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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Pete and simFlight community, Since the launch of the Aerosoft Airbus I am struggling with my AI. For example, if I fly into the Frankfurt area FPS lower to 3-5 for a number of seconds to load all AI at the airport. Normally not a big issue, but since the Aerosoft Bus requires 18FPS for the FBW my plane is going crazy. I have tried some AI traffic removers (Unwanted AI Remover, AI Traffic Manager), but they cannot avoid that all the aircraft are being loaded at Frankfurt if that is my destination (unwanted AI remover only removes AI except departure and destination; AI Traffic
  2. Does your PC struggle with AI traffic? Have you ever wanted AI Traffic not to be loaded except where you're flying to/from, to increase performance? Here is your answer! Unwanted AI Remover will remove any AI which isn't flying to/from your Departure or Arrival airports. This can increase performance significantly! For example, say you are at London Gatwick - you will notice that AI traffic has loaded at London Heathrow. AI Traffic remover will remove the Heathrow traffic (and any other traffic, except EGKK and where you specify your Arrival airport say, LEBL). I have seen an increas
  3. Hi Pete, I intend to purchase AI traffic software and run it on my client computer and connect it with my FSX computer (Server). Are you aware of any software that will be network compatible and run either via widefs or simconnect? None of the programs I have seen so far (i.e. MyTraffic or Ultimate Traffic) seem to be network compatible - at least the description doesn't mention so. Kind regards Robert van Veen Germany
  4. Hello, What can I do when the default ai aircraft are showing on STB? Orbit, World Travel and ect. Of course I have them shut off because I use WOAI. On the STB the default traffic will always show as canceled on the arrival and departure listings. Thanks. casavge
  5. Hi I have FSX Acc SP2 and My Traffic prof. 54c. Why are the AI aircrafts always flying around with the landing lights turned on? Is there a way to fix it or is it built into that model, an old model? Most of the time it looks like it is the smaller singel engine that does this. If there is a hack fix for it I would like to know about it. I am a programmer since 35+ years so you can be very technical. This is a little irritating to meet airplanes with landing lights turned on the whole time. Right now I have a small company in Air Hauler and are most of the time at low le
  6. Hello, I realize CFS is not one of the products intended to be supported by FSUIPC but given their similarities to the early FS many of the codes work. I'm wondering if it's possible to obtain data (lat long, hdg, alt speed, etc) on the enemy AI aircraft through any of the facilities or through "tricks." I (attempted to) read the slots for the 96 AI aircraft (normally used for TCAS in FS) but there was nothing there. Any ideas? Thanks.
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