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  1. I am trying to setup my yoke so if I simultaneously press two buttons together they will do one function like "Ctrl + F" for example but on my Saitek flight yoke. Is that possible with FSUIPC? Thanks for you help
  2. Hello. Have your FSUIPC5 payware. Updating to 6 will need uninstalling v5? Tks
  3. Dear all I assign buttons for my P3D V5 through FSUIPC It works fine, but after restarting my PC, the assigned buttons changes for e.g. if I assign a button for park brakes, after restarting the PC, the same button automatically assigned for some other controls please help me to solve this issue thanks for the sim community for the great help via forum
  4. Hi all, I am having this problem: Using 737prosim v3.01 fsuipc v 6.01TQ CFY v3 proCP Flight MCP, efis, CDU and radios12 Arduino's with Mobiflight SoftwareFlight Illusion GaugesAgronn YokeFull 737 Cockpit So my problem I take off and after about 2 minutes i try to engage the autopilot on the cpflight. It engages but it immediately disengages again. I’ve heard some tips to avoid this problem: delete all the joysticks from fsuipc and p3dv5. But no luck. I tried everything for 2 months now but the problem persists. This is very annoying. When I 'switch off' fsuipc then no pro
  5. Hello, we are trying to read offset 0x64F4 when using the PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II. We are expecting a value of 1, when the according switch is pressed to 'ON' in the panel (Window Heat Switch Left). But we never receive this value. Is it ensured that the offset information in the document 'Offset Mapping for PMDG 747QOTSII.pdf' is correct? Other offsets work or provide the expected values. We are using Paul Henty's 'FSUIPC Client DLL for .NET' to access the offsets. Some additional information: Simulator: Prepar3D Professional Plus V4.5.14.34698 OS: Windows 10 Pro Vers
  6. I'm trying out the FSUIPC7 beta and a question came up: I'm working with a situation where I'm using some virtual controllers in addition to actual physical controllers. In some cases I'd like to map buttons from a virtual controller via FSUIPC. However, in these cases the physical controller is still present and hitting buttons on that physical controller translates to a button press on both the physical controller and the virtual one. This can make it difficult when FSUIPC is detecting button presses. So I'm wondering if there is a way to tell FSUIPC to just completely ignore certain control
  7. Hello All, I am trying to read data form my sim to improve my home built TQ and ran into some problems reading data from FSUIPC. here is my setup. FSUIPC 5.153 ( I plan to upgrade to FSUIPC 6 soon) P3D with PMDG 777 Aircraft SimConnect I am trying to identify the correct offsets specially in AP mode. See below output from FSInterrogate2std.exe program. I can see the value from the joystick input(3330, 3332) and I can also see the values from the throttle lever(088C, 0924). However I am not able to see any of the other values, with AP On or Off they
  8. @Mouseviator has kindly provided an updated java SDK for FSUIPC. This should be more efficient than the existing SDKs as requests are processed in batch, rather than individually. Please see . The new SDK with documentation and examples is available from @Mouseviator web site: https://mouseviator.com/fsuipc-java-sdk/ Also available from github: https://github.com/Mouseviator/FSUIPC-Java This package has been added to the SDK in the FSUIPC6 installer (after version 6.0.10). John
  9. Hello, This isn't a huge issue, I have it working well for my purposes and won't be a factor, but it is something I found strange. I've been building a home cockpit and when I got to working on the FCU display for the Aerosoft A318-A321 series of planes I ran into this. When monitoring the Offset for Heading Value which is 0x07CC I run into this issue. The FSUIPC monitor shows as I'm reducing the HDG setting when I hit 273deg it outputs the number 182, when I then continue and turn it to 272, it returns to output 272. When I then increase the value by one you see 273, but whe
  10. Hello all, I have never had a problem installing this before and have tried everything to get this to install. it says Failed to find a valid Simconnect installed? Heres the installation log. Any help would be much appreciated. Installer for FSUIPC4.DLL version 4.974 Looking in registry for FSX install path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator\10.0 Parameter"SetupPath" ... >>> OK! FOUND FSX! <<< ... SetupPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\
  11. Hey pete i was having some issues with the captain sim 757s autopilot, recently upon perusing the forums i discovered it worked perfectly for a gentlemen with FSUIPCv4.3 if you could so kindly provide me with the files for v4.3 i would be be indebted to you. best regards, Tariq.
