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  1. I have a problem with low frame rates on my sim. I have been told that using a second computer will improve that. The problem is that there is very little information out there dealing with the actual steps for setting this up. Currently I use a hardware sim and one computer running everything. I have six monitors for the MIP and three for the eternal views - it is the external views that are dire when it comes to frame rate. As I understand it - and please correct me - to use two computers I would need BOTH WideFS and Wideview. Yes? Also, I would need to have all the same software on bo
  2. I am trying to interface P3D and Matlab to create some control loops like phugoid control etc. I was thinking if the following idea would work Run Matlab on a PC and P3D on another and then use LAN connection with wideFs to exchange data Thanks in advance Dinesh
  3. Hi Pete, One of my DLL users has a problem with reading LVARs over WideFS. It's fine locally. I've tested this myself and I get the same problem here. For best performance my DLL writes the LVAR request and reads the result in one process, as described in the documentation. 1. Write user address to 0D6C 2. Write LVAR name to 0D70 3. Read result from user address However over WideFS this really isn't working as expected. The value returned is from the previous LVAR request (if a long enough gap is left between reads)... Read LVAR1 Sleep Read LVAR2
  4. Hi Pete, I have a mysterious phenomena with WideFS v7.151. I start FSX and assign a button to a function , see attachment "Joy# ProblemP1". Then I start WideFS and try to assign another button, then the button ID# has changed, see attachment "Joy# ProblemP2". What happens here and what means "Button Thread Started" in the LOG , see attachment "WideClient.log" ?? It runs days before. Do you need more information? Edit: I forgot to send my WideClient.ini, see attachment. Alhard WideServer.logWideClient.logWideClient.log WideClient.ini
  5. Hi everyone, and especially WidevieW (FSX) users, A neat additional feature of WidevieW X is the facility to pan the view laterally on the Clients, and also tilt the view downwards or upwards using a hat-switch on the Server. I find this very useful while sitting at the gate at an airport if I want to have a look at the activity around me, on the Climb when I want to have a look down at the terrain, and on Finals, because with the nose-high attitude of some heavy aircraft, one sometimes doesn't get an adequate view of the runway. So this is a gr
  6. Dear Pete, I currently use FSUIPC 4.974b and WideFS/WideClient 7.148, and the setup and method described in this thread has worked flawlessly on my System, with Clients running FSX on both Win7 x64 and Win 8.1 x64. However, yesterday I added a new Client running FSX on Win 10 x64. This time I found the keystrokes were not being transmitted to the local FSX window, and the WideClient.log showed this: ********* WideClient Log [version 7.148] Class=FS98MAIN01 ********* Date (dmy): 10/09/18, Time 19:44:26.551: Client name is INSPIRON3567 172 Attempting to connect now 172 LUA:
  7. Hello, I tried searching for this information but couldn't get my query resolved. I understand it connects networked computers for flight simulation, but beyond that I'm looking for information. 1) I suppose at this moment I'm interested in using multiple computers to share the burden for displaying gauges (additional monitors, USB interfacing, and hardware -gps- panels etc.) I'm not looking for window views or high resolution, does Widefs accomplish this? 2) In order to accomplish this is a registered version required (what is the difference between free/licenced version - lim
  8. Hello everyone The issue I've run into is fairly simple. I'm running WideFS server registered on my sim PC and wideFS client on my Surface. When I run the wideFS client normally it connects to the server just fine but it won't produce GPS output (which I need for Jepp FliteDeck), and when I run it as admin it does generate GPS data (can be monitored in VSPE, the client is writing data to the connector), but the client won't connect to the server anymore. I'm pulling my hair out over this one, maaybe you can help Cheers Luca Edit: Just for additional info, seems like Wi
