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Found 5 results

  1. Hey folks, I just installed a fresh Tower3D Pro version over Steam. Tested it to see if the 747 works with LAX = it worked. Installed the actual version of RT and tested again for the 747 = worked well. Now the big Problem: installed RC for LAX (of course a fresh download) and the 747 is gone....... it has become a white twin engine jet....... What am I doing wrong here? By the way, the RT works well and the RC colors working as well with other airlines and planes such as southwest at LAX.... Any suggestions!?
  2. Moved to Main Forum, where questions should be posted! Pleas post always to Main Forum. Evening all, I am a member of Delta Virtual Airlines (deltava.org) and we have been having issues with the latest FSUIPC 5.xxx in P3Dv4.1 and the PMDG 747 QOTSII in regards to the fuel quantities, when FSUIPC is reporting the fuel to our ACARS system (developed by Luke Kolin). Ever since updating to the latest FSUIPC in P3Dv4.1, FSUIPC either reports to ACARS that there is 0lbs fuel, +2,447,447,447lbs of fuel, or -2,447,447,447lbs of fuel. It also reports that in flight refueling is detected, although I am not sure how much of an issue that is with the ACARS system using what FSUIPC reports, or both, or FSUIPC. In any case, Luke Kolin told me that the only way this could be fixed would be to have Pete make a fix for it. I know he is away till the 2nd, tomorrow, so figured I would post it now.
  3. Hey! I'm having a problem, I bought the PMDG 747 2 weeks ago. Only when I load this in the P3D V4, he spawns with black screens and his joystick fully to the left and without gear. If I remove FSUIPC then everything will work. Same with the IVAP client. IVAO Traffic I only see black aircraft but when I uninstall FSUIPC, everything works back. Does anyone know a solution? It is the latest version of FSUIPC. Sincerely Glenn Callens
  4. I want to report a bug with FSUIPC version 4.962 on Prepar3D v3.4 + HF3 The traffic limiter option interferes with the external lights of the new PMDG 747 v3 How to reproduce: Make sure setting are set to display air traffic and the traffic limiter is set to off (i.e 0) Load up 747 sitting on a runway at any airport at night (I tested at EGLL) Turn on the landing lights Now open FSUIPC and set the traffic limit to a number instead of zero (I set it at 100) After clicking okay the landing-lights of the PMDG no longer illuminate the ground, even though the switch is 'on' ?? Toggle the switch several times eventually restores the external lights, but sometimes it never comes back on? I'm sure this is a FSUIPC bug and not a PMDG one, because disabling FSUIPC from the dll.xml file fixes the problem completely.... I noticed some people on the PMDG forum were complaining of poor external lighting on the 747, maybe this is linked? Thanks
  5. Dear Pete, Last week I purchased FSUIPC for FS9 and for FSX. The FSX installation seems to work fine, while the FS9 causes a problem. The PMDG 747-400 causes a crash, stating: FSUIPC version is too old. You need at least v3.48 or later. Flight Simulator will now close. After spending all afternoon finding a fix I got to the point where deleteing the registration key file let's the Jumbo fly. With the key file moved back to FS9/Modules causes a crash again. It would be possible to fly without FSUIPC, but I have now REX Essential OD and need the wind smooting option among other cool stuff you coded in. I searched through the registry and checked all PMDG files without luck. Reinstalling the 747 did not help either. I need your help to point me towards a solution. Very much appreciated, Balazs P.S. The log file: ********* FSUIPC, Version 3.999w by Pete Dowson ********* Running on Windows Version 5.1 Build 2600 Service Pack 2 Verifying Certificate for "H:\MSFS2004\MODULES\FSUIPC.dll" now ... SUCCESS! Signature verifies okay! Running inside FS2004 (FS9.1 CONTROLS.DLL, FS9.1 WEATHER.DLL) User Name="Balazs Sardy" User Addr="abcde@fgh.com" FSUIPC Key is provided WIDEFS not user registered, or expired Module base=61000000 WeatherReadInterval=4 LogOptions=00000001 DebugStatus=15 1029 System time = 25/01/2013 16:47:33 1029 H:\MSFS2004\ 1029 System time = 25/01/2013 16:47:33, FS2004 time = 12:00:00 (00:00Z) 1466 FLIGHTS\OTHER\FLTSIM.flt 1466 AIRCRAFT\c172\Cessna172SP.air 1482 Aircraft="Cessna Skyhawk 172SP" 28376 AIRCRAFT\PSS Dash8\Dash8-300.air 28376 Aircraft="PSS Dash 8 300 BahamasAir" 31028 C:\Users\BS\Documents\Flight Simulator Files\UI generated flight.flt 31995 Clear All Weather requested: external weather discarded 34897 Advanced Weather Interface Enabled 41777 AIRCRAFT\757-Freighter_Captain\cs757-F.air 41777 Aircraft="Captain Sim 757-Freighter 1" 54366 AIRCRAFT\PMDG747-400\B747-400.air 54366 Aircraft="747-400 Air Canada" 64646 System time = 25/01/2013 16:48:36, FS2004 time = 16:47:40 (00:47Z) 64646 *** FSUIPC log file being closed Memory managed: 0 Allocs, 534 Freed ********* FSUIPC Log file closed *** ******* 0 Quote MultiQuote Edit
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