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Found 8 results

  1. *** Moved from FAQ: please post support requests here, in the main support forum *** Hello, I want to download the correct version for my needs, I have Windows 10, Steam Edition PMDG B777. 64Bits So I am starting to play with arduino and Mobiflight to build a MCP and run in my computer, which of the versions I should download? I heard there is a paid version more capable, where can I find? cheers
  2. Yep, I tried it all so far. Ran it as administrator. Changed the administrator rights to every drive. Checked the Modules folder and found it empty. This occurred after a complete PV4.1 reinstall. Not really sure what I did. The Message box reads : Windows cannot access the specific device, path or file. You may not have appropriate permissions to access this item. Also, every time I close that message. The FSUIPC icon leaves my desktop. I have an image of it, but it tells me my image is too large. Not sure how to resize it.
  3. Hello Community, I decided to buy Tower!3D Pro, but I have a few questions: If I buy Tower!3D Pro without a CD, will I get a download link to my email or a direct download on the purchase site or anything else? If I get a new PC in a half year, will I be able to transfer the game from my old PC to my new one, if I had buyed the game without CD before? Would I be able to transfer the game to my new PC, if I had buyed Tower!3D Pro with CD instead? Hope you have experience with that and you can help me. Hope you at least have understood me, due to I'm a german. Greetings from Germany, Lessi_lex
  4. Hello everyone, It's been some time since I updated and I have a terrible memory for these things, so can I just install the update over the top of the previous or do I have to uninstall? catmar1944 thanks.
  5. Hello, for nearly one proud week I try to install the Mytraffic6. I installed with guidance and I don´t understand why the FSX doesnt find the airplanes. The last idea is to copy the airplanes into the simobjects Folder ?!
  6. Any tricks to get E-Jets v2 to install? Just purchased it, trying to install, but stuck at registration screen since "next" button is greyed out even after inputting keycode and name. Any help would be appreciated. Best Regards, Dylan
  7. Hi! I can't seem to install the Real Design Add-On.. I mean I can download the file but when I reach the step of installation where you select a folder and then click "Install", the Install button can't be pressed. Anyone to help? By the way, if I buy Tower! 2011 on Wild Tanget, I can used the Add-On I bought somewhere else?
  8. As a newbie I am among the few who downloaded MyTraffic professionnal 5.4 for Prepar3D v. 1.4 and nothing appears and nothing moves, in my case at Geneva airport LSGG in Switzerland. I am running windows seven on a PC dedicated to Prepar3D 1.4, addons France VFR, Switzerland Pro, REX and OPUS, Spitfire accusim A2A. Nothing else! The installation was uneventfull, I did not expect any problem until I fired up Prepar3D and nothing new appeared at Geneva airport! I guess there are additionnal steps to undertake after the install, but where is the manual explaining it? Thank you for your help!
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