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Found 7 results

  1. Hello from Austria! Please help me: I use an autopilot hardware from Opencockpits with a script some years old. Now in FS2020 there are some standard planes (eg. Cessna 172, Citation etc.) where LVLCHG is possible. But I cannot find an offset for it. Can you help me please? Thanks in advance and best regards Hermann
  2. Hi folks! I have purchased the Ejets V2 and I really love it! My configuration has enabled the GF-MPCPro compatibility, but my GoFflight MPC Pro does not work with this aircraft. I have no problems with other models, like PMDG 737NGX and FSX default Boeing/Airbus (just for tests). There is no information about this issue in the GF forums. Can somebody here help me with this issue. Any suggestions are welcome! :) A huge hug! Cheers and fly safe!
  3. Hello, I am a registered user of FSUIPC and WIDEFS for 11 years, and I thank Pete very much for this extremely complete software. The operation of WideFS is still operational with P3D-V4. Bravo. I bought an FSUIPC5 key as soon as it was available, and everything works perfectly with P3D-V4. Now, here is my problem : I own an MCF + EFIS from CPFlight. It worked perfectly with the supplied driver, as well as the (Expensive) software from FS-Labs. Unfortunately , the FS-Labs software is a 32 bits version, and there is no planned version for compatibility with P3D-V4. So I looked for another solution, and by reading the important documentation provided with FSUIPC, I discovered that there was everything necessary to direct control for my hardware. So I started using LUA plug-ins, helped by the many examples provided. Great job, Pete ... Very well explained and very complete. Unfortunately, I am not able to make a simple com.write () ... I run P3D-V4 with the following LUA script, associated with a keyboard key ("A") : MCP-747.lua : ----------------------------------------------- -- Commande du MCP-747 de CP-Flight avec LUA ----------------------------------------------- speed = 38400 -- Vitesse du port USB handshake = 0 -- No handshake MCP = com.open("com6", speed, handshake) if MCP == 0 then ipc.log("Pas trouvé de MCP-747 de CP-Flight") ipc.exit() end ipc.log("Port USB ouvert") n = com.write (MCP, "Q001") ipc.log(n) When I execute the script ("A" key from the keyboard), the LLUA log (MCP747.log) gives this: ********* LUA: "MCP-747" Log [from FSUIPC version 5.101] ********* 256825 System time = 21/06/2017 11:42:37, Simulator time = 14:44:36 (12:44Z) 256825 LUA: beginning "M:\P3D-V4-0\Modules\MCP-747.lua" 256825 LUA: M:\P3D-V4-0\Modules\MCP-747.lua:5 256825 LUA: Global: ipcPARAM = 0 256825 LUA: M:\P3D-V4-0\Modules\MCP-747.lua:6 256825 LUA: Global: speed = 38400 256825 LUA: M:\P3D-V4-0\Modules\MCP-747.lua:8 256825 LUA: Global: handshake = 0 256903 LUA: M:\P3D-V4-0\Modules\MCP-747.lua:10 256903 LUA: Global: MCP = 5029216692 256903 LUA: M:\P3D-V4-0\Modules\MCP-747.lua:15 256903 LUA: Port USB ouvert 256903 LUA: M:\P3D-V4-0\Modules\MCP-747.lua:17 256903 LUA: M:\P3D-V4-0\Modules\MCP-747.lua:19 256919 LUA: Global: n = 0 256919 LUA: 0 256919 >>> Thread forced exit (ipc.exit or os.exit) <<< 256919 System time = 21/06/2017 11:42:37, Simulator time = 14:44:36 (12:44Z) ********* LUA execution terminated: Log Closed ********* The trace of the serial port (COM6) by the "Advanced Serial Port Monitor" software gives this : <20170621114237.550 SYS> COM est ouvert <20170621114237.550 SYS> Taille de queue entrée/sortie 1024/1024 <20170621114237.550 SYS> Unable to add