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Found 10 results

  1. Sim Physics X, a product a lot of SiSi* have long been waiting for... Its so "cool" that if you soar in Alaska or flatter too high without preservatives, you might freeze off your mighty wings away! (*Sincere Simmers) Still some minor problems: 1. In [Airport & Aircraft INFORMATION/Aircraft Information] I'm still getting the red warning with the exclamation mark: (see attachment) Aircraft Cfg File Modification Aircraft.cfg file has to be modified. Please execute Physics Configurator Even though I have done the 5 steps configuration many times and after each Add-On. So why I'm still having this warning with several planes, and is it a false warning, because it seems however, that the effects are been displayed? 2. In [3D Effects Settings/Flying Camera/Cloud-Wind-Spoiler-Flaps Effect] no matter if I set them to 10% or 100%, the effect is simply the same and above all "wrong"! After a few minutes, you get airsick, because this, what supposed to be realistic shaking, is so jumpy, that it fades in sometimes part of the wings in the pit! what I define as realistic is for e.g like in the UH-1Huey (DCS). I've read somewhere, that this product is not yet TrackIR compatible. Well I hope there'll be a patch for that very soon, because choosing between my TrackIR and any other Add-On - I'll always choose TrackIR. Until then these settings are freezed to zero. Though on the long term is also this product for me indispensable. Thanks
  2. Hello all. I'm having a bit of an issue with the autobraking systems on my payware aircraft in regards to Sim Physics X. The aircraft will brake just fine in a RTO situation, but once I get in the air and then land again with autobrake on in the aircraft, as soon as I land the autobrake disengages and I have to brake manually. I've read in the manual that the autobraking systems on payware aircraft (PMDG) might conflict with the autobrake systems on Sim Physics X, and that the way to solve that problem is to simply turn it off. I've done that and it still does the same thing, when the airplane lands the autobrake system (plane side) turns off and I have to brake manually. I think to myself "Alright, it might be the whole program conflicting with the payware airplane", so I don't even start Sim Physics X. Guess what, it still does the same thing. Land, no autobrakes. I have had this problem in version 1.4, and I still have it in 1.6. I also have the latest FSUIPC installed. If you need any more information or have an idea of what's going on, please let me know. Thank you. -Sean UPDATE: Everything seems to work as directed on Aerosoft's Airbus X. Trying different payware aircraft to narrow down which ones are affected. So far it might be just PMDG.
  3. Dear Customers, the latest Sim Physics X is out now with Prepar3d implementation. Version 1.3 (Middle of October 2013) - Current airport extra informations button moved to the left - Changes of FS Messages colors - Ground Deice (small bugs) resolved - Relative humidity improved - Water vapor Improved - Icing Diagram improved - Bumping sounds speed improved - New manual - Prepar3d Implementation - New activation file - Simconnect disconnetions bug resolved - Simconnect connection status - Frictions directly written to sim1.dll. No need anymore for registered FSUIPC. - Improved Nearest Airports - Improved Brake Expansion Temperature - New DLL files - Better CPU utilization - Better Memory management - New FSUIPC Version included - New Configurator - Supports up to 150 payload stations (Special fix for Captain Sim Planes) - Creating database improved - New MakeRunways Version Regards, Achilles
  4. Hi. I've just purchased and installed v1.2 of Sim Physics X but when I run the main app (after configurating) I get a red traffic light when running FSX? The configurator had a problem with all types of the Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended but the aircraft.cfg files appear unchanged (after doing a Diff). Please help? Thanks.
  5. Receiving the following error during install, at which point I can hit OK, and it will just hang.
  6. Dear Customers, the latest Sim Physics X is out now: Version 1.1 ( End of April 2013) - Implementation of Ground Icing Accumulation - Implementation of Ground De-Icing procedures and all fluid types - Real Time Charts re-calibration to avoid out of index errors caused by corrupted SimConnect incoming data, finally fixed. - Tires squealing optimization to avoid zero wheel rotations (thus endless squealing sound) due to aircraft not made acc. to FSX SDK or due to SimConnect corrupted data or a combination of both. - New configurator that produces extended FSPS Database for use with future expansions. - New weather page with color coded lines for important weather phenomena. - New Airport information – Nearest Airports representation. - Fine tuning internal code for use with very weak machines. (Min requirements don't change however). - New dll files - Implementation of Anti-Ice button for aircraft with incorrect SimConnect or FSUIPC communication that caused Sim Physics X not knowing that user had pressed the Wing Anti Ice button on his panel. - Small brakes heating and cooling changes. - New manual (1.1) to reflect latest changes. - Auto Shut down button (to shut down SPX if FSX closes) on menu bar. - FSX's accelerated rate of time ( R & + or R & - ) effects “time processes” in SPX (Icing accumulating - Deicing and brakes cool down times for example) Enjoy!
