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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Pete, I am a 737 flight instructor for a company in Anaheim, Ca. I basically assumed the role of IT Tech as well so I am learning quite a bit as I go. www.flightdeck1.com We run a full 737 cockpit with 180 degree field of view using components from different manufactures. We run FSX Win 7 64 bit, with Project Magenta. I have most of the simulator dialed in, however there are a few questions I have for you, I did send these as well to support over at PM but they were a little vague in their responses and it still leaves me in my current situation. We have linked USB Yokes and I am trying to map the AP Discon button to do just that. I open FSUIPC hit buttons/switches tab, press my yoke button it shows up, check the box fs controls and include PM, I found "PM MCP AutoPilot Disconnect (Not 747)" which does work however it turns the AP off via the Disengage Bar and leaves the bar in the down position, so reactivation of the AP is not possible until the bar on our actual MCP is re-cycled. Is there a better way to do this? Perhaps AP Discon via yoke switch opposed to the disengage bar? They mentioned some sort of offset or to use the FSX default (Z) key, but we are using the PM Autopilot and not FSX's. Thank you for your assistance, I am trying my best to read the manuals and absorb all I can but I kind of just fell into all this, so I am doing my best. Also I am not sure if you can also provide assistance on this, but are you familiar with PM Sounds? There are certain audio files that should play but aren't and I would like to fix them. Fire Bell, Packs 1 and 2, Re-circulation Fans, GPWS Test etc. Project Magenta emailed me back saying it should work out of the box so-to-speak and closed my topic, obviously it is not working so I am seeking help elsewhere. Thanks Pete again for the assistance! Angelo Cosma
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