  9. Hi, for my university project I want to connect Microsoft Flight Simulator with the Matlab/Simulink, that's why we bought keys for FSUIPC4 and WideFS7. In our laboratory at university we have some computers that are connected by a local Server. I would like to know if we can use the keys for different computers to Interface with our simulation-PC or just for one. Also, what would happen if I used the keys again on my home PC for example? Thank you in advance, Victor
  10. I recently purchased both FSUPIC (4.966c) and WideFS. My goal with WideFS is to run some FSX steam applications (AS16, possibly PF3, and a flight planner) on my client laptop while running the sim on my server laptop. The server laptop is new and usually runs FSX with most add-ons adequately. The client laptop is running the same OS as the server (win10), and both are connected by cable to my router/modem from centurylink (C1900A). Both laptops have read/write permissions to their respective harddrives (I can move and change files on either computer from the other one). I installed and regi
  11. Hi! This might be a simple question (actually it's 2 questions...), but I am a bit confused by simmarket's offers: In 2006 I bought a license for FSUIPC3 together with WIDEFS6. Now I want to buy FSUIPC4 and there is a lower price for buying it together with WIDEFS. Do I Need to buy a new WideFS license for FSUIPC4? (Or does my license still work for FSUIPC4?) Simmarket does not tell me, which version I will get. The DEMO-download of the single WIDEFS7-buy-page point to http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/WideFS.zip which contains a executable of version 6.999. The official dow
  12. Hi. i´m trying to do this, 4 PCs working in the same network, all fine setup without conflicts, One PC with P3d + FSUIPC & Widefs server and a PC with Widefs client, in the same network workgroup called SIM1. And other PC with P3d + FSUIPC & Widefs server and a PC with Widefs client, in the same workgroup called SIM2. I am unable to work them in independient way. Must I change the ports? Many thanks. Emilio
  13. Hello fellow simmers, I have a problem when I switch my USB mouse and keyboard and monitor from the client Pc to the Server running P3D V2. WideFs on client pC runs well and very stable and connects SAITEK panels. Interesting: I connect the panels using the SAITEK FS2004 PANEL PLUGIN and NOT the FSX plugin! The Saitek panels /WideFS work well until I use the USB switch to see the Server screen / connect the mouse and keyboard. When I switch back to the client WideFS crashed and I get the following message "FS ELIMINATOR FOR FSUIPC CLIENT application has stopped working" Note;
  14. Hi Pete, I am using the FSFK since a while without any problem. I have a network setup: PC1 with P3D v2.5 and PC2 with widefs, FSFK, ASN, vpilot. 2 weeks ago I have updated the OS on both of my PC1 & PC2 to windows10 and since that time FSFK is reporting 00:00h for my flights as shown on this example: http://air-child.com/pirepDetail.php?fid=16082015175753ACH06804454&pid=ACH0680 When I check the report in FSFK i see more details and for the reported times it shows a strange date from the years of 1890... I have tested FSAcars installed on PC2 and that reports properly. (may
  15. Hi there, Greetings for the day, I have registered the FSUIPC4 and WideFs7 on main computer (running FSX). However when i try running WideClient.exe on remote stations, I get following message- `WideClient FS98 Eliminator-Waiting for a connection.`. I have gone through the installation manual and have done pretty much everything right with regards to installation and networking. following is the WideClient log- ********* WideClient Log [version 6.999n] Class=FS98MAIN ********* Date (dmy): 17/07/15, Time 13:25:16.797: Client name is FLIGHTSIM1-PC 47 LUA: "C:\Users\FlightSim1\
  16. Hi there, This is in reference to the last post regarding WideFS failing to connect, I did send the WideClient log however I forgot to send the WideServer log. Here it is- ********* WideServer.DLL Log [version 7.939u] ********* Blocksize guide = 8192 (double allowed) Date (dmy): 15/07/15, Time 12:54:41.102: Server name is UDAAN-PC 15600 Initialising TCP/IP server 15600 Initialising UDP/IP server 16115 Broadcasting service every 1000 mSecs 1808317 Closing down now ... Memory managed: Offset records: 804 alloc, 803 free Read buffer usage: 0 alloc, 0 free, max in session:
