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Found 12 results

  1. Hello , I received the cockpit trainer from VRinsight and wanted to use MSFS 2020 on windows 10. I found out that it didn't work with Windows 10. To test at least my cockpit I installed the cd version I had SFX. Working ok, but when I download the registered version of FSUIP (FSUIPC4) and start up FSX the start screen of FSX come up and shutdown directly. I'm not a expert and can't figure out the problem. Like to have a solution because I paid a lot of money for the cockpit and wanted to replace the real cockpit of the chessna fusilage I have. Thanks in avance!! Rudolf from France
  2. Hi, i just purchesed 737 Classic via FSpilotshop. However cannot registair a serial key. The registration field turns red and nothing happens. Please advise how to solve the problem. I have the latest version of installer. Kris
  3. Hello, I have been trying to follow the manual in the Aerosoft F-14 for assigning button functions, but the changes do not appear to save. I make a change and hit ok, looking in the ini file the new button assignments do not appear nor do they function in the sim. running latest version from the site. using P3d v3 and v2. same issue in both. I did see another thread but his issue was solved on re install. mine was not
  4. I have a problem with installing FSUIPC . Here is a log /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Installer for FSUIPC4.DLL version 4.853 Looking in registry for FSX install path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator\10.0 Parameter"SetupPath" Not there, so looking in: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\FSX Parameter"AppPath" ... NOT found! ... Looking in registry for ESP install path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft E
  5. 1. Install MyTraffic X V6 2. Open Configurator 3. Localize FSX & MyTraffic and press Ok 4. Manage FSX.cfg and dll.cfg -> Save & Close 5. Open Flight Planner > Open mytv6... and take all schedules in then 6. Open FSX and do MY TrafficX after MainEntries but before Addon Airports 7. Start flight but no Traffic to see What´s Wrong ? sorry for my english
  6. Hi Pete, first of all I really like FSUIPC because of all of its nice features. Also it made the joystick disconnect problem on my Windows 8.1 PC disappear. But when I assign the POV of my Saitek yoke to the pan view axis, the view will stutter most of the time. This problem appears although I get good fps (24-30). Also my elevators and my ailerons as well as the throttles and so on stutter. It seems like if FSUIPC is sending data not constantly to FSX. I cannot assign the hat switch of my yoke to FSX because then my joystick will disconnect again. I really hope you´ve got an idea on
  7. I just purchased mytraffic 5.4c. After uninstalling UT2 I followed all of the install instructions including adding to the scenery library. Now when I go to a normally busy airport like my Flightbeam SFO there are NO aircraft at all. I tried several airports and they were all the same. I have fsdreamteam JFK and that had traffic on the ground and I could hear a/c talking on some frequencies. I am a novice when it comes to .cfg files and many other steps so detailed instructions would be greatly appreciated. I am not sure if there are still files from UT2 remaining that I missed. I have
  8. Hello Guys! This is my first post! And I'm new here My Airbus X Extended A320 NEO parked at the gate waiting for departure and I created my flight at Super Traffic Board v3.2.1.7 and my only problem is that I don't have my airline logo.
  9. hello, i just bought FSUIPC and everything just works fine with all of my controls it recognize every single control but with my ch products pro rudder pedals he recognize my rudder but when i press the pedals he dont recognize the brake axis. also in the ch control manager i dont have any brake in the calibration software. my rudder just works fine but i have NO BRAKES, please help Your Sincelery, Mels Visser
  10. Hi, I am quite new to flight simulations. I have joined a VA and I am need to use FSUIPC 4 to connect to ACARS. When I first started flight simulator and downloaded FSUIPC to try it out it started crashing fsx when en route or at the start of cruise altitude and it will say "fatal error occurred". When I stopped using full screen (so that I can switch between apps) it mysteriously disappeared. After 2-3 months, it suddenly reappeared. I do not know whether it is related or not to the full screen mode but I am sure it is being caused by FSUIPC because it disappears when I delete it (it cra
  11. Hello, :razz: I am having problems with my Saitek throttle quadrants ; the throttle levers are not synchronised at the same positions. For Example, I could have them In the exact same position (physically) on the quadrant, but on the simulator I get different output, It may only be 3-4% of a difference in throttle but asymmetrical thrust Is actually quite a problem in the simulator. The two throttle levers that aren't synchronised are both on the same quadrant which makes it even more strange :???: . I have FSUIPC installed and I have tried mapping the throttle controls into there to see if
  12. Hi I saw this problem on a forum, but I can't find it again :). The problem is: when I installed the newest (4.823, as I know) version of FSUIPC, I wrote it my keys and is said that registration is okay, WideFS - same. When I launch FSX, it asks me about launching the .dll, as in guide, but when I start the game, in FSUIPC it says that I'm not registered, not FSUIPC, not WideFS. The .key file is okay, in the log it's written for both the key is provided/not user registered(or expired for WideFS). I tried to install the older version (forgot which one, 4.30, I think), and it works good! I don
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