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Found 16 results

  1. hello everyone , i just wanted to know how to make the tug of the pushback attach to the aircraft without move , i need to make the speed 0 so tried this code Private TugS As New Offset(Of UInteger)("tug", &H31FC, True) Dim SPD as UInteger = TextSPD.text TugS.Value = SPD FSUIPCConnection.Process("tug") it didn't work the aircraft just move forward when it's not attached to the tug . need help with that thank you at all . stay safe
  2. Tried to set tug heading and speed controlled by integer by Private TugH As New Offset(Of UInteger)(&H31F8) Private TugS As New Offset(Of UInteger)(&H31FC) Private TugState As New Offset(Of UInteger)(&H31F4) FSUIPCConnection.Process() Dim HDG as integer = TextHDG.text Dim SPD as integer = TextSPD.text Dim Status as integer = TextSts.text FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(FsControl.KEY_TUG_HEADING, HDG) FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(FsControl.KEY_TUG_SPEED, SPD) TugH.value= HDG TugS.value= SPD TugState.value= Status So for the heading of the tug no one worked it just make the heading of aircraft is 357 degree whatever i change the heading in TextHDG , whatever integer i input just turn the tug to heads the aircraft to 357 . for the speed it doesn't work for the status integer : 0 Pushback Straight 1 to left 2 to right 3 stop pushback any helps plz ..
  3. Hi, I have been working through Paul's tutorials for the last couple of months, which has been a fun learning curve. I have been working on a little application to move my aircraft to different airports. I have followed the aircraft database example and am able to select an airport and get the information back regarding gates, runways and helipads. My question is, once the gate, runways or helipad's are loaded into the combo boxes, how can i select the helipad and move to that location?? just cant seem to be able to get the moveaircraft to work. Can any guide me in the right direction (I'm still Learning) Thanks in Advance, Padraig
  4. Hi, I am New Here and have to say this has all been a great help to getting my TQ working I am currently trying to create an application in vb.net to handle my throttle quadrant. My hardware is a pokeys 56E card and i am able to get all the inputs through the application. I have hit a brick wall on the final part which is to get my analog input to send the required values to Fsuipc. I can read the Values of 107 - 198 on the pot, my question is how do i get this value to move a throttle, Flaps, Speed break etc ?? Im sorry if i have not been clear with what i ask but hopefully someone can shed a light on this. Kind Regards Padraig
  5. Hi, I have been learning vb.net for over a year, but still do not know it fully, and am looking for a sort of starting point on how to create my first application using FSUIPC. I'm wondering if someone can help me with the basics, even simply what I need to install and the code for how to open a connection to FSUIPC. I have tried reading the readme in the FSUIPC SDK folder, but it is made for VB6 I believe and I am currently using VB2017 so it's quite a bit different. I use FSUIPC 5 & P3D v4.1 (I intend to develop for P3D and FSUIPC5 only, if that is possible) So yeah, thanks a lot if you can provide some starting point for me. Luke.
  6. Hi i am coding in VB.net and want to add current FS version that is connected and im struggeling to get it working what i have sofar : Dim SimVers As Offset(Of Integer) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of Integer)(&H308) ' Shows what sim its connected to and then on a timer i have : LblSimVers.Text = SimVers.Value and it displays : 655294464 when on P3D v4 when the documentation says it should return numbers 1 thrue 10 1=FS98, 2=FS2K, 3=CFS2, 4=CFS1, 5=reserved, 6=FS2002, 7=FS2004, 8=FSX, 9=ESP, 10=P3D
  7. Is it possible to switch on or off seatbelt signs using FSUIPC? i had a idea with the seatbelts and the Turbulance offset . kuba
  8. now that the Qualitywings 787 is out i am doing some flying in it and i noticed that my program is not recognizing the 787 as an aircraft... 'offset Dim aircraftType As Offset(Of String) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of String)("AircraftType", &H3500, 24) ' and under a timer Try FSUIPCConnection.Process("AircraftType") lblAircraft.Text = aircraftType.Value Catch ex As Exception MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, AppTitle, MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error) End Try http://prntscr.com/gxet22
  9. i've just noticed a "bug" in my program as the heading value goes above 360 .... and its sometimes in accurate by a couple of degrees here's my code: Dim HDG As Offset(Of Integer) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of Integer)(&H580) ' aircraft heading Dim Heading As Double = (HDG.Value * 360 / 65536 * 65536) TxtHDG.Text = Heading.ToString("0" & "°")
