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Found 3 results

  1. I am having issues with ASE as a result of an FSUIPC issue timing out. I have a "new registered copy" of FSUIPC 3.9 together with Widefs. Here is what the ASE error log files are saying: 8:04:21 AM:0245 - FSUIPC_Main: Receive: Thread was being aborted.: FSUIPC Unspecified Error number 0 Here is what the FSUIPC error log is saying: 8:04:04 AM:0085 - Error depicting FS9 Weather: Module: HIFIFSUIPC Class: FSUIPC_Wx_Main Error Message: Normal Timeout on FSUIPC Timestamp, retrying write In short, FSUIPC is preventing ASE from adding generated weather to FS9. As such, what is the problem and how do I fix it please? ASEFSUIPC_Log.txt FSUIPC_Error.log
  2. Hello Volker, I have FS9, FSX, and ASE (Active Sky Evolution), FSUIPC 3.99 (FS9) 4.853(FSX) both are fully registered, Win7 x64 - Installed as Admin UAC have always been off, and I run as Admin everything to do with FS9 or X. I downloaded FSC9.2.1 3 days ago and installed it in D:\Aerosoft\FSC9 , then put in your 9.2.2 revision because I was having KDFW issues. All that is OK now, but I noticed Active Sky Evolution cannot import a plan so I can load weather for my flights. This always worked perfectly with my previous FSC 8.6 version. For instance, When ASE is open, I go to "Brief" , then click "import plan" then look in my C\Users\Bill\Documents\Flight Simulator 9 (or X) Files\ then click "process" and I get an empty box with ? and ? in the ICAO codes. In other words, ASE is not recognising the FSC 9.2.2 plan the usual way it always did when I used FSC 8.6. Therfore I cannot process and load real world weather with ASE anymore. So, I disregarded this and just went to fly with ASE simply loaded without a processed plan, I hit "load" flight in FS9 (same in FSX) and I can see the name of the plan, but FS9 (and X) simply sits there doing nothing. It used to say "do you wish to move your aircraft to the departure" (or words to that effect), but now it does absolutely nothing. So I ignore that too and go on to fly anyway and flew my iFly 737 with the plan. That is the only thing that did work OK. Why is ASE and FS9/X not recognising FSC 9.2.2 plans like it used to when I had FSC 8.6? Thanks, Bill Alexander ( I'm sorry I cannot make paragraphs in this forum. If I hit the "Enter" (Return) key the cursor does not move down to the next line. I have no choice but to write on the same line. Is this a forum problem?)
  3. I've made several posts in the past on the HiFi support boards about problems with winds I've had using Active Sky Evolution. I haven't gotten any results, so perhaps you can help. I have the unregistered version of FSUIPC 4.70 with FSX. I also use Active Sky Evolution, and have tried multiple builds, currently using their most recent, B655. When I start up a flight, the airport surface weather is correct 99% of the time. The issues start when I'm climbing, cruising, and descending. When I'm climbing through different wind layers, the winds aloft usually don't change....they often just stay with whatever the previous layer was, and the only way I've found to get them to update is to go into the FSUIPC menu inside FSX and click "Weather Settings Off". I have to do this each time, not just once at the beginning of a flight. I have to do this most of the time when I move from one wind layer to the next. At cruise altitude, I have to go in and click the FSUIPC weather settings off whenever I move into an area with noticeably different weather, or my winds won't change. On descent, like with climb, I have to click the FSUIPC weather settings off button every time I move to a new layer or the winds won't update. I've experiemented with many different rates of dynamic change in FSX/ASE, all the way from 0% (very slow weather transitions) to 100% (fastest weather transitions). There is no difference from one end of the spectrum to the other as to whether or not my winds aloft adjust. The only way I've been able to remedy this problem is to uninstall FSUIPC. Without FSUIPC on my computer, the winds are perfect.... they start out right, they change smoothly from layer to layer, and they're correct back to surface winds when I'm landing. If I tried to leave the "weather settings off" button alone after I start a descent with FSUIPC installed, I'd wind up trying to land with whatever winds aloft I had at my cruise altitude. Even after a completely clean install and update of FSUIPC and ASE, the problems returned. Unfortuntely, I have other add-ons that require FSUIPC, so keeping it uninstalled isn't an option. Some people have suggested I buy the registered version of FSUIPC, but I've read mixed results on whether or not that helps. Do you have any insight as to what I can do to get my winds to transition correctly? Or, to transition at all, I should say. Your program (FSUIPC) is a phenominal tool in allowing so many add-ons to mesh with FSX. There just doesn't seem to a happy working relationship between FSUIPC and ASE though. I've seen a lot of other people with this issue as well, but I haven't seen anybody with anything other than a guess as to the solution (e.g. buying the paid version). Thank you for any help you can give. I'm looking into putting out the money for a new PC build, and I want to make sure it will be worth it, in that I'll eventually be able to have correct and correctly transitioning winds after spending a big chunk of money on a new system.
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