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Found 1 result

  1. After some development and longer testing, thanks to the beta testers, MyTraffic 3D will be published today at Simmarket. MyTraffic 3D is a stand alone product based on MyTraffic X, but with full support for Prepar3D instaed of FSX. For some of the tools this meant they had to be reprogrammed, some other changes had to be made, airports adapted, schedules changed since P3D does not contain some of the planes in FSX, and some more things like creation of a new start menu, changes to the documentation, etc. There are several products and licenses available, I try to summarize them as clear as I can. The private license allows you to use MyTraffic together with Prepar3D on your computers for your own usage, or casual usage together with another person as long as you do not charge this person for it. This is what applies to most of us here. The public license allows you to use MyTraffic together with Prepar3D on simulators which are used for commercial purpose and charge the users for a service that includes usage of MyTraffic, as example a commercial flight school. If you are in doubt, I'm aware there are border cases, just contact me before purchase. This public service includes increased support, including minor modifications with up to 3 hours of working time for your purpose, again if you have questions contact me. If you need the public license, there are no upgrade plans from MyTraffic for FSX. If you already have MyTraffic X Version 5.4 installed to FSX ( or even to P3D), you only need all the new stuff, there is a special update for you available at Simmarket under http://secure.simmarket.com/mytraffic-3d-professional-5.4-for-prepar3d-update-from-fsx-version.phtml for just 10€. I will post under another topic here how exactly I propose to do the install, it is also in the products readme but who read readmes? If you have an older MyTraffic X version from Simmarket, and want to use the new version under FSX and P3D, I recommend you update MTX using http://secure.simmarket.com/mytraffic-x-pro.phtml which will give you the full MTX version 5.4 installer, and the above addition to P3D full compatibility. If you have an older MyTraffic X version from Simmarket and have switched to P3D already fully, http://secure.simmarket.com/mytraffic-3d-professional-5.4-for-prepar3d.phtml should give you a special price for a full installer of P3D. If you are all new, http://secure.simmarket.com/mytraffic-3d-professional-5.4-for-prepar3d.phtml also is the way to go for you. If you have an old version of MyTraffic 2010 from Aerosoft and want to go to P3D, the crossgrade http://secure.simmarket.com/mytraffic-3d-professional-5.4-for-prepar3d.phtml will allow you to get to MTX 5.4, and http://secure.simmarket.com/mytraffic-3d-professional-5.4-for-prepar3d-update-from-fsx-version.phtml for just 10€ will add the P3D support.
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