string #8 <20170621114237.553 SYS> Débit en bauds 38400 <20170621114237.556 SYS> RTS activé <20170621114237.559 SYS> DTR activé <20170621114237.562 SYS> Bits de données=8, Bits d'arrêt=1, Parité=None <20170621114237.562 SYS> Configurer charactères : Eof=0x00, Error=0x00, Break=0x00, Event=0x00, Xon=0x11, Xoff=0x13 <20170621114237.565 SYS> Handflow : ControlHandShake=(DTR_CONTROL), FlowReplace=(TRANSMIT_TOGGLE, RTS_CONTROL), XonLimit=896, XoffLimit=512 <20170621114237.565 SYS> Purger le port série : RXABORT, RXCLEAR <20170621114237.983 SYS> Purger le port série : RXABORT, RXCLEAR <20170621114238.101 SYS> COM est fermé There is nothing writen on the Com6 ! Using the MCP test software, with the same "Advanced Serial Port Monitor" : <20170621114831.512 SYS> COM est ouvert <20170621114831.515 SYS> Taille de queue entrée/sortie 1024/512 <20170621114831.515 SYS> Purger le port série : RXABORT, RXCLEAR, TXABORT, TXCLEAR <20170621114831.515 SYS> Unable to add string #8 <20170621114831.518 SYS> Débit en bauds 38400 <20170621114831.524 SYS> RTS désactivé <20170621114831.530 SYS> DTR activé <20170621114831.533 SYS> Bits de données=8, Bits d'arrêt=1, Parité=None <20170621114831.533 SYS> Configurer charactères : Eof=0x1A, Error=0x00, Break=0x00, Event=0x00, Xon=0x11, Xoff=0x13 <20170621114831.539 SYS> Handflow : ControlHandShake=(DTR_CONTROL), FlowReplace=(), XonLimit=256, XoffLimit=256 <20170621114831.540 TX> Q001<NUL>Q001<NUL> <20170621114831.612 RX> KCPF<NUL>CPMCP747_100<NUL>CHIAVE0310013<NUL>MOD485EFI1<NUL>K037<NUL>K041<NUL>K017<NUL>K019<NUL>V06 359<NUL>S003<NUL>M001<NUL>K072<NUL>K075<NUL>V0900<NUL> <20170621114844.218 RX> K025<NUL> <20170621114844.218 TX> L0125 <20170621114845.089 RX> K024<NUL> <20170621114845.089 TX> L0124 <20170621114846.026 RX> K026<NUL> <20170621114846.027 TX> L0126 I do not understand where I was wrong ! Can anyone help me ? PS : I am from Paris (France) so, please, excuse my bad English ...
  4. Hello Peter I would like to know what is relationship between MCP and A/T.. Actually, I am trying to use a new TQ with A/T, but I am facing a problem when the Auto Pilot MCP is engaged and ALT selected, the plane reach selected altitude and doesn't stop to this altitude. When climbing, ti stops to this selected altitude for a little moment, and goback to descent with big vario. When descending to a selected altitude, it reach this altitude and doesn't stop and continue the descent with a vario accelation, till 4500ft/mn.. Please can you give an idea about MCP mode affected and the according offsets or any other reason. Thank You Milou
  5. Hi folks, I am trying change altitude on MCP by rotary encoder, unfortunately I am not sure if I send to ipc.control correct data ipc.control(70032, altitude) value in altitude is correct, I have there (100,200....1000,1100.......12000....) It works only for first three hundred, and then even though I change altitude value by rotary, the value on MCP will not change. Could someone help me? Thank you. EDIT: I tried to send it real altitude /100. This works fine, but only for increasing altitude. If I turn with rotary to anti-clockwise position, the value is decreasing, but altitude on MCP in FSX is still increasing. EDIT2: Solved, I don't know why, but if I send there ipc.control(70032, 536870912) it is decreasing. EDIT3: Sorry, I have one more problem. When I send there real altitude, it is increasing till 35700. Why? I also noticed when I quick turning with rotary the value which I send to ipc.control is e.g. 2100 but it sets only 2000.
