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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I am French, excuse my language I own FSC V10.0. I have two problems: 1. The VATSIM network data in FSC do not match with Vatspy nor Servinfo !!! How can I get the right VATSIM network data in FSC? 2. In page No. 109 of the manual it says "FlightSim Commander can display this type of information on the map. For IVAO® Online IVAO® Show Active Controllers, similarly for VATSIM you choose Online® VATSIM® Show Active Controllers. " In the menu "online - VATSIM" there are only three headings: - Download current Vatsim data - Exit Vatsim - Friends I do not see "Show Active Controllers" Alain
  2. *** Posted in FAQ, moved to Support Forum *** Peter must be very proud of the FSUIPC development - central to the simulator and what most people install first - great job thank you. I have it up and running across the network and works great. Been working to set up PTT on the client for Pilot2atc (the programme itself connects fine). Have added the KeySend commands to FSUIPC and the keySend (1&2) lines to the client.ini. To avoid confusion used the shift+ A example from the guide. Shift +A set up on Pilot2atc and activates the PTT from the keyboard on the client machine. Tried with and without the UseSendInput=yes but must be missing something somewhere..... Saw on a post that Peter himself I think linked the Pilot2atc PTT so grateful for any advice on what I am missing please?
  3. Hi everyone, I've just connect a yoke through my Client PC and when I open FSUIPC in the server PC, on the "Buttons + Switches" I can see it recognized the action when I click ie, Elev Trim Up. I would like to know if it suppose to works as well for the Aileron or Elevator Axis Assignment because nothing happened when I move any axe. FSUIPC ver3.999z9b on FS9 Thanks
  4. Bonsoir, After having purchased and installed P3D, here is my new configuration that works perfectly: FSC is installed on a computer and connecting to FSX through my network via WideFS FSX installed on a SSD of a separate computer Now I have installed P3D on the computer where FSX is installed but on separate SSD. Therefore I can launch either FSX or P3D through a dual boot. My question is: How to use FSC with both simulators ? What happens when FSCDbManager has scanned FSX files and then is requested to scan P3D files ? Are the scanned data stored separately or data are replaced ? Is it possible to store the scanned data of each simulator in separate folders and load them based on the starting simulator? What is the trick to succeed in my wish to use FSC from either FSX or P3D ? I hope my explanation is clear and I expect to get some ideas or solution from you, guys Thanks in advance Bruno
  5. Hi. i´m trying to do this, 4 PCs working in the same network, all fine setup without conflicts, One PC with P3d + FSUIPC & Widefs server and a PC with Widefs client, in the same network workgroup called SIM1. And other PC with P3d + FSUIPC & Widefs server and a PC with Widefs client, in the same workgroup called SIM2. I am unable to work them in independient way. Must I change the ports? Many thanks. Emilio
  6. Hi I bought the Network edition of MAP! when using FSX- Now i use Prepar3D due to the better Stability. It seems that MAP! doesn't work with P3D. Can anybody confirm this? Or do you get this working in P3D v2.5? Best Regards Rico
  7. 1. FSE-SE 62615.0 2. FSUIPC4.948 WideFS 6.999m 3. FS Commander 9.6 and Database Manager (9.06.0001 ) 4. Navigraph AIRAC Cycle 1512 5. Download version from our website FSC: (Setup.exe 9.6.00 dated 25-9-2015 15:54) 6. Operating System Server W10Pro/64 with Client W10Home/32 On Server PC FSC96 is working 100% On the Server PC: Z-drive mapped as \\FLIGHTSIM-JVA\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX and shared On the Server PC: the Client PC can be addressed without restrictions On Client PC this mapped Z-drive is visible as shared drive and can be explored, fully access for all users. After starting the database manager in the left box only c: drive is visible; unable to select Flight Simulator path Anyone any clou? Tks
  8. I am a long time user of FS (snce it started) and the FSUIPC products. I recently got wideserver/client downloads (fully registered) after completing my cockpit build. I have two networked computers that are talking just fine. Project Magenta and other programs are talking back and forth. I installed the wideclient on both computers (can't seem to figure out how to install the server)...and get some weird errors. Only with FSCommander 9.x I see a message that WideServer is started on the host computer, and I start client on the other computer - and I get the waiting for connection message. when i start FSCommander I receive the MSG#2 and then MSG#14. I have read through the forums here to try and solve, but no luck. I have the current version of FSUIPC on both computers...and not being a software genius, am not sure how to add lines to the ini's to start certain programs, and make it work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. WINDOWS7 PROFESSIONAL FSX GOLD PFC REGIONAL CPU: INTEL CORE i7-3770 3.5 GHz QUAD CORE (@4.5) CPU COOLER: CORSAIR H100i 77.0 CFM LIQUID CPU COOLER MOTHERBOARD: ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77 ATX LGA1155 MOBO MEM: PATRIOT VIPER 3 16GB (2 X 8GB) DDR3-2133 STORAGE: 1 X SAMSUNG 840 (250GB SSD) AND 1 SEAGATE BARRACUDA 1TB 7200RPM INT HARD DRIVE VIDEO: EVGA GeFORCE GTX 780 3GB COLD CATHODES BY LOGISYS AND ARCTIC SILVER 5 THERMAL COMPOUND
  9. Hi Everyone, this is my very first post in this forums. I'm using FSUIPC for a long time. Recently i decided to move all my external applications to second PC, for smoother FSX and better acces to applications. So, everything connects and works perfect, i have only one question: How to assign IP's to my networked PC's? I found this line in WideFS manual: "Incidentally, assigning specific IP addresses to your PCs in this way also helps reduce periodic but regular stutters in Flight Simulator, caused by the Network drivers querying the Network to get an address assigned" Becouse smoothnest is my primary concern, i'd like to eliminate even a posibility of "periodic but regular stutters". I tried like described, but not worked for me - my network disapears when i do that. Maybe i did something wrong, becouse this is my first networking :) I have main FSX PC + laptop for all applications. Main FSX PC is connected via cable, and laptop use wireless. I'm using default homegroup, both PC's are Windows 7 / 64bit. Do i need to create new network for this? If so, what is the best option, VPN? Thanks
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