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Found 10 results

  1. When ever i give a some commands they will just respond with "Negative" not a reason but just that it works fine with "Flight Level 180" but not "Climb and Maintain one zero thousand", also ther planes won't accept approach clearances Evan within 30* of turning distance and a respectable amount of space for intercept. Please Help Me I love this game!!!!!!!! (I have read Manual)
  2. I have been able to determine the purpose for all of the knobs on Control window in Tracon!2012 except for the Variable Range knob. Can someone tell me what this knob manages in the program? (I can't see any effect when changing this setting. Thanks! Gil
  3. It's surprising to me how difficult doing approaches is in Tracon!2012 compared to departures. I just tried really today for the first time, and I just couldn't understand why it was so difficult to say the right things at the right time to land the aircraft. It's occurred to me though that it's probably due to @Mark Hargrove's excellent tutorials on the subject. I must have listened to them a dozen times to get ready for my first try, and it seems so easy for him, I guess I thought something of his expertise would rub off. 😏 Of course I have no reason (other than human nature) to think that. I am enjoying the challenge of Tracon!2012, but I have to admit, it beat me today. The hardest part of the approach for me are the events right at the end when a plane is turned in toward the ILS path. It just doesn't seem like there is enough time to give the commands. One missed word throws the whole thing off, and there's no time left to recover. I would appreciate any tips that people have to mitigate against that. Gil
  4. I could not figure out why TRACON!2012 would not generate any aircraft for Ramona Airport (KRNM). I triple checked the SAN sector file dozens of times. I found an error in the "SAN - Before you Begin.txt" file that is included in the add-on package. The instructions say: 2. Copy the four text lines below and paste at the very bottom of the airports.txt file. MYF Montgomery Field CA US 32.81 N 117.13 W KMYF RMN Ramona Airport CA US 33.02 N 116.54 W KRMN SDM Brown Field Municipal Airport CA US 32.34 N 116.58 W KSDM SEE Gillespie Field Airport CA US 32.82 N 116.97 W KSEE The error is airport identifier for Ramona. It should be RNM and KRNM, not RMN and KRMN as written. As soon as you fix that, you will immediately get Ramona traffic. That said, I'm not sure why Ramona was included and not Palomar (KCRQ). In March 2013 the airport was the fourth-busiest single runway airport in the United States. Ramona has significantly less IFR traffic. TJ
  5. I completed the creation of an approach sector for EDDS/STR (Stuttgart, Germany). It is available as freeware. Requirements: This add-on sector requires an installed version of feelThere's TRACON!2012, and Real Traffic for TRACON!2012 by Nyerges Design Please check the ReadMe file for limitations and further information. Regards fracasado stuttgart_for_tracon2012.zip ReadMe_STG_v1_01.txt
  6. I started with the creation of an approach sector for EDDS/STR (Stuttgart, Germany) which will be my first selfmade sector for Tracon! 2012. Two screenshots are available yet: Best Regards fracasado
  7. In case you might want to change aircraft performance data wit Airplane Editor you may find some useful information here (external link) http://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/Category:Aircraft Regards fracasado
  8. When running some Tracon!2012 scenarios (default or add on sectors) I observed that many flights were missing and were not being simulated despite being listed in the respective database files. I checked the game.logs with the following result: In almost all of my logs I found many entries labelled Unknow airport: xyz(IATA) ICAO not found! Here are some hints on what may cause such entries: the database file schedule.txt contains one or more semicolons instead of comma the database file schedule.txt contains one or more IATA airport codes which are not defined in the airports datase (airports.txt) the database file schedule.txt contains one or more IATA airline codes (at the forth data field position on each line) which are not defined in the airline database (airlines.txt) However, if an undefined or misspelled IATA airline code is listed as code share airline (last data field position on each line in schedule.txt) then no log entry is generated. So undefined or mispelled code share airlines seems to be ignored by Tracon. the database file airports.txt contains one or more lines which do not begin with 2 spaces characters. None or only 1 space at the beginning of each line in aiports.txt seem to cause Tracon to not recognise the IATA airport code You can ressolve such issues by using a text editor and modify/correct these files in order to optimize your data and get more traffic. I t worked well for me, I successfully cleaned up my logs. But I would kindly like to remind you to copy and backup your files before you change/edit anything. By the way, logs posted by several Tower users do indicate that the database files (airports.txt, schedule.txt and airlines.txt) of Tracon and Tower do all have the same syntax and the same 'data field structure'. Therefore the above information might be useful not only for Tracon but for Tower users too. May be somebody can verify my assumption Regards fracasado
  9. Am I correct in assuming that you can edit the SID/STAR .txt file in the databases folder by assigning airports to certain SID or STARs under the proper list? Or is there more to it that is beyond the scope/limit of what is end user editable? There has been more than one occasion where I have seen departing flights that were assigned departure gates that didn't make sense to me...... For example, departing flights from KJFK to KLAX had a departure gate that was east of JFK instead of west, flights to Canada were assigned departure gates to the south instead of north, etc... Thanks....
  10. Did anybody successfully managed to create local flights by using the releated schedule file (gaandlocaltraffic.txt)? I never see any flight which I defined in it. According the the game.log the schedule file gaandlocaltraffic.txt is listed and does not show any errors. But I just can't see any traffic generated from this file (neither in normal nor fast simulation mode) I created a new airport, the necessary SIDs and STARs and adapted the necessary airspace data into the respective database files (e.g. sector definition file, airports.txt, gaandlocaltraffic.txt etc.) and finally defined the parameters for the aircraft generator at this airport in order to create a certain amount of traffic with PROP aircraft. Then I get random traffic to various destinations but none from the flights listed in gaandlocaltraffic.txt. Besides this missing local traffic the simulation itself works as expected. Does the simulator uses the gaandlocaltraffic.txt. file at all? If yes, how do I get it to work? Best Regards fracasado
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