  6. Hello Peter! I'm still working on the MCP. There are some problems. I transfer data to PMDG 737NGX by FSUIPC. And the offset is 3110. 3110: Operates a facility to send any ‘controls’ to Flight simulator. This works with all versions of FS & CFS. Write all 8 bytes for controls which use a value (axes and all _SET controls), but just 4 will do for ‘button’ types. This is really two 32-bit integers. The first contains the Control number (normally 65536 upwards), as seen in my FS Controls lists. The second integer is used for the parameter, such as the scaled axis value, where this is appropriate. Always write all 8 bytes in one IPC block if a parameter is used, as FSUIPC will fire the control when you write to 3110. Since version 3.40, FSUIPC-added controls (other than the offset ones) can be used via these offsets too. See the Advanced User’s Guide for a current list. And I found the SDK about 737NGX. There are two ways to send MCP data. Texts in PMDG_NGX_SDK.h #define THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN 0x00011000 // equals to 69632 #define EVT_MCP_COURSE_SELECTOR_L (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 376) //this is the first one #define EVT_MCP_CRS_L_SET (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 14500) // Sets MCP course specified by the event parameter the second one Problem is I can add numbers to the MCP course selector But I can not minus it. My program is (VB.net) Dim senderfs As Offset(Of Int64) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of Int64)(&H3110) senderfs.Value = &HFFFFFFFF00000000 + &H11000 + 376 FSUIPCConnection.Process() How can I minus or tranfer value directly to 737 ?
  7. hi Pete and all how maybe able to help i have found and modified Goflight pro MCP Lua script but I have hit wall with IAS/MACH Crossover. It is falling over in the IAS/MACH section stringSPD = string.format("%03d", SPD) saying unexpected symbol near '==' is the a better why to write this section, if how can i fix it. prevCRS1 = -1 prevSPD = -1 prevHDG = -1 prevalt = -1 prevVS = -1 prevCRS2 = -1 prevMACH = -1 --************************All Working************************************************* while 1 do CRS1 = ipc.readSW("0C4E") if (CRS1 ~= prevCRS1) then stringCRS1 = string.format("%03d", CRS1) gfd.setDisplay(GFMCPPRO,0,0,stringCRS1) prevCRS1 = CRS1 end HDG = ipc.readSD("07CC") if (HDG ~= prevHDG) then stringHDG = string.format("%03d", ((HDG/65536)*360)) gfd.setDisplay(GFMCPPRO,0,2,stringHDG) prevHDG = HDG end alt = ipc.readSD("07D4") if (alt ~= prevalt) then stringalt = string.format("%05d", ((alt/65536)*3.2809)) gfd.setDisplay(GFMCPPRO,0,3,stringalt) prevalt = alt end VS = ipc.readSW("07F2") if (VS ~= prevVS) then stringalt = string.format("%05d", VS) gfd.setDisplay(GFMCPPRO,0,4,stringalt) prevVS = VS end CRS2 = ipc.readSW("0C5E") if (CRS2 ~= prevCRS2) then stringCRS2 = string.format("%03d", CRS2) gfd.setDisplay(GFMCPPRO,0,5,stringCRS2) prevCRS2 = CRS2 end --******************************************************************************************************* --*******************IAS/MACH Crossover NEED Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!**************************************** if ipc.readUD("07DC" and "07E4") == 0 then SPD = ipc.readSW("07E2") if (SPD ~= prevSPD) then stringSPD = string.format("%03d", SPD) gfd.SetDisplay(GFMCPPRO,0,1,stringSPD) prevSPD = SPD end else ipc.readUD("07DC") == 1 and ("07E42") == 0 then SPD = ipc.readSW("07E2") if (SPD ~= prevSPD) then stringSPD = string.format("%03d", SPD) gfd.SetDisplay(GFMCPPRO,0,1,stringSPD) prevSPD = SPD end else ipc.readUD("07DC") == 0 and ("07E42") == 1 then MACH = ipc.readSD("07E8") if (MACH ~= prevMACH) then stringMACH = string.format ("%02f", MACH/65536) gfd.SetDisplay(GFMCPPRO,0,1,stringMACH) prevMACH = MACH end --********************************************************************************************** ipc.sleep(200) end Thanks Johan
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