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Found 13 results

  1. Last night the engines both cut out randomly and I couldn't get them restarted at any altitude, only could restart them when I was on the ground. Every thing was fine I had APU bleed air and fuel. Log didn't seem to say anything odd except for "event" on almost every line followed by a random 1 digit number. As a side note when I was on the ground doing the next flight both engines started randomly, is there like a copilot AI I'm unaware of or something?
  2. Hi, I'm new to this forum but have been building a set of switches and buttons with arduino by using the com ports and joystick functionality of FSUIPC. At first I used FSX and the aerosoft A320 bundle and everything was great (Also using FSUIPC v4), buy then i changed to P3D, Aerosoft's professional A320 and FSUIPC v5 and problems started. In the beginning I thought it was random. My plane would turn off at any point of the flight, sometimes twice if I was in the ground on the first shutdown. But then I've managed to find out that I can replicate the error when I plug a new device to the computer. The FSUIPC log will say "HID USB device reconnected: re-initialising FSUIPC connections" and in that point it wont read the actual state of my joystick switches. (For example, if the engine switches on the joystick are ON, FSUIPC will read all switches as off after the "sudden" reconnection, until I move any of the switches, and now it would read all the actual states of the switches, but at this point the plane is already off with several switches moved to zero positions) The thing is, to summarize, sometimes my PC (and i've tried on different PCs, reinstall windows and p3d and everything) reconnects all USB devices randomly on FSUIPC (not on actual windows since I dont listen to the connection sound) Maybe the device that reconnects are the bluetooth ones, but it doesn't matter, what I need to get working is to stop this "reconnection" of FSUIPC every time a new device is recognized by my computer.
  3. Some (FRTxxxx?) can't find her Taxi-way after landing and the order "Taxi to..."??? Is it a bug or a EDDM-feature?😤 Sorry for the external link, but the max. Size for me is hier 20kb. 😨 --> Bug-Picture <--
  4. Hi Paul, Found a way to make your DLL crash. According to your docs, if I want to read a FSUIPC Offset with a size of 1, I should use 'byte' or 'sbyte'. I've not had any issues with using 'byte' however any 'sbyte' will throw an exception when you do the FSUIPCConnection.Process(); command. For instance, if you define this sbyte offset to be able to read the glideslope (0C49 1 NAV1 Glideslope Needle: –119 up to +119 down): private Offset<byte> glideslope = new Offset<byte>(0x0c49); Once the debugger hits, the Process() command, the exception of System.InvalidCastException: 'Specified cast is not valid.' Weird thing is it causes an exception not on the first time through but on subsequent runs. - Dirk
  5. I have a serious issue with Philidelphia this morning. I played twice in a row, but both times encountered the same issue. Around 0924 and 0925 have an inbound PDT4891 and PD4830 respectively. Both on approach for 9R. However, as soon as PD4830 hits the 5 mile marker, I get slammed with a constant wave of -500 penalty points, to the point where, within seconds I drop to -11,230 points. What is heck is going on? I've never ran into this before. Admittedly, I usually have 27R/L open for arrivals, but for something different I opened 9R/L istead. I am running Tower!3D Pro SP 3 and RT SP6v3.
  6. The aircraft lining up to take off on runway 10R seem to line up a bit to close to the runway stopping aircraft that are already sitting on the runway from taking off. This was a repeatable issue.
  7. Can you please fix this penalty spree bug in the current (29/12/2017) Tower3dpro Steam Edition? Exact version available in the screenshot. I encounterd this penalty spree as you can see in the screenshot, I paused the game took a screenshot and then quit the game because I really do not wish to continue trying to get into a positive score which that huge penalty list. The only way to stop getting the penalty every second was to delete the airplane, but that was already to late because I set the game to 16x speed because it was during a slow traffic hour. Also, this is the only airport where I have to ensure the airplane category separation? I've played many hours now on a few different airports, and it was never required to rearrange in-flight airplanes to the same cleared runway. It is normally only required todo so when you are shifting/changing runways to other ones as requested by the flights themselves. How should I upload screenshots to prove/indicate the problem/bug when I can only upload 0.02MB?
  8. It seems if planes crash into each other at the touchdown section of the runway they end up getting bugged. Which causes them to be undeletable. The log and a video will be linked below. Youtube Video output_log.txt
  9. Hello everyone! I'm having a problem with KLAS. I tried using 19L for departures tonight, and it appears that there's a bug with the start of the runway. I did not direct any planes to line up and wait or take off, yet one went on the runway and the one behind it kept going and ran into it. Restarted and tried again, and had the same problem. Here's a picture of my game (paused) directly after the crash: And here is a copy of my log: http://www.jonroost.com/tower3d/output_log.txt Can someone tell me if I'm just doing something wrong or if this is actually a bug? Thanks! -Jon Roost
  10. I ran into this bug while recording a video for youtube. here is the video in question. this link will take you to the part of the video just before the bug starts. Watch the score tracker.
  11. Hi, In the databases\gaandlocaltraffic.txt file, there is a callsign mismatch with the following two lines; TJIG, TIST, 16:10, PRP, M1319U, 0, 0, 0, 1219U, ONE TWO ONE NINE UNIFORM TIST, TJIG, 19:10, PRP, M1319U, 0, 0, 0, 1219U, ONE TWO ONE NINE UNIFORM M1319U appears in game, however the speech says 1219U. Regards, eikcam.
  12. As the title says, I encountered a problem after installing JFK. Rwy 13R has entry points PF PE PD and PC . PD however is duplicated in the PC spot, both on the adir and in the programming. Sending a plane to 13R at PC results in "negative" and sending it to PD makes it go to PC while acknowledging PD in the readback. You can not send a plane to the real PD because of this and you have to send a plane to PD if you want it to go to PC.... Should be easy to fix ;-) Willem edit: P.S T3DPro ofcourse
  13. I want to report a bug with FSUIPC version 4.962 on Prepar3D v3.4 + HF3 The traffic limiter option interferes with the external lights of the new PMDG 747 v3 How to reproduce: Make sure setting are set to display air traffic and the traffic limiter is set to off (i.e 0) Load up 747 sitting on a runway at any airport at night (I tested at EGLL) Turn on the landing lights Now open FSUIPC and set the traffic limit to a number instead of zero (I set it at 100) After clicking okay the landing-lights of the PMDG no longer illuminate the ground, even though the switch is 'on' ?? Toggle the switch several times eventually restores the external lights, but sometimes it never comes back on? I'm sure this is a FSUIPC bug and not a PMDG one, because disabling FSUIPC from the dll.xml file fixes the problem completely.... I noticed some people on the PMDG forum were complaining of poor external lighting on the 747, maybe this is linked? Thanks
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