  7. Sim Physics Version Update Released

    Dear Simmers, An update is available for Sim Physics X (Version Sim Physics X Version - New manual - New dll files for sounds - All internally fonts replaced - Icing chart history increased - Controls chart history increased - Program startup speed increased - Disconnection FSUIPC problems in some cases resolved - Gauge connection status added at top right corner Red = No FS Connection Yellow = FS Connected but in pause or slew mode or in menu activity Green = FS Connected - Braking temps for unregistered fsuipc users code updated - Icing chart problem fixed - Updated code for charts - Analog brakes antiskid added (needs the configurator - Better memory management implemented (lower cpu usage) - Internal code update for big databases - Diagrams to Charts tab renamed - deggrees to degrees typo fixed - New Physics Configurator Version - Messages to show airplanes done list added - Airplanes done list option added - Supports up to six Joysticks - Supports analog brakes for antiskid - New alert messages added - New activation executable Regards, Achilles FSPS
  8. Sim Physics X Systems in depth

    ICE Structure System: When flying into certain type of clouds (Cumulus or Thunderstorm - FS Types) and on certain temperature conditions, ice exist and can be accumulated on the airframe and the control surfaces. That makes the aircraft change its behavior gradually (as ice is being build up) by adding drag , making the control surfaces to behave strange and even adding weight on the aircraft itself. Here at FSPS we studied carefully the latest scientific documentation on Aircraft Icing at altitude and with the help of Professional airline pilots that have faced the hidden danger, up there, during their career, we implemented the ICE Structure System that when ON will allow ice to be accumulated on your aircraft (virtually – sorry can't make your aircraft look like a big ice crystal) and start effecting controls, drag, weight and eventually aircraft performance. Runway Braking System: An aircraft in the default FSX , will land , takeoff and land again and no difference it will make on its functionality of the brakes. Who cares (for FSX) if it is raining or how much the precipitation rate is, or snowing, or what temperature the aircraft brakes have. FSX don't care about that at all. With the Runway Braking System ON, the Sim Physics X will analyze your wheels, your brakes, your aircraft mass and it's energy during braking. Will analyze the runway condition, will take into account your speed, will calculate and adjust your brakes temperature, will faster reduce - for example - your brakes temperature if you keep your wheels out a bit after after take off, will in other words... Make each braking action a unique experience. No landing will be the same as before (or Take off abort) . You will have to check for the outside temperature, the brakes temperature, the runway condition, and even not to lock your wheels while braking: You can't imagine what locking the wheels during braking can do to your airplane in reality... Sounds for braking and locking the wheels (connected with your speed) are also added when the system is ON, you can adjust their volume later to fit your needs. There are two ways of enjoying all the effects. One by having a registered FSUIPC and one having an unregistered copy. In both cases the effects were implemented and are obvious but – due to certain software limitations – running a registered FSUIPC copy will provide the best results on your braking actions. Runway Accelerating System: Similarly to the above if the runway is soaking wet or complete dry will make no difference to the default FSX takeoff. Or if it is covered with thick snow. We had changed that... As in reality the runway contamination condition will effect your takeoff performance. Unfortunately FSX is not providing any way of building i.e. snow in the runway as the time passes, so the level of precipitation will play that role. If for example there is light rain the runway will be very little wet, if there is a heavy rainfall the runway will be full wet. Again as above there are two ways of enjoying this functionality depending on your FSUIPC registration status. The registered one will provide the best results but the unregistered will also work to a less level. Runway Bumping System: The Runway Bumping Effect is the just previously released application from Flight Simulator Platform Solutions. We decided during development to implement its functionality into Sim Physics X to provide you with effects when you pass over a centerline runway light. Compared to other applications that just play an accelerating sound when you are taking off, the Runway Bumping System is calculating exactly the exact position of each runway's lights then calculates your wheels position (Front , Right and Left wheel) and while you roll on the runway (during take-off or landing) creates a sound effect and visual effect upon passing over any runway light, for each wheel separately. You can adjust this subsystem's unique options elsewhere. ICING affecting ailerons, elevators, rudder : As previously described the new FSPS Icing Structure System can play a role on how the aircraft controls behave while the aircraft is accumulating ice. Having these three buttons pressed will make your inputs, while ice exists, different than normal (as it should) and it's level can be adjusted. Anti-Skid Braking System: If you have a joystick and you press the “Brakes Apply” button you will notice that the left and right wheel on your aircraft blocks. In reality pilots , in aircrafts not equipped with an Anti-Skid system, apply such pressure on the brakes so the wheels are not blocked, and their braking be seriously messed up. In reality again if there is an Anti-Skid system present and activated if pilots apply maximum manual breaking the wheels will not lock and a like our car's ABS effect will be applied by the Anti-Skid. Not locking the wheels and allowing a deceleration under pilots control. We decided to implement this feature for all aircrafts and your wheels will not lock! Try it if you like using an outside camera to look the wheels and apply max braking with your joystick button. Amazing. No lock! ! All other sybsystems are explained in the manual. Regards, AchillesP
