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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys I Have just bought an overhead and I have made my own interface card which is fully working however this is the first project I have ever attempted and I am looking at getting the switch data from the card to the pmdg737NGX. I have a few questions for you all, First of all is it possible to do this Is it that difficult to assign the commands to the switches and do I need to use the Offset codes which I found online. If someone could possibly help me and give me a bit of a tutorial to achieving this if it is at all possible. Thanks Ryan
  2. SIMCON is your Cockpit. Forum languages: english, german, italian Simcon new Edition version 1.5.5 ( March 2015) Simcon is using Simconnect + FSUIPC. FSX Accel. Deluxe or Gold Edition + FSUIPC (not registered). NETWORK - use Simconnect (*.msi) + FSuipc-WideFS. ATIasHld using FSUIPC only. Both systems are not using any Frequency only real world Mathe Formulas by Ed Williams The new Automatic Approach System Edition 2015 is including the ATIasHld Program. 3 advanced Radar-Systems with several features. Graphic Approach View Simcon has been tested with Win XP, 7, 8++ on 32 + 64Bit Machines / Network. Joystick and Mouseclick Interface. Fuel Panel, separate Approach Panel. New Help System. The new Simcon Pilot Interface. Help System, FSX commands, Mouse-Clicks. Simcon is including the ATIasHold Approach + Radar System using only FSUipc. With all CockpitStatus programs you create a Virtual Runway at any World Position at Ground level. With one Click create a Virtual Rwy On Air, Ground, Sea, Carrier and return to. Simcon is creating a virtual Wpt at 20nm aligned with any Rwy. " You never get lost ". Introduction
  3. The new CockpitStatus Edition 2014 (since 2010) Forum languages: english, german, italian http://forum.simflight.com/forum/173-intrasystems-support-forum/ CockpitStatus is a advanced Radar and Automatic Approach System for FSX using FSUipc. Network via WideFs. CockpitStatus is including the special ATIasHold Approach and Radar System. A professional multifunction System for any Pilot. The Radar-System has been developed paying attention to what a Radar really should be, essential in any detail. This Radar System is also showing the Destination Apt/Rwy at any distance together with all Wpt/Vor/Adf around 100 nm. Radar is evidencing any Ryw with a virtual Wpt at 20nm distance aligned with the Rwy. (you never get lost) To mention the manual and automatic Radar zooming that is very important. Both Programs are not using any Frequency or FSX-Data, only real world Mathe Formulas by Ed Williams, based on world-position Lat/Lon. http://williams.best.vwh.net/avform.htm You approach any Rwy as well as the virtual Rwy you can create at any World-Position, Air, Sea, Ground and return to. visit Intrasystem: http://www.intrasystem.it/FSX/FSX.html There are 2 new Manuals you can download for any further information. Manual CockpitStatus: http://www.intrasystem.it/FSX/Readme_CockpitStatus.pdf Manual ATIasHold: http://www.intrasystem.it/FSX/ATIasHld.pdf Flying with CockpitStatus is really different. Forum languages: english, german, italian http://forum.simflight.com/forum/173-intrasystems-support-forum/ Information The SIMCON Simconnect Approach and Radar system 2014 is now including the ATIasHold Approach System for FSUipc user. You can download the Freeware AiracSearch Approach System that is a limited edition of Simcon. Simcon Manual: http://www.intrasystem.it/readfiles/Simcon.pdf Raimund .
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