZoomTime = 2.0 ZoomPanScalar = 1.0 ShowWeather = Yes XyzAdjust = TRUE ShowLensFlare=FALSE Category = Cockpit PitchPanRate=30 HeadingPanRate=75 PanAcceleratorTime=0 HotKeySelect=4 You will note that the Client's view must be a Virtual Cockpit view for the panning to work correctly. The initialPbh value shows that this is the left view at -26 degrees from centre. I found the following documents helpful to understand camera definitions: http://www.fstipsandaddons.com/tutorials/understanding-fsx-cameras.html https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc526984.aspx#CameraConfigurationFileFormat (7) I use saved flights for each WidevieW Client airplane. So for the Dash8 saved flight (.FLT) I ensured that this particular camera view was linked: [Main] Title=WVD D8Q400test Description="" AppVersion=10.0.61472 FlightVersion=1 [Window.1] Order=0 Active=True Undocked=False Maximized=True ScreenUniCoords=0, 0, 8191, 2600 UndocCoords=0, 0, 0, 0 CurrentCamera={01021987-E220-6507-1024-462840738999} : : [Camera.1.13] Guid={01021987-E220-6507-1024-462840738999} Zoom=2.5567879676818848 Translation=0, 0, 0 Rotation=0, -26, 0 There are a couple of issues I need to iron out, and I think they relate to the settings in my cameras.cfg: (1) I find that when I start a flight, the views are sometimes disorganized or not matched, on the clients, and I do need to press the pan-reset button once at the start to organize all the view angles correctly. With my native WidevieW setup this was not necessary. (2) When I pan or tilt through large angles, I sometimes find adjacent views overlapping slightly or slightly misaligned....this points to the incremental angles not being uniformly applied. I am not sure whether this is a limitation of the panning method chosen (Swivel) or whether it is due to some incorrect setting. Regards, Chakko.
  2. Dear Pete, I currently use FSUIPC 4.974b and WideFS/WideClient 7.148, and the setup and method described in this thread has worked flawlessly on my System, with Clients running FSX on both Win7 x64 and Win 8.1 x64. However, yesterday I added a new Client running FSX on Win 10 x64. This time I found the keystrokes were not being transmitted to the local FSX window, and the WideClient.log showed this: ********* WideClient Log [version 7.148] Class=FS98MAIN01 ********* Date (dmy): 10/09/18, Time 19:44:26.551: Client name is INSPIRON3567 172 Attempting to connect now 172 LUA: "C:\FS Files\WideClient7148\Initial.LUA": not found 172 Trying TCP/IP host "SERVER" port 8002 ... 172 ... Okay, IP Address = 172 Connection made okay! 276172 Can't SetWindowsHookEx! (Action request 3) 278312 Can't SetWindowsHookEx! (Action request 4) 391906 Can't SetWindowsHookEx! (Action request 3) 394984 Can't SetWindowsHookEx! (Action request 4) 397766 Can't SetWindowsHookEx! (Action request 2) 399297 Can't SetWindowsHookEx! (Action request 4) 1373719 Can't SetWindowsHookEx! (Action request 5) 1375594 Can't SetWindowsHookEx! (Action request 4) The corresponding WideClient.ini : [Config] ServerName=SERVER Protocol=TCP ButtonScanInterval=20 ClassInstance=1 NetworkTiming=5,1 MailslotTiming=2000,1000 PollInterval=2000 Port=8002 Port2=9002 ResponseTime=18 ApplicationDelay=0 TCPcoalesce=No WaitForNewData=500 MaxSendQ=100 OnMaxSendQ=Log NewSendScanTime=50 Priority=3,1,2 Window=515,349,405,365 ReconnectMinutes=0 [Sounds] Path=C:\Program Files\WideClient6999b\Sound\ Device1=Primary Sound Driver Device2=Speakers and Dual Headphones (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC) Device3=SPDIF (Digital Out via HP Dock) (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC) [User] RunKey1="C:\Program Files\IrfanView\i_view64.exe /capture=0 /sharpen=20 /jpgq=100 /convert=\\SERVER\Flight Simulator X Files\ScreenShots\S4_$U(%d%b%y_%H%M%S).jpg" ;RunKey1="C:\Program Files\IrfanView\i_view64.exe /capture=0 /sharpen=20 /jpgq=100 /convert=C:\Users\Chakko Kovoor\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\ScreenShots\S4_$U(%d%b%y_%H%M%S).jpg" KeySend1=RunKey1 KeySend2=39,8,FS98MAIN KeySend3=37,8,FS98MAIN KeySend4=36,8,FS98MAIN KeySend5=38,8,FS98MAIN KeySend6=40,8,FS98MAIN And here, for reference, is a WideClient.log from a Client running FSX-Win 7 x64 which successfully intercepted and responded to the keystrokes: ********* WideClient Log [version 7.148] Class=FS98MAIN01 ********* Date (dmy): 10/09/18, Time 19:43:50.431: Client name is SILVERZERO 140 LUA: "C:\FS Files\WideClient7148\Initial.LUA": not found 140 Attempting to connect now 140 Trying TCP/IP host "SERVER" port 8002 ... 140 ... Okay, IP Address = 140 Connection made okay! It seems that on a Client running Windows 10, WideClient cannot transmit the required keystroke to the local FSX window. I wonder if you could help me solve this problem. Thanks and Regards, Chakko.
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