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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, I need some help with a problem with Super Traffic Board. I installed the progroamm without any problems. When I started the FSX and STB3, I saw that the default traffic (Pacifica, Orbit, World Travel,...) is visibel at the timetable (have a look at the picture down). Iam using WOAI. Does anybody know to fix this problem? Much greetings for answers! Martin
  2. Does your PC struggle with AI traffic? Have you ever wanted AI Traffic not to be loaded except where you're flying to/from, to increase performance? Here is your answer! Unwanted AI Remover will remove any AI which isn't flying to/from your Departure or Arrival airports. This can increase performance significantly! For example, say you are at London Gatwick - you will notice that AI traffic has loaded at London Heathrow. AI Traffic remover will remove the Heathrow traffic (and any other traffic, except EGKK and where you specify your Arrival airport say, LEBL). I have seen an increas
  3. Hey Pete, I have a C# application interfacing with WideClient. I'm able to read data just fine, however I am running into some problems reading traffic data. Setup: Prepar3d 3 with Ultimate Traffic 2 installed & running. FSUIPC installed running WideServer. Seperate computer runs WideClient & C# application. When running the simulator with UT2 there are maybe 50 or more AI aircraft loaded. The TCAS data I read seems unusable, no field is coming through as useful. I wonder if AI traffic is not transmitted to WideClient. When I view the raw bytes,
  4. JP744

    AI traffic on final

    Hello, I am considering to buy MyTraffic 6 but before I would like to know how this add-on deals with AI traffic when my aircraft will be on final. It is very frustratig to land and see an AI traffic lining up when you are on short final. Is there a function to disable traffic ahead of my aircraft, or an internal process which avoids this kind of situation ? Thanks in advance for informations Best regards, Jean-philippe
  5. I am using fsx with accelerator and MYT 5.4b. I also have MYT2006 in FS 2004. Is there any way to integrate other AI Aircraft (not included with MYT) into MYT, or is there a way to install other traffic "in addition to" MYT? In both programs I had installed other ai traffic. Once I installed MYT in both programs, the other ai aircraft I had doesn't show up. In the scenery library, whether i have my addon scenery folder (where the disappearing ai aircraft are) above or below MYT, it's still the same...MYT takes over. in FSX and FS2004. Is there a way to make both co-exist? Thanks
  6. 1. FSX 2. FSUIPC* / WideFS version 4.853 3. FS Commander and Database Manager version 9.2.1 build 28th July 2012 4. Aerosoft version 5. Operating System (Windows Vista32) 6. MyTraffic X 5.4a Hi Guys. I have FSX running on PC, networked to laptop which runs FSC. DB manager connects and updates fine to the PC FSX folders. The problem I have is that FSC shows lots of aircraft, on the ground and in the skies, but looking out of the window in FSX, they are not actually all there. Some are there, but not all. Any ideas? Thanks Terry
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