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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, before writing to you I did several searches on the subject but I can't manage to make what I'm looking for work. I recently saw your documentation on FSUIPC offsets for the PMDG737. However I don't understand where I have to insert the OFFSET command to make the switch work. I tried in FSUIPC the Offset Byte Set, on the other hand with the Rotor Brake method it actually works, but I don't have all the commands that you published on Hubhop. When I listen to the value in Byte, I have the info in the FS title bar, but no action is happening in the cockpit of the PMDG 737. Thank you for your answer.
  2. Hi, I find nowhere which is the offset for thePMDG 737NGX Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) green test light. Could some one help me on this? Thanks in advance for your support. Best regards, Jose
  3. Hi, I am using the paid version of FSUIPC. I am using FSX. I am using desktop aviator circuit boards. The PMDG NGX 737-800 has 4 settings for the left wiper i.e. Park, INT. Low, High. I am having trouble getting all four settings assigned using mouse macro? I can get three settings. I can get all but the Low setting? When I click the mouse there is a window to assign the function at the top left of the page. I assign it but it does not assign to that position? Any ideas? Is there a better way to program this? Second question - I am using mechanical rotary switches - What is better to use, break before you make or make before you break mechanical rotary switches? Thanks for any help? Lee
  4. Hello, I would buy 737 Pilot In Command (FSX only) Windows 7 and Vista version, but do not know if it will work properly on my system: FSX Steam edition DX10 Mode (fixer) Windows 10 Advise someone please? Thank you!
  5. Hello Paul, I don't understand how I can use PMDG offsets in VB.net. I know dand I have read two PDF talking about those offsets I would like check AP, taxi lights, navigation lights and strobe lights. 6545 1 BYTE MCP_annunCMD_A Boolean 6547 1 BYTE MCP_annunCMD_B Boolean 6564 1 BYTE MAIN_annunAUTO_BRAKE_DISARM Boolean 6500 1 BYTE LTS_PositionSw 0: STEADY 1: OFF 2: STROBE & STEADY 6501 1 BYTE LTS_AntiCollisionSw Boolean 64F4 2 BYTE x 2 LTS_LandingLtRetractableSw[2] 0: RETRACT 1: EXTEND 2: ON 64F6 2 BYTE x 2 LTS_LandingLtFixedSw[2] Boolean 64F8 2 BYTE x 2 LTS_RunwayTurnoffSw[2] Boolean 64FA 1 BYTE LTS_TaxiSw Boolean This is for 737NGX offsets. Someone can help me to do this please? If easiest to do in C# Where I can find a converter translate vn.net to C# ? Thanks Regards Fred
  6. Hi I use the "Offset Mapping for PMDG 737NGX" pdf to configure my leds. With the SP of the NGX there are new variables available. This pdf was last revised 7th April 2012. Is there a new document to get offsets for MAIN_annunAP_Amber & MAIN_annunAT_Amber f.e. ? Many happy landings Andi // New variables for SP2 unsigned int COMM_ReceiverSwitches[3]; // Bit flags for selector receivers (see ACP_SEL_RECV_VHF1 etc): [0]=Capt, [1]=FO, [2]=Overhead bool MAIN_annunAP_Amber[2]; // Amber color bool MAIN_annunAT_Amber[2]; // Amber color int ICE_WindowHeatTestSw; // 0: OVHT 1: Neutral 2: PWR TEST bool DOOR_annunFWD_ENTRY; bool DOOR_annunFWD_SERVICE; bool DOOR_annunAIRSTAIR; bool DOOR_annunLEFT_FWD_OVERWING; bool DOOR_annunRIGHT_FWD_OVERWING; bool DOOR_annunFWD_CARGO; bool DOOR_annunEQUIP; bool DOOR_annunLEFT_AFT_OVERWING; bool DOOR_annunRIGHT_AFT_OVERWING; bool DOOR_annunAFT_CARGO; bool DOOR_annunAFT_ENTRY; bool DOOR_annunAFT_SERVICE; bool AIR_annunAUTO_FAIL; bool AIR_annunOFFSCHED_DESCENT; bool AIR_annunALTN; bool AIR_annunMANUAL; float AIR_CabinAltNeedle; // Value - ft float AIR_CabinDPNeedle; // Value - PSI float AIR_CabinVSNeedle; // Value - ft/min float AIR_CabinValveNeedle; // Value - 0 (closed) .. 1 (open) float AIR_TemperatureNeedle; // Value - degrees C float AIR_DuctPressNeedle[2]; // Value - degrees C char ELEC_MeterDisplayTop[13]; // Top line of the display: 3 groups of 4 digits (or symbols) + terminating zero char ELEC_MeterDisplayBottom[13]; // Bottom line of the display char IRS_DisplayLeft[7]; // Left display string, zero terminated char IRS_DisplayRight[8]; // Right display string, zero terminated bool IRS_DisplayShowsDots; // True if the degrees and decimal dot symbols are shown on the IRS display
  7. Hello Peter! I'm still working on the MCP. There are some problems. I transfer data to PMDG 737NGX by FSUIPC. And the offset is 3110. 3110: Operates a facility to send any ‘controls’ to Flight simulator. This works with all versions of FS & CFS. Write all 8 bytes for controls which use a value (axes and all _SET controls), but just 4 will do for ‘button’ types. This is really two 32-bit integers. The first contains the Control number (normally 65536 upwards), as seen in my FS Controls lists. The second integer is used for the parameter, such as the scaled axis value, where this is appropriate. Always write all 8 bytes in one IPC block if a parameter is used, as FSUIPC will fire the control when you write to 3110. Since version 3.40, FSUIPC-added controls (other than the offset ones) can be used via these offsets too. See the Advanced User’s Guide for a current list. And I found the SDK about 737NGX. There are two ways to send MCP data. Texts in PMDG_NGX_SDK.h #define THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN 0x00011000 // equals to 69632 #define EVT_MCP_COURSE_SELECTOR_L (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 376) //this is the first one #define EVT_MCP_CRS_L_SET (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 14500) // Sets MCP course specified by the event parameter the second one Problem is I can add numbers to the MCP course selector But I can not minus it. My program is (VB.net) Dim senderfs As Offset(Of Int64) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of Int64)(&H3110) senderfs.Value = &HFFFFFFFF00000000 + &H11000 + 376 FSUIPCConnection.Process() How can I minus or tranfer value directly to 737 ?
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