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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I am a registered user of FSUIPC7, with which I have been able to make lots of things for years. I thank the authors a lot for this excellent software. Today, I have got a small difficulty : I want to use the "ENG1" button of my Airbus Throttle TCA (from Thrustmaster). I wrote a Lua script with event.button ("H" , 2 , "my function") . When I push the button, the event accesses correctly to "My Function" . But when I release the button, there is no managed event. Nothing happens (checked in the log of the console) I also tried "event.button ("H" , 2 , downup, "my function") : again no reaction on release. Now, I tried to use Assignments + Buttons (in the menu) , with assigning one lua for Button-press and a second lua for Button-release. It works perfectly well. Do you have an idea of why it works with KeyPress and not with event.button ? Thank you in advance.
  2. I have a question about button settings in FSUPIC 5.151 in P3D4. I had a button on my Sytek Flight Yoke System to send a "Gear Toggle" control when it was pressed, like so: The problem is that the button raises the gear when it is pressed and lowers the ger when it is released. In FSX it behaves differently, I believe. Instead, pressing the button toggles between raised and lowered, and releasing the button does nothing. (This is under version 4 for FSX.) To make this work as expected in P3D4 I reprogramed the button to send the G key instead like this: This is okay, but not an ideal solution for me because I like to avoid programming keys in P3D4 for this kind of thing. (I like to reserve keys for external utility apps like ChasePlane for example.) Is there a setting in P3D4 or FSUPIC to make the Gear Toggle control work as expected? Thanks for your input. Gil Yoder
  3. Dear Pete, I am flying the PMDG 737NGX with FSX and FSUIPC4. I have a Saitek pro flight yoke system with a throttle quadrant which only has 3 axis levers (like on a Cessna, one black throttle, one blue for propeller pitch, and one red for the mixture control). Now I want to use the first two levers for throttle control on the 737 (engine 1, engine 2) and for the third lever I have multiple choices what to use it for. Steering tiller on the ground, or flaps lever, or spoiler axis. Actually, it would be great to use it for all of the above. E.g. I have a mode selector switch button on the yoke with 3 positions (working as one of 3 joystick buttons are always pressed), and depending on which button is pressed, the third lever could have the different functionality. Is that possible to do this with FSUIPC? Or is there any chance that a newer version will make this possible? Regards, Tamas
  4. Hi, I want to set reverse thrust on single throttle according to the following conditions: If throttle is idle and I press and hold on of the buttons and push throttle forward thrust reverse is working. When I set throttle back to idle reverse thrust should stop working. Is it possible to set something like that using FSUIPC?
  5. Hello, I have been trying to follow the manual in the Aerosoft F-14 for assigning button functions, but the changes do not appear to save. I make a change and hit ok, looking in the ini file the new button assignments do not appear nor do they function in the sim. running latest version from the site. using P3d v3 and v2. same issue in both. I did see another thread but his issue was solved on re install. mine was not
  6. We have a Cessna 172/182 simulator at our Museum. It’s available for short flights for our visitors. We have a Simkits 32 digital IO board with switches connected for the usual stuff like Master, lights, Avionics and so on. As we have multiple pilots in our sim we have established a routine where the “instructor” resets the flight between pilots to expedite things. The plane is set on Rwy, engine running and ready for TO. We often experience a mismatch between the physical switches in the cockpit and the state of the simulator. As I understand FSUIPC does not read the actual state or position of the switch, but reads the change of state. Is it some way we can come around this issue? A couple of other questions. Can we use multiple InitialButton? Will initialButton be invoked on a simulator reset? Or is it only first load of the sim? Regards Frode (Now on up to date FSUIPC version)
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