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Found 2 results

  1. Airbus X Extended FCU

    Moin, ich baue zurzeit die FCU eines Airbus A320 nach, damit ich mit diesem Panel den Airbus X Extended Steuern kann. Als Input dient ein Arduino Mega Board. Ich wollte für die Steuerung gerne die Mobiflight Software nutzen. Dafür müsste ich jedoch die LVAR's des AXE in FSUIPC Offsets umwandeln. Gibt es eine andere Software oder kann mir jemand erklären, wie ich für die LVAR's eigene Offsets anlege? Danke schonmal:) Viele Grüße Marvin
  2. G'day, You lot! I'm not even a Padawan level FSUIPC user, folks, my apologies for that. I do intend to grow in the force in such a way that I can be of use to others. Currently, I am having a problem with a simulator I am finishing off for a rescue organisation. The unit is set to model a BK-117 B2 and I am using the freeware Icaro BK-117 Final edition. The model came with no documentation for the separate systems on the aircraft, And I have NO idea how to get it's power control levers to act as they should in FSX/FSUIPC. I am not a script writer, or Lua programmer. The shameful truth is I have very little time to finish this and I need to b able to do it through the UI or with some snappy ini instruction from an FSUIPC pro. I can't find ANYTHING in the available FS controls that will allow for fuel flow. I need "cutoff," "idle," and "fly" for each of 2 engines. The controls are a twin axis fed to FSX through a Leo Bodnar board. That's the most of it, anything anyone could do to help me will be appreciated most heartily! Please let me know what further information might be required. Cheers Dave