  12. Hi does anybody know how can i add properly a 3 position ( path- ALT/HDG- alt) switch on my hotas warthog throttle to my fslabs the nose T.O TAXI and OFF Light switch on the a320 FSLABS? so they move in the same directions. also how can i delete a macros mouse created on fsuipc thank you
  13. Hello Pete, Strange one this. I fly FSX Steam Edition and use REX Sky Force 3D for weather. I noticed while flying the Qualitywings B757 that airspeed, which is normally set to IAS in the sim, became True. That is to say that setting a Mach number of 0.81 sent the plane to 525 knots as shown on the speed ribbon at 36000 feet, resulting in a chronic over speed. Normally, the over speed in this configuration should be around 340 knots. So I tried with a FSX stock B737 and with an indicated airspeed of 318 knots, the Mach number is only 0.47. Where it gets interesting is that disabling all w
  14. Hey, I recently reinstalled FSUIPC since I had some troubles with my sim and thought it could be related to FSUIPC. Now FSUIPC isn't working at all. So basically what's happening is that I click "fly now" in FSX-SE so it loads in, after it successfully loaded in, it crashes to desktop after a couple of seconds (about 5 secs). PS: Thanks for any help in advance (FSUIPC log is attached) FSUIPC4.log
  15. I started my p3d 4.5 and discovered no FSUIPC was present in the pull down menu. Previously I uninstalled FSX which was on my computer as well to clear some space. That move may have deleted part of the FSUIPC files as I still have some FSUIPC files in the P3d module including the init file. I don't want a reinstall to replace my present files as I have quite a bit of time invested in creating presets for my planes. Will I need to reinstall FSUIPC or merely reinsert some files to make it work again. If it is best to reinstall, how can I best reinstall FSUIPC while ke
  16. Hi Pete, Problem: Strange behavior of CH yoke, weird values, not able to calibrate the Yoke properly. Calibrating ailerons gives 2 negative values for left and right (Min/Max) -16380 and -16251 Or is it an FSUIPC? IS FSUIPC able to change Windows 10 settings. Suspected cause: Suspect a change in Windows 10, USB Game controller for CH Yoke shows values for X,U,X, axis inverted. I do not know what triggered it as I don't fly that often right now. Question: How can I set the Windows X,Y,Z values back so that they behave normally? (Back = 0 forward is max value) A
  17. *** Moved from FAQ to support forum - please post ALL support request in this forum *** Hello Mr. When I select a button on the airplane panel, how can I know the event ID code number that button is to be assigned to a switch on my joystick or a switch in my own simulator cabin? Many of the functions of the cabin such as levers, and axes I can assign them without any problem to the main screen of the FSUIPC. I can also assign buttons that I know what they are called on the airplane panel and assign them to the FSUIPC. But if there is a button or switch that does a certain function
  18. Hi, I'm looking for the offset that stores the cameras current Pitch, Degrees, Bank, DeltaX, DeltaY, and DeltaX. I'm kinda lost so any help would be appreciated
  19. Hello, Pete. My name is Potomac on here or you can call me Daniel. I have been having some technical difficulties with FSUIPC, considering the fact that I am typing this. The FSUIPC file has been been a problem for longer haul flights. I use FSUIPC 4 for FSX: SE and the that I have been having being FSUIPC wanting to crash after a certain period of time. For example, I was flying from Memphis to Mexico City in FSX, and then as I was about to cross the USA border into Mexico. The whole FSUIPC crashed causing this error message in my VA's acars. If you scroll to the bottom, you got an error
  20. Dear Experts and members, I am new to this forum and also don't have much idea about how FSX & FSUIPC interconnect, specially what is the output format of FSUIPC. I read on different forums and threads that we can build a simulator using FSUIPC software and arduino but no one talked about the PLC and i want to do this. All i want to know that which type of output FSUIPC software provide and how can i get the data from this software. For example if i have PC with FSX installed and i bought the license of FSUIPC then how can i get the data or which file give me the values to control my
  21. Moved to Main Forum, please post questions related to FSUIPC always in Main Forum. Hi all,, I'm not sure if I am having a problem with installing FSUIPC3999z9b or not. I have purchased a KEY, and managed to go thru the registration process, and a FSUIPC.key file is created in the /MODULES folder of FS2000 with my name, email address, and the 12 character key all correctly noted. Yet when I go into FS2000, and click on the Modules part of the taskbar and then click on FSUIPC, I get a window with 2 tabs (About + Register and Logging). In the About tab, it says that my copy is unre
  22. Hi, I'm new to this forum but have been building a set of switches and buttons with arduino by using the com ports and joystick functionality of FSUIPC. At first I used FSX and the aerosoft A320 bundle and everything was great (Also using FSUIPC v4), buy then i changed to P3D, Aerosoft's professional A320 and FSUIPC v5 and problems started. In the beginning I thought it was random. My plane would turn off at any point of the flight, sometimes twice if I was in the ground on the first shutdown. But then I've managed to find out that I can replicate the error when I plug a new device t
  23. I am trying to interface P3D and Matlab to create some control loops like phugoid control etc. I was thinking if the following idea would work Run Matlab on a PC and P3D on another and then use LAN connection with wideFs to exchange data Thanks in advance Dinesh
  24. Hi folks, Currently use a sidewinder for all airbus on P3D v4.5 and it works good. I would like to seek advice on making the sensitivities smoother as its quite erratic and not as smooth as the other sim I use.... Tried slope curves but this seems to help a little. Any recommendations. Thanks Steve.
  25. Hello Pete, My apologies to bother you with a problem. I am a registered user of FSUIPC and I have a new problem since I installed the update 4.5 of P3D. The problem is that the throttle and the propeller pitch of the Saitek Quadrant moves together with the Ailerons, also when trying to re-calibrate it withing FSUIPC. I have been trying for days to solve this without finding the solution. Latest FSUIPC update has been installed. Windows 10 P3D 4.5 FSUIPC 5.151 All registered. Could you please help? Many thanks. Kr, Enrico
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