  10. Hi i want my program that is coded in VB.Net to send a key to p3d or fsx ... Is that atall possible with FSUIPC?
  11. Hi Guys, I am creating a text log of certain flight variables. All was going well, until I came to the Parking Brake. It correctly registers if the parking brake is on or off using 'Ctrl + .' or clicking the button in the cockpit, however it is also activated when using the toe brakes on my rudder peddles. I have managed to use a second OFSET (BCA) so that it does not register in my log if only one toe brake is pressed, however, if I touch both toe brakes, even only slightly it registers as set (even though its not actually set) All ideas are welcome! Thankyou, Joe
  12. Great tool! My BeattlesBlog connection stopped working after I installed P3D and I started looking around for solutions - this one is great! I think I did look at it ages ago via the old FSUIPC VB.Net demo but I think it required treading which is a huge pain. This tool (is there a short name?) seems to do the trick w/o any serious hoop jumping. In the VB.Net code below (VS2013 Express, .Net 4.0, FSX) is a minimal proof of concept of opening a connection on demand and getting the curretn lat/long and closing the connection - seems to work OK. How about garbage collection? This code would run in a "moving map" type tool that would stay open. The app has a button to "Center on the a/c" that gets clicked every once in awhile - it does not try to track the a/c. Can I call GetLatLongString() using the garabge collection code shown - or is it overkill, or? Also - for the latlong class - how to I get a decimal string instead of DDHHMMSS? Thanks! Option Explicit On Imports FSUIPC Public Class frmACLocation Dim ofsLatitude As Offset(Of Long) = New Offset(Of Long)(&H560) Dim ofsLongitude As Offset(Of Long) = New Offset(Of Long)(&H568) Dim mlat As FsLatitude Dim mlon As FsLongitude Dim mlatlon As New FsLatLonPoint Private Sub btnGetLatLong_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnGetLatLong.Click Try MsgBox(GetLatLongString) Catch ex As Exception MsgBox(ex.Message, , "btnGetLatLong_Click") End Try End Sub Function GetLatLongString() As String Try FSUIPCConnection.Open() FSUIPCConnection.Process() mlat = New FsLatitude(ofsLatitude.Value) mlon = New FsLongitude(ofsLongitude.Value) mlatlon = New FsLatLonPoint(mlat, mlon) Return mlatlon.ToString ' how to get decimal lat/lon? FSUIPCConnection.Close() Catch ex As Exception ' Badness occurred - show the error message MsgBox(ex.Message, , "OpenFSUIPC") Return "error" Finally ' cleanup required? ' ofsLatitude = Nothing ' ofsLongitude = Nothing mlat = Nothing mlon = Nothing mlatlon = Nothing End Try End Function End Class
  13. .NET DLL for communicating with FSUIPC Attached is Version 2.4 of my FSUIPC Client DLL for .NET Benefits: Object-Oriented class interface better suited to .NET than the other procedural .NET SDKs. Data from FSUIPC is returned directly to your .NET variables. Supported types are: Byte, Int16, Int32, Int64, UInt16, UInt32, UInt64, Double, Single String (Unicode/ASCII conversion and termination handled for you) BitArray (Allows you to easily manage the bit field type offsets) Array of Bytes (Allows you to read and write raw blocks of data if you need that level of control.) Writes are handled just by assigning a new value to the local .NET data variable. The write to FSUIPC will be handled automatically during the next Process(). Errors are handled by .NET exceptions, not by checking return values. The DLL can be use with any .NET language. Documentation and example projects for C# and Visual Basic.NET. The library has full internal documentation that will appear on the IntelliSense popup menus in Visual Studio. Just as fast as the procedural-style .NET SDKs. Thread safe. Can be used in multi-threaded applications, with each thread communicating with FSUIPC, without corrupting the data. (Only one thread can talk to FSUIPC at a time – other threads will block until the connection is free). The zip file contains the DLL, documentation and an example project in C# and Visual Basic.NET (Visual Studio 2010 format). Documentation for the 2.4 features is only in the form of example code which is attached below. Microsoft have free versions of Visual Studio 2012 compilers for VB, C#, C++ here: http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/eng/products/visual-studio-express-for-windows-desktop#product-express-desktop Paul FSUIPCDotNetClient2.4.zip
  14. Hello :razz: , sorry for my english, I'm getting close to the reality of flight simulator FSX. I program in vb.net and I am building a cockpit, I would use B737NGX PMDG and FSUIPC, and I would like examples of how to interface (read / write) with my PMDG overhead. Thank you very much.
  15. Hello :razz: , sorry for my english, I'm getting close to the reality of flight simulator FSX. I program in vb.net and I am building a cockpit, I would use B737NGX PMDG and FSUIPC, and I would like examples of how to interface (read / write) with my PMDG overhead. Thank you very much.
  16. Hello, What do I have to do to import FSUIPC into my VB.Net projects? I have the following code: Imports FSUIPC Public Class Form1 [/CODE] and I always get a squiggly line underneath "FSUIPC" denoting a problem with my code. I know I'm missing something, but what? Nathan
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