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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I use a 128 button box and want to use my rotary knobs with FSUIPC. They send short joystick button presses for each direction a different button. But as the are >32, I needed to use a LUA script and/or LINDA. For LUA only, I just used the provided example - it somehow worked, but the refresh rate is very very low (~1 second). Even when setting poll rate = 100. When I use LINDA it gets better, but it is still much to slow reacting. I stopped turning the knob (and no button presses anymore) but the heading bug was still increasing. It is also having around 1 sec delay. Also in the LOG I see this delayed actions. Any advice? Best regards, karlo
  2. Hi Pete I have had a number of reports from users that their VRInsight Combo MCP panels are failing to connect to FSUIPC and LINDA. I have been unable to find a common cause and have been unable to reproduce the problem on my own system. There is a possibility that the problem may be linked with a Win10 update (power management) or a change made to FSUIPC5 5.14-5.15. My system is fully up-to-date and I am using v5.15 without any issues. When FSUIPC connects to the VRI Panel using the comport defined in FSUIPC5.ini [VRInsight] block, it reports "VRI port 1 "com5" opened". This should be acknowledged by an entry identifying the panel model connected "VRI MCP2 ("MCP2 Boeing") detected on port com5". This is the information (CMDMCP2B) returned from the panel with the command CMDFUN. See attached FSUIPC5-VRIConnection.log line 344 = BAD and FSUIPC5-VRIGood.log lines 281 and 60500. The VRInsight software VRISIM.exe can be used to test this. In the reported cases, there is no panel model reported by FSUIPC but the Device ID is returned . LINDA uses the Device ID as confirmation that the panel has been successfully connected. However, commands to the panel (CMDCON and CMDFUN) do not work and the panel is unresponsive. Have you made any changes to the VRI logic? Any suggestions? FSUIPC5-VRIConnection.log FSUIPC5-VRIGood.log
  3. Hi Pete, Like many others I have made the transition to P3DV4 and am enjoying the opportunity to keep my PC alive and to enjoy my FSX/FSX.SE until further. I have started put very slowly and am trying to get FSUIPC5 (Paid) up and running together with LINDA. The install and registration runs fine but I was only able to access the first FSCIPC5 screen when using the demo setup. I then wnet back and paid my dues with pleasure (Old hand like yourself). On restarting I noticed a black rectangel appear briefly on the left hand side of the screen and have not been able to access the FSUIPC5 screens since then. Linda loads up and only shows sync taking place to FSX but shows the 'Aircraft' module and confirms that it is connected to P3DV4 and I can input button data to the current a/c which is fine but I need to be able to set up profiles etc. I have read through your various responses on this subject, in particular the wuestion og wxstationlist.bin but I have not been able to find this file in AppData\Roaming P3D. I would, however believe that the black rectangle I could see may have something to do with the issue as it resembles the size of a simconnect transaction but what would I know. I would appreciate any thoughts you may have on this and will supply further data if you require it. The FSUIPC5 intsall file is included. Thanks in advance Schaefer (Bruce) FSUIPC5 Install.log
  4. Hi Pete I am analysing the Control values used by FSLabs A320X to operate various switches for LINDA. For most they use FSX Control ROTOR_BRAKE (66587) but for others they use control 196881. I am using the LUA function ipc.control(value, param) to send commands into the simulator. The value of 66587 (ROTOR_BRAKE) is no problem but I am not sure that control values outside the normal range (e.g. 196881) are transmitted. Under FSUIPC Options and Settings users can set a custom control value from 65536 to 131070 (x10000 to x1FFFE). Does this upper limit apply to the LUA ipc.control(value, param)? I need to send params in the range 0x00010000 to 0x00FF0000. When I do send the control ipc.control(196881, xxxxxxx), I see in fsuipc4.log the line "FS Control Sent: Ctrl=196881. param:xxxxxxx" which suggests the control is sent but I am not seeing the expected effect. Any comments would be welcome. I am currently, using FSUIPC4 4.968 and P3Dv3.4 but the question equally applies to FSUIPC5.
  5. Hi Pete You will know that LINDA is built around FSUIPC4 and I have been doing some compile tests in 64-bit. The only issues/compile errors are in the code and data structures used to interface with FSUIPC. The main issue I have is with the DWORD usage - it does not appear to copy across to 64-bit in Delphi Pascal. 64-bit key types of concern are: Type FS6IPC_READSTATEDATA_HDR = packed record dwId : dword; dwOffset : dword; nBytes : dword; pDest : pointer; end; FS6IPC_WRITESTATEDATA_HDR = packed record dwId : dword; dwOffset : dword; nBytes : dword; end; Are there are changes to the FSUIPC5 external program interface data structure? LINDA will also need the full licenced version of FSUIPC5 once the ordering system is up and running.
  6. Users are reporting problems with the LINDA add-on not closing when closing P3D 3.4.9 with FSUIPC4 Having just done this update myself I am having the same problem. I note in the FSUIPC4 release notes that a new option TimeForLuaClosing has been added with a specific mention of LINDA. I have tied setting this value to 10 and 20 but neither LINDA not AS16 are closing when P3D is exited. With P3D 2.3 and previous version of FSUIPC4 the following FSUIPC4.ini statement correctly closed the add-ons: [Programs] RunIf1=KILL,C:\Sim Support\AS16_P3D\AS16.exe RunIf4=KILL,C:\Sim Support\VAInterface Lite\VAInterfaceLite.exe RunIf2=CLOSE,C:\P3D\Modules\linda.exe Any suggestions on what the problem can be? Note: the release notes (para 18) refer to TimForLuaClosing not TimeForLuaClosing (as appears in the .ini file).
