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Found 5 results

  1. Hello I have the latest version of FSUIPC installed (5.15). My sim has Opencockpits 737 rudder pedals. everything has been working fine up to a few days ago when I discovered the toe brakes were no longer working. I first checked that the wiring was all right (it is) and I performed a new calibration thinking that would solve the problem, but it hasn't The calibration is correct but for some reason the toe brakes are inoperable in the sim. I've checked everything, and even ran P3Dv4 repair, and PMDG repair from the installation packages, but although FSUIPC shows that the physical Opencockpits pedals are properly connected and functioning, the toe brakes on the pedals do not seem to be connecting to the sim. The rudder works, but not the toe brakes. It there any reason you can think of why the toe brakes should have stopped working in the sim? I push the toe brakes and absolutely nothing happens. I also checked to see if there was a fault in the PMDG failure settings, but that it clear. I have a suspicion that it is something very simple that my thick brain is overlooking, so could you put me out of my misery, please? Many thanks Father Dane
  2. Hy, Everythings start whit brakes prolems. The différentiels brakes stay on, in the left corner all the time. So i decided to desinstall and reinstall FSUIPC4.tinking that will correct the problem. I did that many times. But now, instead correcting the situation, i have bigs problems with my installation of FSUIPC4.When i open FSX to have access to FSUIPC4, every things goes wrong. The plane runs fast on the taxy way whitout using the throttles because they are not calibrate yet. The yoke does not respond either. I can not move it, nor to the left nor to the right. The "BRAKES" stay on with "BRAKES DIFFENRETELS" in red at the left corner.Also when i try to calibrate the brakes the values of the left brakes move only in right brakes cases . I d'ont know what am i doing wrong. but still doing the same thing i was doing when i first install it. I did a fresh reinsttallation of my Windows 7 recently, thinking that will correct thoses problems but nothing changes Now i wish someone could help me because i love to fly. I hope i post my demand for help at the right place. May be Pete Dowson could answer me. FSUIPC4_prev.log FSUIPC4 Install.log
  3. Hello all and Happy Holidays. My holidays would be somewhat nicer if I could get my Thrustmaster Warthog controllers to work with FSX. Things are so messed up that not even FSUIPC can help a dunce like me. I'm quite sure the key problem is operator error. Regardless of aircraft, when I move the throttle, the rudders move as well. That makes for dicey takeoffs. In the calibration screen, the numbers in the boxes other than the throttles change when I move the throttles back and forth. Also, the brakes are backward and I can't find how to invert them. Have ya'll guessed by now that I'm a complete and total Noobie? I've searched the various forums and have yet to find a similar problem. Is there perhaps a profile I could use? I should mention that the throttle is messing up in Falcon BMS,not working at all in P3D and works fine in DCS. Can anyone make this poor lad's Christmas a little merrier. Thanks all and best regards, Bill Krull Lake Charles, Louisiana
  4. Hi Pete, hi all, just registered within the forum because I have a strange problem with the DynamicFriction.lua and hope to get some help here. First of all, I am running FSX on a Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit System. Latest FSUIPC version (4.929) is installed and registered. Mostly I fly Aerosoft's Airbus X Extended, but the problem is the same with all other aircrafts, even the default ones, which I just loaded the first time ever to test this out ;-) I downloaded the LUA Package, copied the DynamicFriction.lua into the Main FSX/Modules folder and wrote this: [Auto] 1=Lua DynamicFriction into the fsuipc.ini. Anyway, the decreased friction is noticeable when I start taxiing after completing pushback and startup. But after hitting the brakes for lets say only one second during taxiing, the friction is reset to default and I have to use much more thrust to keep the aircraft rolling than before hitting the brakes. What I also discovered is that when I now set the parking brake for a short moment and release it again, the friction is again decreased and I can continue taxi with significant lower thrust - until I need to hit the brakes the next time. Then it's the same as described before: friction reset to default, after setting the parking brake friction decreased, and so on... First of all I thought of a miscalibration of my CH Pedals, which I use for braking - but they are properly calibrated (FSX default, not with FSUIPC), and the red "braking" message on the left bottom of the screen is not showing up as long as I dont touch them... also FSUIPC changed the fsuipc.ini automatically to... [Auto] 1=Lua DynamicFriction [LuaFiles] 1=DynamicFriction ...which I think should be correct. So, any ideas to get the friction patch working without setting the parking brake 20 times on the way from the gate to the runway? Best regards Marcus
  5. hello, i just bought FSUIPC and everything just works fine with all of my controls it recognize every single control but with my ch products pro rudder pedals he recognize my rudder but when i press the pedals he dont recognize the brake axis. also in the ch control manager i dont have any brake in the calibration software. my rudder just works fine but i have NO BRAKES, please help Your Sincelery, Mels Visser
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