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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, ISSUE 1 = Heavy aircraft runway assignments ... Had an issue with KBOS tonight with heavy aircraft being assigned runways which should have been feasible but were not being accepted by the sim. Was using KBOS custom schedule by Jonas found here in a multiplayer session. Setup: we were using 22L for inbounds and 22R for departures. 22L for heavies was the plan but they would only accept 33L; even though there is only a small difference in runway length. All the following aircraft in this session should have been able to takeoff from 22L but only accepted 33L: ISSUE 2: ALL aircraft are taxiing off runways extremely slowly which is causing serious inbound traffic issues, resulting in many go arounds depending on Traffic Density setting. Please fix this. ########################### HOST LOG FILE = Can be found here.
  2. Hi folks, first post here in the forum :) I purchased FSUIPC version 3999z9b several weeks ago and installed it for use in Combat Flight Simulator 2. Everything seems to work just fine except for the axis assignments. I can configure an axis assignment in FSUIPC, and during that entire CFS2 session it works just fine. But, if I exit CFS2 and then run the game again, all of my axis assignments are lost. The weird thing is that the entries are definitely being saved in my "FSUIPC.ini" file: [Axes] 0=0Y,256,D,7,8,0,0 1=0Z,256 2=0Z,B,16256,16383,66202,0,66202,0 ...but FSUIPC doesn't seem to reload/read those entries when re-running the game. Strangely enough, the advanced calibration features seem to function though. I also have this in my "FSUIPC.INI" file: [General] LeftBrake=0,16383 RightBrake=0,16383 ...and that seems to function just fine (FSUIPC reads and reloads those settings when exiting and re-running the game). I realize that CFS2 is not supported anymore, but was simply wondering if this was a bug with the newest version of FSUIPC, or if I'm doing something wrong. Now, to throw a cog in the wheel here: I DID notice though that version 3.999 of FSUIPC does INDEED read and reload the axis assignments in CFS2. Everything in that older version of FSUIPC seems to work just fine with CFS2. The only problem with using that older version though is that it appears that the variables "monitoring" features of FUIPC don't seem to function at all... YET they DO with the newest version 3999z9b of FSUIPC. P.S. FYI, What I'm doing with the above axis assignments and FSUIPC's advanced calibration settings is using the downward elevator movement on my joystick to apply nice and smooth analog brakes :) Lastly, I'm using the throttle to apply water/methanol injection when it's moved to the extreme full-throttle position :)
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