  9. Hi, Every time I stop Sim Physics X I see an errorbox flashing for a brief momment. I can't read it properly. But something about DEV...... /Curt
  10. FSPS announces Sim Physics X

    Flight Simulator enthusiasts prepare to be surprised by Sim Physics X . After months of development Flight Simulator Platform Solutions brings you an FSX addon that will change the way you fly for good. Sim Physics X is a multi-function application which includes numerous functions in one product, some of them first time applied ! It brings missing functionality to FSX, gives extra gadgets to your old addon aircraft – advance it to Next Generation status, expands your takeoff and landing experience, brings you sound and visual effects. Four or more products into one great package! List of features: Implements to FSX ice accumulation on your aircraft. Using complex theoretic models adds or remove ice to your aircraft in relation to the weather conditions. No more a single “ICE DETECTED” in your display. You will have to handle it. Ice accumulation can produce drag, extra weight on the aircraft, and even alters the pilot's inputs in the control surfaces to simulate the controls deficiency. Implements to FSX corrected Brakes behavior under the new developed Brakes System. Your brakes now get hotter if you use them – related to your aircraft mass , the brake's disc surface and speed while braking - , this affects their performance – the hotter , the least brake performance, locking up your wheels will result now in less friction as in reality, brakes can get cooler if you leave your wheels hanging out for a bit while airborne. All combined with enhanced sound effects for normal braking and wheels lock – up, sounds that will play in volume related to the aircraft speed. Implements to FSX corrections to aircraft performance for Accelerating into the runway for takeoff and for deceleration when landing (or aborting takeoff). It now takes into account brake's temperature, runway surface type, and runway condition in terms of water-snow or ice contamination. Friction changes as any of the above factors change and this makes every takeoff and landing a unique experience! (FSUIPC registered version is required to enjoy 100% this functionality , however even with FSUIPC unregistered version the effects will be brought to you just in a less precise fashion.) Runway contamination and the changed friction on the runway is now directly related to the precipitation rate. Until now all kinds of raining or snowing – no matter how much – was the same in FSX. Implementation of Anti – Skid feature for all aircrafts. No more jealous to expensive aircraft addons that emulates this. Integration of previously released Runway Bumping Effect, with perfected logic and expanded the simulation of producing sound and visual effects when passing over the runway centerline lights, by putting ,not only the nose wheel but all 3 set of wheels. Not just an effect on rolling down the runway with a plain sound played in bigger volume as you accelerate. Calculation in centimeter precision of centerline , lights, and each wheels position, measuring the distance covered, will give you a perfectly simulated effect passing over each light on the runway. Integration of 3D Cockpit Effects – previously released by FSPS – with expanded characteristics. In 3D cockpit view mode you can now enjoy: Head movement for spoilers/flaps/gear expansion when airborne dependant on Airspeed and never the same, head movement for cloud and air turbulence, head movement during rolling in the runway, during main gear touchdown, and nose wheel touchdown depending on how soft or hard the landing was. Head movement on every passing a centerline runway light. Not compatible ,yet, with 3rd party head-moving software as we use the same technology and conflicts may occur. However you can set our 3D effects to off if you want to enjoy it via another program. Expanded sound effects: For braking, locking up the wheels (the squealing sound) , for rolling, for flaps/spoilers/gear extensions in air, for passing over every runway light. The effect's volume, pitch and frequency is dependent or aircraft's speed and in braking category by brake's temperature also, so it is not just a silly sound played when an event is triggered. Real – Time Charts that monitor crucial aircraft systems. Airport Information screen that represents numerous airport and runway data, plus a detailed weather data screen. Aircraft Information screen that represents all crucial and integrated in Sim Physics X system feedback. Easy, step-by-step, Sim Physics X configurator. Next Generation button click, browser like, Application menu. You can never get lost in such a friendly environment. Multi unit display (Hybrid-Europe, US, Metric systems that you can choose from) All Sim Physics X subsystems can be turned on and off, fully customizable settings menu. Application's auto update possibility. License Transfer automation. No need to contact support anymore if you want to install the program in a second (or the same updated) computer. 70+ pages Highly Detailed PDF Manual. More detalis here http://secure.simmar...physics-x.phtml