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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, More issues to report for KPHX (Phoenix)! Some maybe similar to this post. Log is attached as per usual. 1) Inbound American landed fine and began the taxi to the assigned gate. For some reason, no idea why. he got stuck and I had to delete him... 2) American outbound did a unexpected taxi across the airport terminal and gates towards no mans land ... 3) Outbound ASH5896 got stuck after pushing back. Tried several commands to get him going without luck. Had to delete him ... 4) Outbound southwest SWA3812 did a 360 twirl after line up and wait command prior to takeoff command ...
  2. Hi all, Been doing a SP session on T3Dpro and came across aircraft getting stuck. See this screenshot. Log included. Air shuttle 6301 was instructed to taxi to runway 27R at E via taxiway's H, E. Southwest 237 landed on runway 26 and was instructed to taxi to terminal via A, D, H but to hold short of taxiway E so that the Air shuttle could pass. The southwest aircraft did hold short of E but the Air shuttle got stuck when going by. See screenshot linked above. output_log.txt
  3. Hi all, I was playing SP today and using runways 22R and 22L. 22L for landings. I had an issue with Southwest 2106 getting stuck. After SWA2106 landed successfully, I issued the command "TAXI TO TERMINAL VIA C M K E2". He replied to acknowledge the command but did not move. After clicking on the aircraft, there was no taxi path showing. I issued the command again without success. At KBOS, there seems to be no link from K (near taxiway A / B) to the end of the terminal area (just past taxiway E2). Screenshot here. Log file attached. output_log.txt
  4. Hi, I've been playing on KBOS a lot today and have noticed a couple of issues (could be bugs): 1) After landing on R32, I instructed AAL2126 to hold short of taxiway K; however the aircraft never did stop and ended up face to face with another aircraft (see this screenshot). 2) Any aircraft landing on R32, all aircraft stop prior to joining taxiway B without instruction to hold short (after taxi to terminal commands have been provided prior to this). See this screenshot. Informed No 2 is not a bug! Log file has been attached fo r both of these issues :) output_log.txt
  5. Hi all, I was doing a session just now at KPHL and I could not get a SpiritWings (NKS877) aircraft to taxi to runway 27L. I tried several routes and even a the very basic "runway 27L" via clicking with the mouse on the control panel. See this screenshot. I have attached my log file below. output_log.txt
  6. Hi all, I have recently bought Tower!3D PRO in the steam sale and am interested in making it a more realistic simulation. Does the real color series of addons for Tower3D also include the voice changes (i.e. airline callsigns etc) or do we have to purchase the "REAL TRAFFIC FOR TOWER!3D" separately?
  7. I am attaching a game log following an instance where the ADIRS window on my 2nd monitor suddenly closed without my asking it to.. When I brought up a new ADIRS window and then tried to move it to the 2nd monitor, it disappeared. I tried to restore it 2 times in a row, but each time the window momentarily took up the full screen and then disappeared. From the log, this happened at 09:06:45 and again at 09:07:31. game.log
  8. Not sure if this it s fluke, but voice recognition stopped part way through a session at KJFK today. Was working fine for about 10 minutes, and then suddenly it would no longer accept any voice commands (button commands still worked). After shutting down and restarting the sim everything was normal. Just before this happened, I had made several incorrect transmissions while trying to recall how to phrase a complex taxi instruction, and I wonder if it to be expected that several mistakes in a row could cause something like this, or perhaps if there is a trick to unlocking the system without restarting? Has anyone else experienced this? As I said, it might just be a fluke.
  9. The presence of simulated wind in Tower!3DPro, is a very positive step. However, some aspects of its implementation are a bit disappointing. It seems the only time that winds of more than 1-2 knots are ever present, are during stormy weather, or very occasionally when using the Random weather feature. When selecting Clear weather, the wind direction does vary each time a new session is started, but the wind speed seems to be capped at about 2 knots. Why? Moderate and even gusty winds are quite common under clear skies, and adding a bit more variation would make things much more interesting and believable. Would it present a large technical challenge to add a bit more variation, or perhaps to simply add one more weather theme, called "Windy", which includes gusts and or wind shifts? Likewise, I really feel that tweaking the Random theme to make it a little more dynamic (nothing crazy - just more frequent changes), would also be beneficial. As it is, even in the Random theme, weather changes are quite rare, which makes the feature less useful than it could be. Alternatively, perhaps building in a slider, that lets the user adjust how rapidly the weather will change would be a solution. Just my thoughts.
  10. AT JFK, taxiway KK is pronounce by the pilot voice letter by letter. Instead of saying "kilo kilo", she spells it out as "K I L O K I L O". Is there an easy way to fix this ourselves, as we can with Airlines names, such as "Jet Blue", or will the developer need to get involved? I cannot find any text files that list all the names of the taxiways at airports.
  11. As requested, I am beginning a new topic for this issue. See below the screenshot of the 2nd monitor DBRITE window next to the ADIRS window,a nd notice how much more degraded the DBRITE is, especially in comparison to the default DBRITE window on the 3D screen.
  12. Please clarify how this command is intended to work in the sim. So far I am using only the button commands, not voice. 1. Should I expect the pilot to verbally acknowledge the command or not? So far, pilots do not verbally respond to it at all (so far I have only controlled at KLAX so have not tested other airports). 2. May I issue it to an aircraft still in the air, or only after the plane is fully on the ground? The option becomes available on short final. 3. How does it differ from the "hold short of taxiway" command that also becomes available on final?
  13. Hi! I"m a real newbie at tower! 3d. Actually I'm trying to build a realistic tower control simulator (So, I mean not the program, the hardware for it with voice recognition system, multi monitor system etc. Because i'm interested in air traffic controlling) and I found TOWER!3D which looked great, but the I found that they're going to realese a pro version with voice recongnition built it and so on. So: Does anyone know what the exact release date is and does someone now a pricing for it already? And what are going to be the main features of it?
  14. Hello Pete,or someone else, Just a simple question: I have downloaded FSX Steam and your latest FSUICP version ( for FSX Steam). The question is can I use now my Elite Pro Panel 2 again because the FSX software which is provided by Elite does not find FSX anymore. There is also no way to point the software to the right location. So the only way seems for me to do everything with FSUICP ( I have the registered version). Is that possible without the elite software. I also asked it to Elite but there the answering is slow therefore the question to you, mabey this is a better solution anyway. I always had other hardware adjusted with FSUICP with great succes. Best regards and thanks for the help Michel la Faille
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