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Found 30 results

  1. navyman


    Can anyone tell me how many voices will work on Tower3d as I have four voices but I only hear two of them. Thank you
  2. Action Camera will not work at all in the new Airport JFK , the camera works fine in all the default airports. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no effect. I cannot shrink the file to the size you want as winrar can only shrink the game file to 12k which is slightly more that you allow.
  3. I get an error whenever I try to test speech in settings or a voice is played in game. towerspeakbridge has stopped working, and no sound is played. The game itself does not crash. Had no prior sound problems before SP1 finally arrived. I have US English and UK English language packs from MS installed, running Windows 10. MS David, Hazel, Zira Desktop are the ones listed in the oldschool tts control panel. Susan, Zira, George, Mark mobile are the ones listed in the new Win10 settings menu. The same error happens regardless of voice selected, and settings in game. Have also tried compatibility mode and running as administrator, but no luck. game.log
  4. My experience so far in the sim is that with the random weather function, the weather only seems to change after lengthy intervals, seems like an hour or so. Ie. if the sim begins during a storm, the storm usually goes on for an an hour or so before the weather begins to change. Is this what others are seeing too? Is this by design? Would it be problematic to add a slider that lets the user adjust the frequency of changing weather, according to preference? Sometimes it would be nice to see a popup storm that passes after 15 minutes or so. Andrew
  5. Hello, I prefer typing commands rather than using the UI and clicking commands. I've noticed that after giving a command (typing it and pressing ENTER), I must use the mouse to click in the "Command Panel" again in order to start typing. Can I suggest making it so if you just start typing, it will automatically go into the command panel? Or at least keep the focus on the textbox after you give a command. Loving the game so far. Thanks! -Nolan
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