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Found 3 results

  1. the game runs at stable fps, as soon as i start the new client the fps start to drop and stutter, not sure if this is related to taking up too much bandwith. I am on rural 6mb DSL. The game runs fine on it but adding this bogs the online connectivity i guess. I am also using xplane 11 and do not have any issues there
  2. Hello Burkhard Renk and other MyTraffic-users, I have recently purchased the latest edition of MyTrafficX Professional 5.4b for FSX, and I am quite happy with it! However, I have noticed that GA traffic takes a giant toll on the framerate. Let me document it: Let's start with the display settings of my system, which I have tweaked according to some known sources (Jesus, Kosta, etc.): For the beginning, we are going to set air traffic completely to zero (and only leave some ground traffic): Now I set the skies to "clear" and the visibility to 10 miles (this is why weather settings are irrelevant in that scenario). The airport that I'm going to select is default KJFK on runway 31L. I use the spot view and direct the camera at the airport buildings and terminals, where most airplanes are normally parked. Without air traffic, the average frame rate is 41.4, which is not bad at all for the given scenery settings. Now I increase the airline traffic slider to 100%. I know this value is extreme and unrealistic, but I do it for experimental purposes. As a side information, I will be using reduced AI airplane textures, and I have deactivated exit data for jetways and extended lights, because my PC is not that powerful. Let's see what happens: The average frame rate is now 21.9. The performance has taken a huge toll, but it's still good in my opinion, since there are over 100 airplanes (!) present on this airport alone (you can count them using top-down view). By the way, if I use high-quality textures, I get around 13 fps. If I also activate jetways and ground services, the frame rate drops to dramatic 7 fps initially (I have tested it, but not documented with pictures). So sticking to low-quality textures and dispensing with jetways definitely helps a lot in terms of fps. Now I set the airliner traffic slider to zero and GA traffic to 100%: What has happened? The average frame rate is now 28. You would think that this is not too bad for such a large airport, but the problem is that there is no GA traffic visible (and there are only very few on this airport stationed). To show that, I am attaching a picture of the top-down view, on which you see no airplanes: (next part following in the second post, since I have reached my maximum screenshot limit)
  3. Guest


    What are the expert opinions about hyperthreading when running P3D with Mytraffic? Any gain in FPS while in busy airports?
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