  7. MOVED TO THE FSUIPC SUPPORT FORUM Hi Pete Some of the Lvars for the Aerosoft Airbus contain spaces (e.g. TURB ENG1 EPR) instead of the usual convention of using underscore (_). When these particular Lvars are used with ipc.readvar() FSUIPC4 returns a nil value (not found). However, when I can trace these Lvars using LINDA. Does the ipc.readLvar() command strip out the space characters?
  8. MOVED FROM "USER CONTRIBUTIONS" SUBFORUM so it might attract answers ... Because I am trying to understand the scenary I did: Is something wrong in this diagram?
  9. The Saitek Pro Flight Switch, Radio and Multi Panels can be accessed directly from FSUIPC and with the lua com library. Start with the HidDemo.lua and open the HID interface to the panels just as with a joystick. Vendor and product names can be retrieved with HIDScanner. Note that the switch panel has "HOLTEK" as Vendor/Manufacturer. Switch Panel For the Switch panel one 32-bit word is retrieved by com.read containing all the switches (incl. the rotary starter button). Adressing the LEDs works by sending a two-by string by com.writefeature(dev, s, wrf). The first byte must be char(0), the second byte contains a char which represents binary numerical representation of the LED-states: 0 b X X R1 R2 R3 G1 G2 G3 X stands for "ignored", R1 is the top, R2 bottom left, R3 bottom right LED, all in red, G1-3 the same in green. I.e. if you want turn on all LEDs in green then the character code is 0b00000111 or 7d (decimal). You can also turn on green and red at the same time by sending 0b00111111 (or 63d) to the feature data. Multi Panel It works similar for the Multi-Panel. Again, com.read retrieves all the button states. It has to be noticed that the trim wheel and the rotary button generates only short pulses in two individual bits each, indicating the turn direction. Not to miss relevant events by the proposed polling routine in HidDemo and also not to overload the lua-engine, I recommend to use at the begin of the polling routine this: while com.test(dev) >= 10*rd do CurrentData, n = com.read(dev, rd) End CurrentData, n = com.read(dev, rd) ... [/CODE] This discards effectively all but the last 10 button events and thus will provide enough rotary events to adjust trim and autopilot effectively, without having to much momentum effect after turning the knobs. Setting the display of the Multi-Panel works similar as with the Switch panel. Now the data string to the panel contains 13 bytes, which might be created like this: string.char(0, a1,a2,a3,a4,a5,b1,b2,b3,b4,b5,x) Again the first character must be a zero, then five characters follow for the first display line, and another five characters for the second display line. The last byte seems to be ingored. The displayed digit is the same as the character code. Character codes from 10-13 result in a blank position. In the second line character code 14 results in a "-". If all positions are filled with character code 15, the display is turned off. The display labels are not programmable, instead depend on the position of the mode selector switch (which is also mapped as a set of buttons). Also, when displaying courses, only the last three digits of the first line are shown. However the format of the writ string remains the same (i.e. only a3-a5 are shown on the panel). [b]Radio Panel[/b] As with the previous, the rotary, mode selector, and ACT/STBY buttons are mapped to buttons in the HID input section. Addressing the digital displays works similar as with the Multi-Panel by writing a string to the feature data. In this case the string contains 23 characters. As before, the first character code must be 0, then 20 characters follow containing the 5 digits each of the four displays. The last two characters seem to be ignored again: string.char(0,a1,a2,a3,a4,a5,b1,b2,b3,b4,b5,c1,c2,c3,c4,c5,d1,d2,d3,d4,d5,X,X) Again the first character code has to be zero, the next five codes show the upper left display, then upper right and so forth. Character codes are converted to the display as follows: [CODE]Code Display 0-9 0-9 10-15 <blank> This repeats in modulo 16 until a character code of 207. 208-217 0.-9. (decimal dot set) 218-223 . 224-239 - 240-248 0-9 250-255 <blank> [/CODE] [b]Annunciator Panel[/b] I don't have it, so I can't test it, but I'd expect it works the same way. [b]Finally[/b] Forgive me not to provide all the individual button mappings, I simply verified that it works this way and used the rotaries to dial through all possible codes at the digit positions, for finding out what they do. However, up to now I have now idea, what the effect is in writing other codes than "0" in the first byte (other than that the panel does not seem to accept anything), or in the ignored positions at the end of the string. Furthermore, the Multi-Panel has altogether two features caps, and I have no idea what the "second" means. Anyway, I know there a number of people interested in programming the Saitek Panels directly and this may help.
  10. Hi everybody a stupid question : shall i have the possibility to restart ipcready.lua script (launched by fsuipc at P3D start) without restarting P3D ? why : i add the pokey56U.lua script in ipcready.lua (as described in Terry Hall doc) and i make change for testing in pokey script , i lost time because, to take effect of the change, i have to close & restart p3D after each change thanks for helping a stupid Linda Lua beginner Thierry
  11. Hello, I am getting this error. FSUIPC couldn't run: "E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\linda.exe" [Error=740] Can you help? Also. When I try to map my rudder peddels through FSUIPC the range is VERY small. Almost non existent. Could you help. I am running FSX on Windows 8 64 bit.
  12. Can anyone tell me if LINDA detects a microcontroller as a device through the COM port. I have programmed it with a switch program but from what I've read in the manual LINDA it only detects the MCP Combo only. Can anyone tell me if there's something else (like a software or a RS232 program for communication)....
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