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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Pete, Problem: Strange behavior of CH yoke, weird values, not able to calibrate the Yoke properly. Calibrating ailerons gives 2 negative values for left and right (Min/Max) -16380 and -16251 Or is it an FSUIPC? IS FSUIPC able to change Windows 10 settings. Suspected cause: Suspect a change in Windows 10, USB Game controller for CH Yoke shows values for X,U,X, axis inverted. I do not know what triggered it as I don't fly that often right now. Question: How can I set the Windows X,Y,Z values back so that they behave normally? (Back = 0 forward is max value) A
  2. Hi Pete, I found in the documentation the parameter IgnoreThese= j.b, j.b, ... , but I need ignore axis. I understood it's for buttons only. How can I implement this function ignore axis ?
  3. Hi, FSX and FSUIPC, X52. I want to calibrate the throttle axis to the max. values -+16380, but could not transfer the 'set-values' to the 'left windows'. Therefore the power range isn't full size... See pictures below. I try several times and spent a lot of time, no success. Which wrong I make. Thanks for help
  4. Hello ! I really need "FSUIPC for dummies" 😁 So, I have FSUIPC5 (since today) and P3D v4.3 Is there any file as proflile to import for CH yoke Eclipse ? I try to make axis assigments but it does not work really well ! Maybe I have to delete all axis assigments in P3D before working in FSUIPC ????? Thanks by advance !
  5. Hi folks, first post here in the forum :) I purchased FSUIPC version 3999z9b several weeks ago and installed it for use in Combat Flight Simulator 2. Everything seems to work just fine except for the axis assignments. I can configure an axis assignment in FSUIPC, and during that entire CFS2 session it works just fine. But, if I exit CFS2 and then run the game again, all of my axis assignments are lost. The weird thing is that the entries are definitely being saved in my "FSUIPC.ini" file: [Axes] 0=0Y,256,D,7,8,0,0 1=0Z,256 2=0Z,B,16256,16383,66202,0,66202,0 ...bu
  6. Hi Pete, First ever post on a forum for help! I have the BU0836X and BBI-32, both from Leo Bodnar. I also ordered a 10k pot (Leo Bodnar) and rotary switch and have a rotary encoder on order. I am building my own multi-panel to use with the MJ Dash 8 Q400. I am familiar with your software at a semi basic level i.e. I have all my control surfaces reverse thrusters working perfectly, thanks to your excellent software and guides :-) The Issue: I am using a 10k potentiometer connected to the BUX board via the analouge (Dial) input to control the overhead panel brightness knob using a mouse macr
  7. Help! I have assigned the axis in FSUIPC 4.937 with my CH-Pedals: x: leftbrake y: rightbrake z: rudder To assign these axis worked fine. But there is a problem with the calibration of the brake-axis: I can only calibrate the z-axis (Rudder) with the set-button. When I want to calibrate the x- and y-axes (brake-axes), then it's written 'axis not processed' in the joystick calibration-register. I can't even activate the calibraton by pushing on the set-button. Thanks for helping me, Thomas
  8. Hello Pete or other Forum members, I have rudder pedals with only one function toe brake axis the other gave out. Is it possible to map the single operating brake pedal to operate both the left and the right brake axis? Also since this might be ran solely through FSUIPC is there a way to make it not cause problems with PMDG aircraft since I know there braking systems go outside FSX's normal logic and I don't want to cause a problem with the ABS not working. Thanks for the help. Angelo Cosma
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