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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Windows7 (32bit), FSC 9.6 Rev 7. FSX on PC, FSC on notebook. Open an existing FPlan, it occours on Flight Plan Panel > ok. No problems. But if I klick the cross X right upon corner (see attached files, green circle), the FPPanel dissapers, fine. But after then it isn't possible to make the FPPanel visible again. It stay always behind the FlightSim Commander Main Windows. Is there any solution or have I to start the FSC again? Thanks for help Regards Ruedi (CH) PS. Volker, many thanks for your help for all users of FSC!! and have a good successful year.
  2. Hello Pete,or someone else, Just a simple question: I have downloaded FSX Steam and your latest FSUICP version ( for FSX Steam). The question is can I use now my Elite Pro Panel 2 again because the FSX software which is provided by Elite does not find FSX anymore. There is also no way to point the software to the right location. So the only way seems for me to do everything with FSUICP ( I have the registered version). Is that possible without the elite software. I also asked it to Elite but there the answering is slow therefore the question to you, mabey this is a better solution anyway. I always had other hardware adjusted with FSUICP with great succes. Best regards and thanks for the help Michel la Faille
  3. Hello First of all I'm not a programmer. So here we go: I'm riding a homemade panel for use in various aircraft in FSX with the help of FSUIPC. I intend to use potentiometers to control the AP courses and selecting altitudes. However, I can not program at the PMDG 737NGX the FSUIPC. When I turn the potentiometers either way it only increases or only decreases. He wanted to increase when turned sideways and impaire when rotated to the other side. It was programmed by the FSUIPC mouse macro. FSUIPC Version: 4.70 OBS.: As I said, I'm no programmer, but if I explain how it works I can devote to programming. Sorry for my english, translate with the help of Google Translate. Portuguese version: Olá. Primeiro de tudo eu não sou programador. Então vamos lá: Estou montando um painel caseiro, para usar em diversas aeronaves no FSX com a ajuda do FSUIPC. Pretendo usar potenciômetros para controlar o AP selecionando altitudes e cursos. Porém, não consigo programar pelo FSUIPC o 737NGX da PMDG. Quando eu giro o potenciômetro para qualquer lado ele só aumenta ou só diminui. Queria que aumentasse quando girasse para um lado e diminuisse quando girado para o outro lado. Foi programado pelo mouse macro do FSUIPC. Versão do FSUIPC: 4.70 OBS.: Como já dito, não sou programador, mas se me explicarem como funciona posso me dedicar à programação. Desculpe pelo meu inglês, traduzi com a ajuda do Google Translate.
  4. Hello, okay? I'm implementing some control buttons and I have problems with respect to DME button panel audio. Is there any code directly to the button DME different code 0x3122? For the ADF button has a code which is 0x3107, and the button DME? Thank you for your attention.
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