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Found 13 results

  1. Hi Pete, One of my DLL users has a problem with reading LVARs over WideFS. It's fine locally. I've tested this myself and I get the same problem here. For best performance my DLL writes the LVAR request and reads the result in one process, as described in the documentation. 1. Write user address to 0D6C 2. Write LVAR name to 0D70 3. Read result from user address However over WideFS this really isn't working as expected. The value returned is from the previous LVAR request (if a long enough gap is left between reads)... Read LVAR1 Sleep Read LVAR2
  2. Hi Pete and guys! I have 2 pc's connected in a homegroup. Both pc's are using WIN10. The "server" pc is running FSX:SE and has a Thrustmaster Joystik attached. It also has a full version of FSUIPC4 V 4.972 with WideFS enabled. The "client" pc is running WideFS / WideClient V 6.999z4 and among several utilities I use Pilot2ATC (P2A). Now, everything has been working perfectly for about 1½ years. The P2A reads the information from FSX (position, radio freq's, Xponder setting etc.) and P2A sets the new frequencies when new one are assigned from ATC. I have also defined a
  3. I recently purchased both FSUPIC (4.966c) and WideFS. My goal with WideFS is to run some FSX steam applications (AS16, possibly PF3, and a flight planner) on my client laptop while running the sim on my server laptop. The server laptop is new and usually runs FSX with most add-ons adequately. The client laptop is running the same OS as the server (win10), and both are connected by cable to my router/modem from centurylink (C1900A). Both laptops have read/write permissions to their respective harddrives (I can move and change files on either computer from the other one). I installed and regi
  4. Hey Pete, I have a C# application interfacing with WideClient. I'm able to read data just fine, however I am running into some problems reading traffic data. Setup: Prepar3d 3 with Ultimate Traffic 2 installed & running. FSUIPC installed running WideServer. Seperate computer runs WideClient & C# application. When running the simulator with UT2 there are maybe 50 or more AI aircraft loaded. The TCAS data I read seems unusable, no field is coming through as useful. I wonder if AI traffic is not transmitted to WideClient. When I view the raw bytes,
  5. Hello everyboby, I think I sikped something in the wideFS manual. My setup: I'm only using the DODO Sim Jet Ranger for FXS FSX:Steam (Server PC), Fsuipc (latest version) on the server pc, wideFs (latest Version) on the client pc The communication between server and client pc runs perfect. Applications on my client pc: checked: Simkits CCU2 (only runs under 32Bit) - works under wideFS Sinkits usb controller - works under wideFS unchecked (under wideFS): Ruscool Radio controller software Ruscool 64 input controller software Ruscool annu
  6. Hi, I run FSX in a networked configuration with FSX SP2 + latest version of FSUIPC on one PC and WideClient on another. Both PCs run Windows 8.1. I can get WideClient to connect but after a while it crashes. For example today I first started running it at 1745. It crashed at 1805, again at 1811 and then again at 1853. The error is always the same (see attached file). The faulting module seems to be DINPUT.DLL The FSUIPC and FSX machine works with no problems. Do let me know if you need any more information. Thanks in advance. Dominic wideclienterror.txt
  7. Hi, I'm a Spanish student and I must develop some android project in a 4 months period, since I haven't any good idea and my father is a FS enthusiast and retired pilot I've decided developing a small android app which allows to have a virtual panel (no fancy gauges, just buttons and maybe simple things like radio I have a short time period, lots of things to learn and more things to do. Panels would be designed by my father since I'm not qualified to do so). In order to develop this app the only way is: Android app ⟶ Network ⟶ Some Server⟶ Flight simulator. Since WideFS does prec
  8. I am a long time user of FS (snce it started) and the FSUIPC products. I recently got wideserver/client downloads (fully registered) after completing my cockpit build. I have two networked computers that are talking just fine. Project Magenta and other programs are talking back and forth. I installed the wideclient on both computers (can't seem to figure out how to install the server)...and get some weird errors. Only with FSCommander 9.x I see a message that WideServer is started on the host computer, and I start client on the other computer - and I get the waiting for connection
  9. Hi Pete , I am writting this request on behalf of my neighbour. He has installed Flight Sim Commander 9. It includes FSX and FS2004. Also, there is a FSUIPC4 module available. He has three consoles, but in the Full-screen mode on Windows 7 he is not able to get one of the view (which I guess is the navigation map). For this reason he installed a shareware version of widefs on a laptop, from where he is using the wideclient. He wanted to try the setup before buying it. I am providing the log output of FSUIPC below. I infer from the log file that both FSUIPC4 and WideFS7 are not registered.
  10. Hi Gents, I just spent some time trying to find the answer on the forums, but unsuccessfully! If you know where the answer is, just lead me. Now my problem: I have purchased and installed both FSUIPC4 and WideFS7 according to the help file provided.Installation has run without problem. I am running FSX from the server with W7 and the client from a notebook with XP. When I launch WideClient.exe, I get stuck with an empty panel "...waiting for connection". Attached file 1 is the .ini file (renammed as txt) The Path shows the folder FSX Utilitaires that I have created on the client, but no
  11. Hi All, I recently upgraded from using FS2004 to using FSX so I upgraded to a registered version FSUIPC4 4.80 and WideFS7 as well as WideClient version 6.94. I installed as per documentation and ensured network was operating correctly. My server PC with FSX installed is Win 7 Home Premium, my client PCs are 2 x Win XP (Professional) SP3 and 1 x Win XP (Professional) machine - old machine. Everything works as advertised except on the older Win XP machine. This machine has not been upgraded for many years (unlike the other two which have Service Pack 3 installed) and runs legacy programs henc
  12. hello all, When it comes to computers and networking I really am lost in the sauce. I have read and re read all the instructions for the installation of wideFS and its client and still cant them to connect. Im running on win7 home 64bit. Here are the logs, ********* WideClient Log [version 6.86] Class=FS98MAIN ********* Date (dmy): 14/12/11, Time 15:13:37.097: Client name is WIDEFS 250 LUA: "C:\Users\Matthew McAlpine\Desktop\WideClient\Initial.LUA": not found 328 Attempting to connect now 343 Server = MYVIRTUALCOCKPI 343 Trying TCP/IP host "MYVIRTUALCOCKPI" port 8002 ...
  13. I have been using WideClient for years. All of a sudden it doesn't connect. Below are various log entries. Any recommendations? Thanks, Chaz ; PLEASE SEE the documentation for parameter details ; ================================================== [Config] Port=8002 AdvertiseService=1 AutoRestart=0 AutoUpdateTime=13 MaximumBlock=4096 NoStoppedRestarts=Yes Port2=9002 RestartTime=10 SendTimeout=15 TCPcoalesce=No ; ----------------------------------------------- [user] Log=Errors+ ********* WideServer.DLL Log [version 6.72] ********* Blocksize guide = 4096 (double allowed) Da
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