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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, It is a great shame that V3 does not have a steep approach button for the infamous EGLC approach and looks like it never will. I've tried 2 approaches into EGLC recently and have had to divert elsewhere. Throttle idle (manually not with autothrottle) and flaps full, the aircraft just speeds up way past 160 making it impossible to land. V2 did not have a steep approach function either but the speed stayed near enough on the desired approach speed give or take 5knots. I was wondering if there is a way to either change the configuration so it behaves like V2 or change the configuration to make the spoilers available beyond flap 2 and below 180, so we can imitate the steep approach function. I look forward to hearing from Feelthere and other pilots. Happy Flying
  2. I wonder if you could point me in the right direction. I have joystick which has two additional buttons to lower and raise flaps. I use FS2004 and using the I-Fly B737-800 or another version, in the cabin, when I lower the flaps regardless of the increment, the flap handle next to the throttles works fine, but the gauge on the panel does not move, and because this does not move the flaps will not lower themselves. I have no idea how to fix the bloody thing, if anyone could suggest something not to technical, would appreciate. Thank you Simon
  3. PLEASE, see my video first, you can see the big problem that i have.... https://www.dropbox....G_8423.mp4?dl=0 We are in process of change from fsx to xplane 10 in our simulator, we have this problem as you see in the video with flaps setting, FLAPS WORK PERFECT IN FSX, BUT NOT IN XPLANE. from cockpitsonic they DONT WANT help us.... after shell they forget you. well in the confing of XPUIPC i can see only that. [XPUIPC SETTINGS] Tune value = 00 Server Address = [XPUIPC ATC SETTINGS] ATC Number = LH 5363 ATC Tail Number = D-ABIB ATC Airline name = Lufthansa ATC Aircraft type = Boeing 737-800 [XPUIPC FLAPS SETTINGS] Flap Settings = Inactive Number of Detends = 02 Flap detend 1 = Flap detend 2 = Flap detend 3 = Flap detend 4 = Flap detend 5 = Flap detend 6 = Flap detend 7 = Flap detend 8 = Flap detend 9 = Flap detend 10 = [PUSHBACK SETTINGS] MaxSpeed = -1.5 [OTHER SETTINGS] ToeBrakeNullZonePercent = 0.10 BUT IF I MAKE ANY CHANGE IT WORK ALWAYS as you see in the video... Please can you help me??? thanks
  4. I'm using Win 8.1 Pro x64, FSX w/Accel Pack, the PMDG 737-800NGX, a registered copy of FSUIPC 4.929, and the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke/Throttle quadrant properly set up in FSUIPC to use the Flaps Axis and calibrated accordingly. All axis settings inside the FSX control settings have been deleted. FSUIPC controls all yoke, throttle quadrant, and rudder pedal axis. We ran across a problem using our virtual airlines ACARS in that the ACARS was reporting that I was using Flaps 40 on takeoff when I actually was using Flaps 1. Just to see what I am sending out, I installed Monitor FSUIPC Data and took a look at the flaps data as I cycled through the flaps positions. Even though flaps movement and indicators in-game were perfectly normal, there were situations where FSUIPC jumped up to Flaps 40 and Flaps Handle Index 8 out of sequence. (There are 9 handle index positions on the 737NGX: 0 through 8). The most common flaps settings where the disconnect occurs are flaps 10 and flaps 30. So starting with flaps up, I will usually see a flaps handle index progression of 0, 1, 2, 3, 8, 5, 6, 8, 8. Other combinations have been encountered (including the "Flaps 40 when I'm at Flaps 1" indication), but the progression above is the most common. Keep in mind that throughout all of this, the flaps on the plane have been setting correctly and the cockpit indicators have ben positioning correctly using the Saitek throttle quadrant. It's only the information reported by FSUIPC that appears out of synch with what's actually happening. I can provide screen shots of what Monitor FSUIPC Data is reporting for each flaps position if you need them.
  5. Hello everyone, I have a problem with my Flaps indicator (GSA-14 flightillusion), More specifecly on the airplane PMDG 737-800 NG, each time i chame my flaps in-game my GSA-14 doesn't show the same values. While on another plane (e.g. the normal 737 from the FSX) the values are correct and the GSA-14 shows the same value. Can anyone help me with this? I normaly change my values via the GS-Control program. I've dabbeled with it for a wile but with no avail. I have attached a printscreen of my current values of the flaps indicator, Hope this will help solve the problem faster. Best regards, Apollon.
  6. Hello Peter, Could you please tell me how I can program incremental or decreasing flap sttings on my Saitek Yoke. I have programmed switch B1 as flap increase and B2 as flap setting decrease. It works, but only to full or flaps zero, no steps in between. Thanks in advance Hanss
  7. Hi there, I've been working on my own version of acars and the development is going well. I've managed to learn from the code samples from many places and this forum was my reference couple of times. I know FS reads flaps as specific intervals, i.e. 0, 2047, ... 16383 when reading the offset 0x3BFA or 0xBDC. Depending how many flaps the aircraft has, the interval will be read accordingly. Does anyone have any logic in translating these values into Flap 1 (0), Flap 2 (8191), Flap 3 (16383), which already expects any aircraft, even the Wilco one, which has a different flap interval from other aircrafts? It can be in any language. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel here. Thanks.
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