  17. Hi Pete, I intend to purchase AI traffic software and run it on my client computer and connect it with my FSX computer (Server). Are you aware of any software that will be network compatible and run either via widefs or simconnect? None of the programs I have seen so far (i.e. MyTraffic or Ultimate Traffic) seem to be network compatible - at least the description doesn't mention so. Kind regards Robert van Veen Germany
  18. Pete, We flight simmers are a small and unique group and very dedicated. I have to say the only vendor you use for your products (SimMarket) is very shady at best. I purchased FSUIPC4 just 4 months ago for 24 Euro. I now need WIDEFS which is being offered along with FSUIPC4 at the bundle price of 21.42 Euro. I inquired with SimMarket about their best price for WIDEFS and the best they could do is have me buy ANOTHER FSUIPC license and WIDEFS to get the 21.42 Euro bundle price, or puchase only what I need (WIDEFS) for 24.00 Euro. I just purchased FSUIPC4 in May and still have to pay over do
  19. Hi Pete, I have a two-PC set up for my home cockpit. PC1 is running FSX, FSUIPC (registered version) and WideView Server. Connected with the PC1 are three 3 monitors for instruments display and all gaming controls such as yoke, throttle and radio panel. PC2 runs FSX for external views only (WideView Client). I am looking into the possibility of using one or more buttons on the yoke - which is hooked with PC1 - to change the external views delivered by PC2. Is it possible with the use of WideFS? If yes, any guidance on the setup will be highly appreciated. Thanks AJ
  20. norton has blocked widefs closer.exe (suspicious MH690.A) Why?? is it safe to allow it,
  21. Hi im trying to get my widefs to run but have been unsucsessful. so far this is what my client is doing im not sure where it comes up with the ip address i dont have anything in my network with that address. also it says class=FS98MAIN but i am running FS2004. thanks for any help WideClient Log [version 6.999b] Class=FS98MAIN ********* Date (dmy): 24/01/14, Time 16:04:10.015: Client name is 2NDCOMPUTER 172 LUA: "C:\Widefs\Initial.LUA": not found 203 Attempting to connect now 203 Trying to locate server: Need details from Server Broadcast 203 Failed
  22. Hi Pete, I use FSUIPC 4.928 on my fs-pc. Installed is FSX and on a different hdd a version of P3D 1.4. On a second pc I run the wideclient to use different help programs (i. e. moving map, weather, etc). Both pc's run on win7 with fixed ip-adresses in the same network. With FSX there is no problem. But when I start P3D and the WideServer runs up, it tells me: "Unable to serve (see logs)" in the top of the fs-window for a very short period of time (< 1 sec.). Then it shows ".......waiting for clients". But a connect is not possible. My logfiles are attached. Can you see where my e
  23. Hi Everyone, this is my very first post in this forums. I'm using FSUIPC for a long time. Recently i decided to move all my external applications to second PC, for smoother FSX and better acces to applications. So, everything connects and works perfect, i have only one question: How to assign IP's to my networked PC's? I found this line in WideFS manual: "Incidentally, assigning specific IP addresses to your PCs in this way also helps reduce periodic but regular stutters in Flight Simulator, caused by the Network drivers querying the Network to get an address assigned" Becouse smoothnest
  24. Hi Pete , I am writting this request on behalf of my neighbour. He has installed Flight Sim Commander 9. It includes FSX and FS2004. Also, there is a FSUIPC4 module available. He has three consoles, but in the Full-screen mode on Windows 7 he is not able to get one of the view (which I guess is the navigation map). For this reason he installed a shareware version of widefs on a laptop, from where he is using the wideclient. He wanted to try the setup before buying it. I am providing the log output of FSUIPC below. I infer from the log file that both FSUIPC4 and WideFS7 are not registered.
  25. Hello to all, I have a sudden problem with WideFS. I'm using FSUIPC and WideFS for a few years w/o any problems. From one day to another WideFS and FSX don't connect anymore. First I updated to the latest version of FSUIPC and WideFS. Both programms are regsitered and are showing this in FSUIPC. Then I disabled the Firewall, still not working. Does anybody have an idea what could be the reason for this and how to get WideFS back to work / connect with FSX? Thanks to all Detlef
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