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Found 4 results

  1. MOVED FROM FAQ SUBFORUM SO IT CAN BE SEEN AND ANSWERED! Hello: Tried to install FSUIPC 4.958 into FSX SE. The installer presents the following error message: "Looking in registry for FSX-SE install path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DovetailGames\FSX Parameter"Install_Path" Not there, so looking in: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\DovetailGames\FSX Parameter"AppPath" Not there, so looking in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator - Steam Edition\10.0 Parameter"SetupPath" Not there, so looking in: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator - Steam Edition\10.0 Parameter"AppPath" ... NOT found! ..." My FSX SE (and Steam) is installed in my C; Program Files folder (NOT x86), Perhaps that's the issue? (something about "FSX installation incorrect") I tried moving the installer into my FSX folder and runnning it from there. It appears to have possibly dumped several files into my FSX folder, but NOT into Modules. Do you have a list of files that FSUIPC4 would have installed so I can clean up (delete) the files that may have been dumped into my FSX folder? Thanks. Addons: So far I have A2A Accusim and FSX NVG installed. Thanks.
  2. Help! A few days ago I downloaded the latest, free version of FSUIPC4. It worked fine and showed in Add-ons menu correctly. But I had to re-install my FSX SE. After that I cannot see "Add-ons" on menu bar at all. Here's what I did (following advice from each corner of the internet): 1. I re-installed FSX SE (uninstalled, deleted all FSX entries in Program Files, Program data, Appdata, etc, I ran Ccleaner, rebooted, disabled my AntiMalware software, installed fresh FSX, made a first clean run). 2. I installed the latest version of FSUIPC 3. I cannot see "Add-ons" Menu in FSX! 4. Tried to re-install all versions of simconnect from different folders. I have 4 versions installed now, but still no add-ons menu. 5. Tried to run VC redistributable 2005 - no result 6. Made simconnect.ini in Documents folder to monitor FSUIPC - and it shows that it LOADS correctly (!). But no Add-on menu at all. My dll.xml is fine - checked it million times. And it has to be correct, because simconnect.ini loads FSUIPC. All needed files are in Modules folder and are Trusted. Windows 10 64bit. GF970. DirectX 10 preview mode, I use the latest version of TrackIR 5. Any clues?
  3. MOVED FROM "FAQ" SUBFORUM TO SUPPORT FORUM Hello, I have a MADCATZ FLY 5 Joystick, with 2 throttle levers, and I want to make those 2 levers, control the 4 engines of the pmdg 747. I know I can do it with FSUIPC, but the problem is that the latest version of FSUIPC doesn´t record my data very well, because with KLM Virtual's ACARSng, I get very very low landing rates, so I know it´s related with the last version of FSUIPC. (When I got back to the previous version, problem solved!) My question is. Can I purchase the previous version of FSUIPC? If yes, how do I do it? Thank you very much. Kind regards, Edgar
  4. FSX SE

    Hallo, ich hoffe das Thema ist wirklich neu? - Zumindest habe ich nichts ähnliches hier gefunden. Ich simme bereits seit FS 98 - aktuell FSX Acc Seit (sehr) kurzem habe ich auf Windows 10 umgestellt (von Win 8.1) und mein Fsx läuft ziemlich problemlos - bis auf die bekannten Probleme mit der DX 10 Vorschau bei Vollbildschirm und der Verwendung von zwei Bildschirmen. Mein Frage: ist es sinnvoll, den MSFS auf Steam-Edition umzustellen?; bzw. gibt es hier bereits Updates, Patches oder ähnliches? Kann ich vielleicht so an Weiterentwicklungen teilhaben? - Wer weiß was dazu? Grüße aus Holstein Hans-Peter