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Found 2 results

  1. This will permit you to trigger whatever sounds you wish with joystick buttons. I wanted to help others in the future, who may wish to accomplish in their cockpits, what I have. Therefore, I put together a short step by step instruction document in PDF format. See attached, Michael Lehkamp Sound Scripting in LUA.pdf
  2. Hello all, After having great luck playing wav files with the sound.play command, I am now having a helluva time trying to figure out how to STOP a sound.playloop wav file. No matter what i do, the file will not stop. I read where Pete stated you had to add the parameter sound.stop. I have done so. When I go into Flightsim, FSUIPC buttons menu, I toggle the switch and choose my LUA file and insert parameter 11 to start the 5-11premovie.wav file. I then drop just below, choose the Luakill command and insert parameter 20 to stop the 5-11premovie.wav file. but no luck. Below I have pasted my LUA file and the part of the FSUIPC file showing button assignments for the LUA. Any help would be welcome. Thank you. Michael ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- sound.path("C:\\") if ipcPARAM == 1 then sound.play("5-0firebell") elseif ipcPARAM == 2 then sound.play("5-1begin_approach") elseif ipcPARAM == 3 then sound.play("5-2above_10000") elseif ipcPARAM == 4 then sound.play("5-3number1_departure") elseif ipcPARAM == 5 then sound.play("5-4safety_brief") elseif ipcPARAM == 6 then sound.play("5-5gate_brief") elseif ipcPARAM == 7 then sound.play("5-6prepare_depart") elseif ipcPARAM == 8 then sound.play("5-7cleared_land") elseif ipcPARAM == 9 then sound.play("5-8crzbrief") elseif ipcPARAM == 10 then sound.play("5-9turbulence") elseif ipcPARAM == 11 then sound.play("5-10premovie") elseif ipcPARAM == 12 then sound.play("5-11chime") elseif ipcPARAM == 13 then sound.play("5-12taxiin") elseif ipcPARAM == 14 then sound.play("5-14tcastest") elseif ipcPARAM == 15 then sound.play("5-15stall") elseif ipcPARAM == 16 then sound.playloop("5-16fueltrk") elseif ipcPARAM == 17 then sound.playloop("5-17fueltrk2") elseif ipcPARAM == 18 then sound.stop("5-16fueltrk") elseif ipcPARAM == 19 then sound.stop("5-17fueltrk2") elseif ipcPARAM == 20 then sound.stop("5-10premovie") end [buttons] ButtonRepeat=20,10 1=P5,0,CL2:R,1 2=U5,0,CL2:K,1 3=P5,1,CL2:R,2 4=P5,2,CL2:R,3 5=P5,3,CL2:R,4 6=P5,4,CL2:R,5 7=P5,5,CL2:R,6 8=P5,6,CL2:R,7 9=P5,7,CL2:R,8 10=P5,8,CL2:R,9 11=P5,9,CL2:R,10 12=P5,10,CL2:R,11 13=U5,10,CL2:K,11 14=P5,11,CL2:R,12 15=P5,12,CL2:R,13 16=P5,14,CL2:R,14 17=P5,13,CL1:R,0 18=P0,13,CL1:R,0 20=P0,14,CL2:R,14 22=P0,0,CL2:R,1 23=U0,0,CL2:K,1 25=P0,2,CL2:R,3 26=P0,4,CL2:R,5 27=P0,5,CL2:R,6 28=P0,6,CL2:R,7 29=P0,7,CL2:R,8 30=P0,8,CL2:R,9 31=P0,9,CL2:R,10 32=P0,10,CL2:R,11 33=P0,11,CL2:R,12 35=P0,19,CL2:R,16 37=P0,12,CL2:R,13 39=U0,19,C1084,17 40=P0,18,CL2:R,17 41=U0,18,CL2:K,19 43=P0,1,CL2:R,2 44=P0,20,C1084,20

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