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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys, Is there anyway that you could increase the number of 'AlsoManage' for autosave from 32 to maybe 64? Most aircraft now have around 5 individual panel states for each save as they now include the FMC and EFB panel states. Owning the FSLabs family means that I don't have any space left for my PMDG aircraft and have to constantly delete all of the old panel states which takes up a bit of space. Thanks
  2. This lua script was done only as an interesting project in response to this thread, requiring that autosaves not occur during the most critical phase of flight in an advanced aircraft.. The landing. For FSUIPCv4.xx only. FSUIPCv5+ already has facilities to toggle off/on its own built in AutoSave. A lua script has also been made for FS9/FSUIPCv3.xxx, introducing auto save for this older sim where none was available beforehand in FSUIPC. If there is interest I may finalize the script with more substantial testing and then upload it. You may get it here. Roman
  3. Greetings Pete, I am using registered version of FSUIPC and use the auto-save feature which is very useful.However, i find that fsx will freeze for about 5-7 sec after every 300sec (as set) to save the files. I realize that aerosoft airbus fsx being a complex add-on, Fsx will need time to process it to save the airbus state as well as fsx situation which is fine. I don't see the freezes when using FSX default aircrafts. I have also excluded fsx, its addon and related folders from windows defender in win10. I scanned through many post related to this in various forums. Alas!!! i was unable to find a working solution. What happens is that ; Like yesterday and many other times ; when i was landing i was less that 10FT RA and fsx froze. Concentrating so much on the sim, I didn't realize fsx had frozen. . As lot of control inputs were already given when FSX had frozen; FSX had to process that. After the 7th sec FSX resumed, The aircraft hit very hard on ground (315 FPM), which actually spoils all the fun of landing an aircraft. Changing or increasing the time interval for auto save won't help because if the time period ends at the critical phases, Fsx will definitely freeze. What I suggest is if you can introduce a new feature which can carry out below functions:- 1.If we can disable auto-save feature (as per user choice) automatically when certain conditions are met like:- (i can remember only of this) a. landing gear extended (when G button is pressed). b. when below a certain altitude (like disable autosave when below XXXXFT) or between certain altitudes. c. at a press of a key or joystick button. It is upto the user prerogative whether to use such a feature or not. Because, if fsx freezes permanently or crashes when the auto-save is disabled. Then, no way of restoring FSX and other complex add-ons to the desired state. I got this idea from weather addon opusFsi which has a nice feature to stop weather update when certain conditions are met like on approach, on certain distance from arrival airport etc. Hope you can shed some light into this. Please advise if more info needed.
  4. Hello, Would like to know is it possible to use autosave only when I am above a certain altitude. In my experience, autosave kicks in when I am just 50 ft above ground. The sim freezes as usual and result in a hard landing... Apart from checking and unchecking the autosave box all the time from the FSUIPC menu, is there other possible solutions? Thanks!! Terence
  5. i was just wondering on how fsuipc does the autosave... Does fsuipc make their own .fxml and .wx file and write the data from the sim into those files ... or does FSUIPC send code to the sim to make those files ?
  6. Hi Peter, I have been using registered FSUIPC and particularly Autosave for years with advanced aircraft with no problems other than occasional micropauses (so I increased the time between saves to 300 seconds). For the last week or so I have had many long pauses that appear to accompany autosaves (by looking at the time on the saved file during a pause). This is happening with the PMDG 737/NGX, PMDG 777, and Level-D 767. Toward the end of the flight the pauses seem to become longer. I know you discourage using Autosave with these aircraft, but I have been flying them for a long time with no problem until recently. I use FSX Steam, in a single install, but I used to have a dual install. The problem may coincide with uninstalling the dual install and then installing Steam alone (note: all the Steam folders now have their normal FSX names and the files are saved to them as they should be). Both the current and previous installations of Steam were/are on my D: drive, which is a 500GB SSD. But the files are saved on C: which is a 500GB normal hard drive. I defragged C: and ran chkdsk on it (no errors found) but the problem didn't go away. I have the following addons: Active Sky Next and fullscreen.ahk (I always run in windowed mode -- this addon converts the appearance to full screen). I have other addons, but the problem happens when they are not running, and probably happens without ASN. I have FSUIPC version 4.966c. The problem went away for a few flights when I updated from a previous version (not sure which, but I update fairly frequently) but now it's back. I also noticed that SimConnectStallTime was set to 20 after the most recent update (but it might have been there earlier). I didn't do this as I only found out about this setting a day or so ago by reading posts in your forum. Setting it back to 1 didn't fix the problem. I use FSUIPC for ailerons, elevators, rudder and throttles on all the above aircraft and the joystick axes are disabled for these functions in FSX. As a side note, recently there have been occasional deletions/rebuilding of the controls.xml file and I have to restore it from a backup. System is Windows 7 64, I7-200 series, NVidia 560M, 6GB memory, Qosmio laptop. Thanks very much, Mike
  7. Checked my autosave area today and found over 23,000 autosaved files. I have FSUIPC set to save 10. Doesn't the new saves record over the old saves? Whew what fun deleting those files. Jim
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