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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Pete I've got installed WIN7, the latest FSUIPC registered version 3.999, FS9 and Jeehell's FMGS beta 25, also the most recent version. Everything on the same PC (for test reasons). Unfortunately the FMGS cannont connect to the simulator 'via FSUIPC'. According to the FMGS forums, the connection of FSUIPC is not yet established in that case. The only thing I do, is to lauch my FS9 and a flight and I assumed that FSUIPC connection should be ready for such programms, right? I did also check the availablity and version of FSUIPC in the modules menu of the FS9, everything there. I didn't make any changes on the default FSUIPC values, but I guess that's not needed, right? For your information, I'm flying since several years on VATSIM network and use FSInn and this is still working fine. I thought if VATSIM flying and FSInn is working, this is the evidence that FSUIPC connection is fine as well, and should be the same for the needed connection now with FMGS, no? 1) Could you please confirm that FSUIPC connection to programms like FMGS should be ready by only launch FS9 and a flight? 2) And could you please advice if/how I can check/confirm that FSUIPC connection would be there and ready, so that I need to look for the problem on FMGS side? Is there any command etc to be used to proof that it would be ok? 3) Could you imagine that something additional (configuration, start a dedicated programm etc) would be needed that FSUIPC is ready to talk to Jeehell's FMGS? 4) In some forums, they're talking from a programm "FSUIPCconnect" and that it's needed to launch. I assume they mean just the FSUIPC and with "launch", they mean launch the FS and a flight, would you disagree? Thank you very much for your help Best regards Dani
  2. Hi, I'm using FSUIPC and the jeehell software. I want to know which offset I have to choose (byte set, word set ...) and who to configure FSUIPC for such an offset : 73C5 (2 bytes long) Thanks a lot, Calmato
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